Mar 06

Walking Dead & Rockford Scanner Stuff


Bad ass internet photo of the walking dead

Watched the Walking Dead tonight.  Pretty good episode!  This season has been pretty slow and boring (I hate saying that but it is true)  There hasn’t been many zombies on the show. And when there has been, there is not much.  I am a huge horror fan, so more zombies the better.

Long story short, tonight’s episode had a few zombies on it and there were a few important key parts for the season in the episode as well. I don’t see there being much more episodes for this season. I wish it was on everyday, but its not lol.  I LOVE this show!

Tonight episode kind of made it appear some key characters might die off in the future 🙁     I was pretty pissed when Hershel, Glen, Lori, etc… passed away in the past. They have definitely shown that key characters can and will be killed off at anytime.

Last 24 hours been active on the scanner.   A couple shootings (One possible fatal), KFC/Long John Silver caught on fire, many robberies, death investigation, etc…   It is still winter, god only knows what warmer temps are going to bring 🙁

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