Apr 03

Walking Dead Finale Thoughts

So tonight was the Walking Dead season finale. As many of you know, I watch the show religiously. I am a huge fan of the Walking Dead. I have never missed an episode. Tonight was the season 7 season finale. I had no idea what to really expect since last season they left us with a big cliffhanger.

I kind of had a feeling Sasha was going to die. They were showing her alot recently.  So I knew she was going to have a big role in the season finale. I just did not know just how big of a role. She did well playing that character. I liked her a lot too.  That is one thing about the show, they do not always go by the comics and you just never know who may die or what may happen. Her choosing the way she did, was neat. Pretty cool actually!  Was priceless when Neegan opened up the coffin. Sasha was a zombie!!!

I was so mad when that chick shot Rick!  I freaking hate that clan. I hope Rick gets his revenge next season on her and her clan.  She also said she wanted to lay with Rick, I think she was trying to get into Michonne’s head.

I thought for sure Carl was dead!  He was just bout to die when the Tiger (Shiva)  came out of nowhere. Now that was badass!  Call me crazy, but I enjoy that tiger! I am a huge animal lover.  🙂    Last year when I met Carl in real life, he was a jerk. Stuck up. So I was really hoping Neegan would kill off Carl, lol. But he is still alive for next season.

I am kinda being brief, because I don’t want to spoil it for some that have yet to watch the finale. I know several of my friends who watch the show, and read my site. So I guess I should say I am sorry lol. But I did label the title, so you can’t be to mad.

But back on the show,  I was expecting a cliffhanger like last season.  I was disappointed they didn’t, but at the same time I was happy. Because now i won’t be asking myself for the next several months, whats going to happen lol.  I did watch the Talking Dead, and they said the first 4 episodes of next season will be intense.

I will now shut up, hopefully I didn’t spoil it to much for ya. I was trying to be brief and not in detail. I will write an in depth review in a few days after I know my friends have watched it.



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