Awesome Song That I can’t Find Out Who Sings It LOL, And Moon Photo

So I was listening to the radio last night (Which is a rarity these days) I was listening to 104.9 WXRX. I heard this really good song. It sounded like the band “My Darkest Days”  so I thought they may have come out with a new cd.  Come to find out the singer split. So it wasn’t them.  I go onto the WXRX website to check out their playlist.  Their playlist didn’t update all night long. And still hasn’t 24 hours later. So long story short, I heard this really good song and I want to buy the cd. But I have no idea who the band is lol. I tried doing general searches online with some possible lyrics, but no luck. Which sucks, because I loved that song, LOL.  Hopefully one of these days I will find out who sang that song.

I took the following photo below a few minutes ago. Beautiful moon out there tonight!

moon, rockford, illinois, may, 2017,

May 6th 2017 Moon

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