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Hiking Adventures: Rock Cut State Park (Thursday May 11th 2017)

I am going to try something new.  I am going to post my hiking adventures. Even if it is a small hike of  a few minutes, or a few hours. Below is going to be my first hiking adventure. I plan on doing a lot of hiking this summer. And I figured it be good to document it.  I was following a guy on Youtube who did this, and I enjoyed it. So here it goes.

rock cut state park trail map illinois may 2017

Rock Cut State Park Trail Map

Rock Cut State Park Hike (Thursday May 11th 2017)

Thursday’s hike:  Due to construction you are not able access the Harlem rd entrance. So I came int he 173 entrance. When I first got in the park I noticed a wild turkey on the side of the roadway. I pulled my vehicle over and took some photos of it. Come to find out, there were some others on the opposite side of the roadway as well.   Which was neat to see. Nothing like watching wildlife in their natural habitat.

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Turkey At Rock Cut State Park

I decided to choose one of my favorite trails to hike. The path is near the dam area. The weather was beautiful, probably around 60 degrees and partly cloudy. Once you hop onto the bike path, it is the first trail on the right. I like this path because there is one area where you can overlook the park. This is also the trail I literally almost lost my life on when I was a teen after a serious bike accident.  So it is kinda bittersweet, LOL.

bike path, rock cut, rock cut state park, trail, hike, hiking

Bike Path At Rock Cut State Park

As you go down the path there is a lot of trees and on occasion some wildlife. I only saw some birds. But by the time I went to photograph them, it was too late.  I saw something pretty neat on my left. It was a downed tree. It was a bigger tree. Maybe a storm blew it over. Whatever happened, it took down a big tree.  Also there was a bunch of other little branches stacked over it.  It appeared they were doing some trail maintenance.

Downed Tree With A Bunch Of Other Little Branches At Rock Cut State Park

As you go down the trail it comes to a “T” and you have to choose to go right or left. I went left. This was the way to the place I was telling you about that overlooks some of the park.

Note: I forgot to grab my smaller lens, so my photos are with my bigger lens and it doesn’t give the true beauty any justice.  Note to self,double check to see if I have all my lenses lol.

Overlooking The Park.

As soon as you pass this beautiful scenery there are many trails that branch off.  One of the great things about this trail!  I decided to stay on the main trail. This part is where I had my accident back when I was a teen.  But back on topic, this trail has a lot of areas of scenery and landscape. And if you do it at sunrise or sunset, you can probably see some deer.

I did notice this amazing tree that stuck out from the other scenery.  I don’t recall seeing it in the past. I am sure its been there, lol. But I just never noticed it until this hike.

I decided to take the trail to the “Witch’s House”  and check that out to see what it’s like these days.   (Going to post more about the “Witch’s House” on May 12th hike. So be sure to check that hike out)    I won’t say much on this, due to it will be posted on the May 12th hike.  After leaving the “Witch’s House”  I took the trail back to the bike path.

I took the bike path all the way back to the dam area. I did notice the Willow Creek was high and the water was running very fast. It has been a long time since I have saw the creek this high and that fast!    (Took photos with my cell, but have yet to upload them here)

I made it back to the dam area and sat there for a bit to just absorb the pure beauty of the landscape and also watch how much water was going down the dam and down the creek. Simply amazing just how much. Like I said, it has been awhile since I saw that much water going down the dam and creek.

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Rock Cut State Park Dam

After I left the dam I made it back to my vehicle.  Overall it was a beautiful hike and a beautiful day.  I hiked about an hour or so. Good workout and the hike brought back many memories. I highly recommend this trail to anyone who loves a beautiful scenery. The trail is not really bike friendly. And it is a longer path, so be sure you can hike up and down hills and for long distances.  If you can hike it, this trail is definitely one of my favorites.


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