Jan 21

Hattiesburg MS Tornado, RIP Grandpa Slatton

I am sitting here watching the radar down in Mississippi. They had a strong tornado (on radar with a large debris signature)  go through the area of Hattiesburg and Petal Mississippi.  They definitely have a lot of damage. It happened around 4 am.  Many were probably sleeping.  Hopefully they were awake and have taken shelter.

UPDATE: I am watching storm chaser Kelley Williamson live feed. Hes transported several people to the hospital. Several people are injured. Several are trapped. Sounds like a dorm at the William Carey University has collapsed and several are trapped there as well. The police and fire departments were hit pretty hard as well. They are having a hard time getting to several victims. Many kudos to Kelley and Randy for helping the victims out!

I am afraid to see what the daylight is going to bring.  Considering the radar was showing a big tornado and a big debris signature, my heart aches to see what the daylight may bring.  Several have been reported injured already, many are reported trapped.

Please say a prayer for everyone down in that area!


UPDATE: As of 7:30 am, there are 4 confirmed fatalities   many are injured and trapped still. And many still are unaccounted for.  My thoughts and prayers go out to this community.

Alot of updates and they  are posting photos at WDAM http://www.wdam.com/story/34312675/4-people-dead-after-tornado-rips-through-south-mississippi


William Carey University. Credit: WDAM

Credit: WDAM

Credit: WDAM

Credit: WDAM


Credit: WDAM

Credit: WDAM

My grandpa passed away 3 years ago today 🙁   Back on January 21st 2014.   I miss him a lot.  I know he is resting high with my dad and my other family members up there.  I think I am going to bet on some horses today in memory of my grandpa.  He taught me a lot on horses and horse racing. My grandpa and dad both did. We used to go to the OTB almost daily when I was growing up.

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