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Airplane Spotting At The Rockford Airport On April 6th 2017 (Long Photography Blog)

I took a trip out to the Rockford Airport (KRFD) earlier today to see what aircraft were on the ramp and in the skies. I got to see some neat aircraft today!  Below are a lot of the variety of aircraft I saw today. And I got to see a real treat today, more about that at the bottom of this blog 🙂 

NOTE: Going to be a longer blog, Thanks for being patient and reading through it all.

Just a quirky side note: It was a windy day, I lost my cowboy hat a few times, LOL.

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When we first arrived we saw a FAA aircraft on the Emery Air ramp.  The tail number to it was N41 that is registered to the FAA. It is registered as a Piper Navajo. That was closest aircraft to the fence when we arrived.  Pretty cool to see a FAA aircraft.

FAA N41 Aircraft at KRFD Rockford Airport April 2017 Aircraft Photographer

FAA Aircraft With The Tail Number Of N41 At KRFD on April 6th 2017

Head On View of the FAA N41 Aircraft on Emery Ramp At Rockford Airport (KRFD)

Head On View of the FAA N41 Aircraft on Emery Ramp At Rockford Airport (KRFD)


There was another aircraft that caught my attention right away. It had no tail number on it. So I assume it probably was another FAA aircraft since it had no tail number. I think it was a Piper Aztec, but not sure. Below is the photo. Maybe you can tell what it is and who it belongs too?

Possible FAA Aztec Aircraft at KRFD Rockford Airport

Unknown Tail # at Rockford Airport (KRFD)


Behind that aircraft sat a BEAUTIFUL Cessna Caravan with the tail number of N94MT. It was facing the terminal, so I was not able to get a decent photo of it besides the one that is posted below. I fly this aircraft type a lot in my flight simulator game (FSX)  so I know it really well. One of my favorite GA aircraft!

n9mt cessna caravan at rockford airport

Cessna Caravan N94MT

Another aircraft that was sitting on the Emery Air ramp was a CRJ-200 that the livery on it said it was an American Eagle. I looked up the registration on it, the tail number was N454AW and that is registered to Air Wisconsin.  So I do not know what was up with that. Air Wisconsin registered it in Feb 2017. So it might be here for repair and a paint job.

crj 200 N454aw airplane aircraft rockford krfd air wisconsin american eagle

N454AW thats is registered to Air Wisconsin, bt has an American Eagle livery on it


We had an  Embraer Phenom 300 with a tail number of N314FL do a fly over while we were photographing.  Was nice to see. It caught me off guard since not many aircraft fly over that area. I did not have my camera ready, so my photo of it is not the best.

Embraer Phenom 300 N314FL doing flyover at Rockford Airport KRFD

N314FL doing a flyover at the Rockford Airport


There was an unknown aircraft that was sitting on the ramp of the new AAR.   It was too far away from me to see any details on it.  I am sure many of you will be able to tell the type of aircraft by the body, engines and wing tips.  🙂

The best part is still yet to come!   I want to thank you for sticking around and still reading. Much appreciated!

I noticed the Rockford Airport fire department on the move. So I knew something was probably coming in. So I made a quick glance to the sky.

rockford airport fire department

Rockford Airport Fire Department E3

allegiant alligiant rockford airport rfd krfd

Allegiant Air Landing in Rockford

I saw something with landing lights off in the distance and coming into to land on Runway 1/19. It was the Allegiant N215NV that was coming in from FT Myers. It made a smooth landing and taxied in.

Notice something in the background in the sky?  Yup, just to the right of the nose of the Allegiant, above the AAR building.  You can not really make it out much in this photo, but you are about to see the best thing of this trip.

t38 t-38 aircraft airplane rockford airport af 67 ra 953

T-38 Talon US Air Force AF 67, RA 953.

A US Air Force T-38 with the tail of AF67 RA 953 landed on runway 1/19 just behind the Allegiant Air.  I was pleasantly shocked to see it. A lot of military aircraft frequent the airport. It taxied onto the Emery Air ramp just in front of us. I took some video on my camera I will upload to here when I get a chance.  There was 2 pilots. They taxied in and parked and were met by some crew members from the airport.

T-38 US Air Force

The wind was nuts and blowing my hat off a few times, so I decided we should head out.  It was a good day to plane spot at the Rockford Airport.  I was very lucky to see the variety of aircraft I did today.  Definitely was a good plane spotting experience. Usually I see 1 maybe 2 aircraft when I go plane spotting recently. So this many aircraft and variety, it made up for all those slow days i went plane spotting and didn’t see much lol.


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