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I Came Across An Auto Accident Near The Airport, Helped Assist The Victims


I first want to say: The victims involved are in my thoughts and prayers. They definitely all had angels looking over everyone. And I want to thank the young couple who was already on scene assisting the victims as I came across the scene shortly after it happened. You guys did an awesome job.

I was out at the airport watching the UPS planes come in. After the last of them arrived, I decided to head home. I took Beltline rd and was traveling westbound on Beltline. As I came up to Kishwaukee rd I noticed a woman standing on the side of the roadway at the intersection, on a cell phone. I then saw headlights off into the nearby trees near the river. I quickly realized it was an accident scene. I pulled my vehicle over and got out to help.

The woman on the phone was talking to emergency personnel. Her boyfriend was already assisting the two young girls in the Blue truck that crashed through the airport fence. I went up to them to make sure those girls were OK and everyone in that truck was accounted for. The two young girls said they were not injured, but were very distraught. The young man stayed with the girls to comfort them.

I quickly ran over to the car that was in the trees. The car was buried in the trees. I was able to look into the driver’s side of the vehicle and noticed no one was visible inside the vehicle. And no one on scene said they were the driver of the vehicle.

I assumed maybe the driver was possibly ejected, since there was heavy damage and the girls in the other vehicle said this driver was excessively speeding. So I looked for any signs of the possibility of someone being ejected. I did not see any of those signs. In doing so, I did notice some beer cans in the passenger side of the vehicle. So my next guess was the driver was possibly DUI decided to possibly flee from the scene or was nearby.

I went back over to help comfort the girls and see if I could assist them. They were very distraught and I really tried to keep them calm as much as I could. They had angels looking over them, that is forsure!  I decided to move the girls away from their truck, because there was a strong gas odor coming from it. So we went across the street to where it was safer.

While I was with the girls, The young man who stopped to help before me was able to locate the driver of the car. He was a ways away from his vehicle. So it is not yet known, if he tried to flee or not. (Police are investigating) That young man and I assisted that man to see if he was injured. He was very disoriented. The man was saying he was sorry and did not mean to hit the girls. So he knew what had happened, but was disoriented on everything else. It was unknown if he had a head injury that was not visible, or possibly DUI.

Emergency personnel arrived on scene fairly quickly afterwards and take control of the scene. They gave that man a field sobriety test and he reportedly blew a 1.2 and was reportedly had a warrant for his arrest as well. He was arrested and booked in the Winnebago County Jail for DUI.

The article on the accident http://rockfordscanner.com/2017/05/auto-accident-near-the-airport-vehicle-crashes-through-the-airport-fence/

The guy and girl who stopped to assist the victims in the accident, just before I came across the scene. They need a huge shout out!  They were the first ones on the scene and the girl was talking to the emergency personnel on the phone. And her boyfriend also remained calm and took control of the situations he was involved in. It was a blessing them and I were in the right place at the right time, to help assist these victims.

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