Jun 19

Happy Fathers Day, US Military Shoots Down Aircraft, Rail Gun



I am writing this a little after midnight, so technically it is not Fathers Day. I hope all the fathers out there had a wonderful day!  And to those mothers who play both roles as well.  Hope everyone was able to spend good quality time with their dads.

Unfortunately, my dad Anthony Traeger passed away. He is now in heaven looking down on us. I hope him and both of my grandpas had a good Fathers Day up in heaven.

I am a father myself, so I was able to spend quality family time with my family.  Quality time with your loved ones, is priceless. Nothing in this universe can beat good quality family time. You never know what God has planned, so you may be here one minute and gone the next. I have lost some really close family members and friends, and know that well. So enjoy the time you have with your loved ones!

I was on FB and some friends shared some videos I thought were pretty interesting.  The first one was from ABC News. Our military shot down an aircraft in active combat. I don’t know much details on it, but I guess that is the first time since the 90’s since we actively shot down another aircraft in combat.  I guess a Syrian aircraft dropped a bomb, and we shot them down. Good!  We need to show them the USA will not back down and will defend ourselves and shoot you down!  More info at http://abcnews.go.com/International/us-shoots-syrian-fighter-jet-syria/story?id=48119895

Another neat thing I saw was also on our military, about a rail gun.  This thing is soooooo AWESOME!   I am glad we have this in our military. This thing shoots a projectile at mach 7, Yes you heard that. MACH 7!!!  This thing is an amazing tool in our defense.  I am glad America is awesome and is able to advance our technology and keep our troops and citizens safe!  You guys have to watch this video on it, this thing is amazing.  Excellent job to the US military for keeping our troops and citizens safe!

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