Jan 09

Nascar 2017: Blog About Stewart Haas Racing And Nascar 2017




As many of you know I am a HUGE fan of Nascar.
Started off with Sterling Marlin back in the 90’s.  Because of Sterling Marlin, I got into Nascar. He will always be my #1 driver. He has since retired 🙁

I moved onto Tony Stewart and followed Tony for many years!   he since created Stewart Hass Racing. And then I expanded my favorite drivers to everyone in Stewart Hass Racing.

In 2016 Stewart Hass Racing drove a Chevy.  I just read they have moved over to Ford for the 2017 season.  I own stock in Ford, so this is great news for me, LOL.   But the same time Ford was last in the manufacturing points in 2016.  Hopefully they can make the Ford move up in standings and the drivers of Stewart Haas win some races.

I have always been a Ford guy.  So their move over to Ford has me excited.

Tony is not racing in 2017, so they picked up Clint Bowyer.  I think that is a good move. I would of liked to see them pick up a rookie driver, but I understand.  Moving Clint over to a team that has good cars and competitive and experience, will help the team. Clint is a good driver and just needed a team with a good car. Which Stewart Haas has just now given him.

I love Danica Patrick, Not only is she born locally but I think she has a lot of potential in her.  It is just a matter of time before she will win.  She has had a good car and doing good, until some idiot driver decides to wreck her 🙁   She is a good driver, lots of potential, and is on a good team. So it is a matter of time before she gets her first win!

February 18th is the first race at Daytona. They renamed the Nascar to the Monster Energy, Instead of Sprint.  So that will take a bit to get used too, LOL.

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