Monday May 15th 2017 Hike At Rock Cut State Park



As you know I am starting something new. Every-time I go for a hike, I am going to write about it. My hiking adventures. I have to think of a catchy catch phrase, LOL.

My power went out due to some guys cutting down some trees around the corner. So I was sitting here without power and figured i would go hiking. It was a spontaneous thing.

I went to Rock Cut again.  I decided to hike on the north side of the park. There is some long trails on the north side, that lead into the new bike path there.  I parked at the picnic area, I think it is called Puri Crest. And began my hiking adventure.

I did wear my body camera, I will upload the videos to my youtube sometime in the next few days. I need to go through it and edit it down. I don’t think Youtube will allow a several hour video, LOL.

Rock Cut State Park Hike

There were a few photos and a map at the trail head. I will post those below. Pretty informative. Hopefully many people will read them and learn something.

tips for the trails

I decided to hike the trails. The bike path was nearby, but you get a better workout walking the trails. I thought the trails would be in good condition, boy I was wrong!  MUDDY!

Muddy trails at Rock Cut

The good majority of the trails that were not paved, were muddy as heck.  My shoes are caked in mud.  If I would of known the trails were going to be that muddy, I would of taken the paved bike path. But I choose to stay on the muddy trails and hoped they would clear up. They did not, LOL. But the good thing about it I guess, it was more of a workout.

I figured since I was out walking the trails I would do some geocaching. There were 3 geocaches nearby. I found 2 of the 3. The 3rd one, I searched for a long time and had no luck finding it.

I enjoy going off the trails, so geocaching is my kind of thing.  Here is where I began my off the trail adventure.  The warm weather has made the brush and leaves grow pretty fast recently. A few weeks ago, it was not so overgrown as it is now.

One good thing about going off the trails, you see things you normally wouldn’t see. I got to see some turkeys up close. So that was neat 🙂   I always enjoy wildlife in their natural habitats. I will upload that video to youtube later on.  Also, the scenery is simply amazing!

I found the 2 geocaches and decided to get back onto the path. The path I was on, lead into the paved bike path. My shoes were muddy as heck, so I was happy to finally get onto the pavement, LOL.  By the time I hit the pavement, I had already walked several miles on the trails. So it was nice to get on solid ground again.

Rock Cut State park Bike Path

I took the bike path back the roadway up by 173.  I could have taken it back to my vehicle, but choose to go up by 173 for more exercise. I got onto the roadway and began walking back into the park.  Near the prairie restoration area I saw a beautiful hawk flying freely in the air. It truly was a site to see 🙂

Overall: I got plenty of exercise in. I walked many miles. Next time if I see mud, I am taking the paved path. I am determined to find that 3rd geocache!  That path north of Puri Crest, is a good workout path as long as it is dry. Avoid it if it is muddy. There is 3 geocaches on that path as well, so if you are into geocaching like I am, this is a good path for it.

Time to review and edit and trim down my gopro camera video so I can add it to youtube.

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