Mar 29

Quick Blog For Tuesday March 28th 2017

So I been slacking a bit lately.  I can’t say “Slacking” per say LOL.   I been wanting to redesign my Rockford Scanner website to make it more responsive and faster.  I was hoping to get it done over the weekend. That did not exactly happen.  But what I have been doing, is researching online and viewing examples of stuff to do. I want to be sure I get it right this time.  I was thinking about starting it from scratch again.  Fresh start. I dunno.  I have came across many awesome ideas and features and would love to do on RS.  So i been researching a lot recently and hoping to redesign RS website soon. I do not want to set a date, because I been enjoying researching. I have learned a lot in the last few days!

I am going to make this a quick blog and just say that for now 🙂

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather these days!

Oh, before I pop off here I want to send out my condolences to the three storm chasers that passed away earlier today in an accident in Texas. I was watching the feed video, and Kelley Williamson says something to the effect of he sees someone else with a video feed just to his north. Then a short time later he hits the accelerator and runs the stop sign and crashes into another storm chaser. Sounds like the same one who had the other live feed. I have watched Kelley for a long time now. Good man. But they have ran many, many stop signs over the years. It was just a matter of time before they crashed. And this time, all 3 victims passed away.  My condolences to the victims and their family and friends.  Such a tragedy!!!  3 great people gone ;(   They passed away doing what they enjoyed most, chasing tornadoes. May you 3 rest in peace.

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