Apr 11

Latest Fishing Trip, Stormy Pleasures, Senator Dave Syverson Statement


Man I have been enjoying the warm weather!  It is about time the warm weather is back. Now watch it fly by, it usually does lol.  I went fishing last night at the Rockton Dam. I did not even get one bite 🙁   I was there awhile too.  I take that back, I did have one bite. That was it. I wasn’t able to land it. One of these days my luck will change and I will catch a fish, LOL.


I logged onto FB and on the wall I saw an interesting post by Senator Dave Syverson.  He said this well!  At what point do you say there is a trust issue with those in power……..

This is what he (Senator Dave Syverson) posted:
“I thought I would share this. It is from Senator Dave Syverson
The same people pushing the $65 million hotel project downtown are the ones that said if we spend an extra $20 million on the Morgan Street bridge it will spur “unprecedented” economic growth on both sides of the bridge. These are the same people that said if we spend $8 million on the Riverwalk it will bring thousands of tourists annually to Rockford. These are are people that said there was a huge need to build the RMTD transfer station on Lyford rd. These are same people that promised no risk to taxpayers for Wanxaing Solar, Garrison school project, 7th St Lofts. Yes the same people that said Davis Park would be the next Ravinia.
At what point do you stays there is a trust issue with promises being made by “these” people. Those making the decision tonight will not even be in office in two weeks yet taxpayers will be paying this for the next 20 years.” 

Well said indeed! 

I had a pleasant surprise today!  It stormed this afternoon. It even hailed a bit. Just small hail. We even had a severe thunderstorm watch out until 9pm.  Nothing really happened after that first cell came through about 3:30 pm.  My buddy Charles Russell who owns “Stormy Pleasures” had some good action up his way tonight. Sounded like he had a tornado touch down near him. Last I heard he posted a photo of some tornado damage and said a lot of big trees were down.  Be sure to check out his website for the full details.

UPDATE: Video of the tornado damage up his way. Check it out on Charles Youtube

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