Jan 13

My Political Post, Probably Make Many Mad LOL

I normally do not post my political beliefs. This year, has really shown the public why.  I have saw life long friends split up, families separated, etc… because of their political beliefs.  It is truly sad to see.  But I am going to post something political below and I am sure someone will get their panties in a bunch on this, LOL

I guess to be politically correct and throw in a disclaimer,  I should say that this is my personal beliefs and what I post here is my thoughts and opinions and does not reflect on anyone, anything, any business, etc…..

Now to the fun stuff, my opinion:

Over the last year I have saw many people post their political beliefs and then their family and friends turn on them.  Sad but true.  I do not care if someone turns on me, because of my opinions. That is good actually, because they aren’t true friends then. So if someone gets pissed at this, your loss.  I have respected many peoples opinions, even though I did not agree with them. I never got pissed. I actually invite those who disagree with me, to step up and debate me. That is what America is about. Freedom of Speech. Thoughts and opinions and the freedom we have to express them.  That is what makes America great. With that being said, people can not debate professionally and get their panties in a bunch.

So sit back and take a chill pill and if you disagree with what I have to say, then please shoot me an email and we can discuss it. I am always down for a good conversation. I am always down for learning new things.  With that being said, I only know what I have been told, read, saw, etc…  So take for granted with the news the way it is these days, not everything is 100% accurate. I understand this. But some don’t.  So my opinions are based on what I was told, read, saw.

I think everyone should give Donald Trump a chance.  I respect him. He may not be “Professional” at times. I think that is why I like him. He is candid and speaks his mind. I think his heart is good and he means well.  With that being said he has did several things I disagree with. The one thing I HATE that he did, and that was when he disrespected the beauty pageant and women.   Sad he would stoop to that level, especially in his position. That is one of many things I disagree with him.

I do not agree with him on things. But I think he will be a good president. I think he will boost the economy and get us jobs. I think he means well and will not really play the “usual role” as previous presidents. I think he has shown that by him being open and candid.  I think he will be a good president overall.

I understand no one is perfect. But he has went outside the boundaries of normalcy for someone in his position. I think that is what America needs right now.  We need someone to step up and their actions speak louder than their words. And I think Donald Trump will do this.

For the record I have always been a Democrat. But I think Donald Trump is about to be a great leader.  I think the people should give him a chance. I am not a traitor, just a realist. I am shocked at the outrage the Democrats and what they are doing, since Trump won.  Donald Trump has won, we need to get over it and embrace the next 4 years. Open your minds and accept the next 4 years. Hold Donald Trump to his words and if he falls back on them, then say something. Until then, give Donald Trump a chance.

I am appalled at Democrats and their actions, because all it does it show the public Democrats are sore losers. Sad…….   Like I said, I am a Democrat. But I also understand and accept Donald Trump won and is going to be our President. I am open to the idea and look forward to the future.

I think people need to set their differences aside and let him make America Great again.  That is his motto, that is what we as Americans look forward too and also hold him to his words and promises.

But we as Americans should give him that chance, if we want America great again. We need to first accept the lose and give him a chance.  GIVE HIM A CHANCE.

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