Apr 02

April 2nd 2017 Blog for Rickie Traeger

Yesterday was April 1st, which everyone knows is April Fools Day.  I noticed not a lot of people did pranks. Which is weird, because in the past many people used to all the time.  I did notice the Beloit PD did an April Fools Day joke post, and several people got their panties in a bunch. So the Beloit PD made a post and basically apologized.  People are way to politically correct these days. SMFH!  Relax and loosen up and have some fun.  April Fools Day was supposed to be a fun day, not a politically correct day lol.

I was able to finally fix an issue I had on my Rockford Scanner website. I was not able to fix the issue for some time. Now it is fixed!  I was soooo excited when I was able to fix it.

Speaking of Rockford Scanner, Holy cow!  This weekend has been crazy insane for violence in the area. Tons of shots fired calls. Last time I checked around 30 reported shots fired calls. Those are just the ones that were reported!  I can only imagine how many reports went unreported.  If this is a taste of what warm weather brings, this summer is going to be crazy!  And not a good crazy 🙁     Hopefully they decrypt the airwaves so the citizens can hear what is going on and can assist in capturing these suspects.  If they don’t, people will still be in the dark and the violence will only escalate……………..

I haven’t popped on my HF radio all week. Actually like 2 weeks now I think.  Solar flares been crazy here recently and heard the radio bands are poor, so I havent even tried making any contacts recently.  I was looking at the solar chart, it is almost off the chart!  Speaking of, I saw on QRZ someone actually took a photo here on Earth with their camera (Just a regular camera)  and was able to capture the solar spots! That was a very cool photo.  I will see if I can find that photo real quick and post it below. Edit:  I looked and now I can’t find it. Go figure, LOL.

Today is the race at Martinsville!   Going to be a good race.  Hopefully the Stewart-Haas racing team does well!!!   Hopefully Danica Patrick wins. I am soooo looking forward to her winning her first race.  Hopefully today is the day.

Well I am going to pop off of here. Hopefully everyone had a good weekend and was able to get out and enjoy the weather yesterday. Supposed to rain all day today again from what I heard. Hopefully it doesn’t.  We had over 2 inches of rain the other day.  Speaking of weather, warm weather is coming back!  I am super excited.  Everyone kick back and enjoy the warmth. Becauses its back 🙂

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