Mar 13

Nascar Fight, Walking Dead, Winter


Watched Nascar earlier today, was a pretty good race. A hell of a finish. I hate Joey Lagono but I think Kyle Busch was in the wrong on this one.  Long story short, Keslowski was having issues on the last lap and Busch and Lagono were racing to the finish.  Busch came up fast on Keslowski and went down into Lagono, instead of slowing down.  They went into the corner and they were both going to fast. Lagono got loose and went up into Busch and spun him.  busch got out and went ot the Lagonos pits and started throwing punches.  They did an interview with Lagono afterwards, and as usual Lagono was being a di*k as usual and said “none to me” when asked about the fight. Trolling Busch.  Yes, Busch was wrong for fighting, but was awesome to watch lol.  I think with Lagono response, Busch will definitely have it out for him in the future.


Watched the Walking Dead.  I can’t believe Morgan killed someone. It is about time. Understandable it was to avenge Benjamins death.  I can’t wait for em to all fight against the saviors. The saviors are some bad people and killed off many good people this season.  I wish there was more zombie stuff this season, so it been pretty boring overall. I hate saying that, because I watch the Walking Dead religiously. But this season been slow and kinda boring overall. There is only 3 episodes left this season, so hopefully these last 3 episodes will be more action.  I think with Carol back with the king now, things are about to change and they will fight with everyone and take out the saviors!  I think as popular as the saviors are, I think they won’t wipe them out completely and will return next season.  Be interesting to see what happens these last 3 episodes.

We are getting snow as I type this. Been a pretty nice winter overall. Warm and hardly any snow. I think this is going to be the last snowfall of the season. I think mother nature wanted to remind us that it is still technically winter lol. They are calling for 4-7 inches. As of right now of typing this, it has barely covered the ground. Maybe an inch or so. I am hoping there will be enough to build another snowman and take my kids sledding. I was looking at the forecast and it is going to warm up soon. So this snow will not be around for long.


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