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R.I.P. Jeffery Mulrooney N9IMI, I Will Miss You ALOT!

So I am going to open up a bit in this blog. My heart aches as I type this up.  Please bear with me as I am crying as I type this up, but this will be a deep and personal blog.

On July 9th my good friend Jeff Mulrooney (N9IMI) passed away.

I met Jeff years ago. I was tossing out on the 520 and he came back to me. Him and I hit it off and  talked every night since then.  I quickly learned Jeff was a very smart man with a heart of gold. And would tell you like it is. He never lied and was an open and honest man. He loved his family and friends dearly. And

I had the honor of first meeting him at the hamfest in Belvidere.  That day was the first time I met him, besides the airwaves. I had talked to him for a long time on the air, before meeting him in person. I could tell he was really into the ham radio and doing CW. He was very good at CW and enjoyed his radios.  He knew a lot about older radios and I was very impressed. He enjoyed doing CW, DX, and anything to do with radio.

Not only did Jeff like radio he also had many other hobbies as well.  Him and I had a lot in common!  Pretty much everything he liked, I liked.  Quadcopters, photography, paranormal, native americans, history, political beliefs, etc… I mean you name it we talked about it.

The one thing I quickly learned about Jeff was he was open and candid and told you like it was, and NEVER lied. He was as real as they become and I admired that most about him.

When I first met him on the air, he would tell me things and I would google the stuff and sure enough he was right. He was ALWAYS right.  LOL.   I quickly learned to stop googling, because he was right. He was a very smart man and had soo much knowledge on things. It truly was mindblowing.

The other thing I admired about him was he always had a smile everytime I saw him. He was always so positive. He would always look for a the positives in things. He passed away from cancer. He battled the cancer and was always positive about it. He always was positive about the situation, even though it was a very bad situation. He was always positive.

He was a fighter. Very strong willed and fought until the end.  We would be talking and he would get sick, and then come right back to talking to me. He would rest up. He would come right back and keep talking. He was definitely a fighter and a strong willed person.

We would talk about our families. He loved his family dearly!  He was soooooo proud of his family and heritage. He definitely was a proud papa.

Like I said above, we have a lot in common. One of those things was the paranormal. I thought I was knowledgeable in the subject. Talking with Jeff, I quickly learned I still had a lot more to learn, LOL.  He taught me a lot in the subject. Many thought his beliefs were “Out There”  but in reality his beliefs I understood completely and it was good to know someone else that thought the same as I did.  We would talk for hours on the paranormal topic.

Another topic we would talk about is obviously ham radio!  Him and I thought a like on many things. He loved his radios. He was an excellent in the topic of antennas. He would build them from scratch. He recently built a very good 6 meter antenna. And he taught me how to use some of my equipment. I am working on my Work All States award. And he would always say DX is better lol.  My setup I can’t work much DX, so stateside is my thing. He had an excellent setup there and would work DX alot lol.

Jeff’s CW keys

He was a CW person. He would literally use a CW key and do it free hand. he was good at it too, all by ear.  When I met Jeff for the first time in person, at the hamfest he bought some CW keys.  I might learn CW in honor of Jeff. Right now, I suck at CW, LOL.  But he always told me if I put my heart into it, I would pick it up quickly.  He was always right, so I may just do that in his honor.

Him and I would do APRS all the time. He enjoyed that a lot. If we couldnt chat on the airwaves we were sending messages on there.  His APRS beacon always said “Hello From Earth”  I enjoyed that a lot. He always believed our airwaves traveled further than Earth and if there was intelligent life out there, he was telling them “Hello”   I liked the way he thought about things.

He loved motorcycles.  I like looking at motorcycles, but never rode on one. He always told me it was easy to ride one and how riding is like freedom. He always said when he rode his bike, there was no other feeling in the world. How peaceful it was and how much he enjoyed it and how I should do it. I might get my motorcycle license as well, in his honor.

He loved photography. He would tell me about his photos and techniques. He would tell me about photographing the wildlife that was in his yard. He definitely knew alot about the equipment. I learned a lot of stuff from him on photography as well. He enjoyed doing wildlife and nature photography. We did some SSTV and he sent me some his photos. He definitely was a good photographer.

He also enjoyed aircraft. We would listen to the aircraft bands together and track the planes as they came and went from the airport. He was able to hear the ground frequency, since he was closer to the airport. He hated that he wasn’t able to watch them come in, because of his location. But he was able to listen to em.

I have met no other person like Jeff.  He was always so positive and truthful.  That is a rarity these days. Truly one of a kind.  I am honored to have known Jeff for as long as I did and talk to him for hours every night.  Words can not describe how heartbroken I am, with him passing away.  He always said to not mourn him when he passes, but to celebrate. That is easier said than done, because he was such a good friend of mine and it literally has taken a piece of my heart. I know he is in a better place now and he is looking down on us. And he is now in a place where the airwaves are best.

Rest In Peace Jeff (N9IMI)
I will catch you on the airwaves again one day!
Miss you bro! Love you lots!

73 for now

Rickie Traeger


Jeffery A. Mulrooney 1961—2017
Jeffery A. Mulrooney, 56, of Rockford, IL lost his lengthy battle with cancer on July 9, 2017. He lived an energetic life, was an avid Ham Radio operator (N9IMI). Jeff lit up every room he walked into.

He is survived by his mother Janet Mulrooney, sisters Kathy Godare (Frank Carlson), Lori Day (Chuck); brother Greg Mulrooney (Jeanne); his children Sean Mulrooney (Jessica), Jordan Meeks (Seneca), Devon Mulrooney and Kelsey Mulrooney; 12 grandchildren. Jeffery was predeceased by his father Bruce “Grumpy” Mulrooney and grandmother Edna Jacobson.
A celebration of life will be held at the Rockford Knights Club 1429 Myott Ave in Rockford on July 22, 2017 from 12:00 until 4:00 pm. In lieu of flowers, memorials are suggested to the family. Condolences may be sent to www.advantagefunerals.com


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