Jul 31

July 31st blog. Shout out to RS fan Talia, Quadcopter flight for a friend, Colder weather on the way grrrrrrr…………….

Shout out to RS fan Talia!

Note: Yes, I did shave off my goatee earlier today. Feels weird without it, lol.

As many of you know I fly quadcopters. Some people call them drones.  I had the honor of doing a flight and filming another fellow ham radio operators antennas. I have did several flights for area hams in the area over the years to film their antennas, towers, etc…  It has an honor to film his. I won’t say his name for privacy reasons. But it was an honor to talk to him in person awhile as well.  I am about to go through the videos and see how they turned out. Here are 2 photos from the flight.

Not to much going with me otherwise. Just kicking back and enjoying life as much as I can. As they say, we only live once!  So live it to the fullest!

I see cooler weather is in the forecast. Not looking forward to that at all. Grrrrrrr.   This is supposed to be the hottest time of the year, and here it is cooling off. Won’t be long before fall is here, then the dreaded winter……… Speaking of weather, I see the flood waters are starting to finally go down.  I don’t know if I posted the Martin Park flooding video/photos on here. If not, I will do that in a bit.

I am chilling to Marilyn Manson right now. I love him, but haven’t listened to him a long time. Good to kick back and listen to him. Many hate him and label him many things. But he is truly an artist. A heck of an artist at that. He used all that negativity that was being tossed at him, and spun it.  Yes, many don’t like him, but those people need to sit down and look at the big picture.  Life is about the overall big picture, and many don’t understand  that.  People pick at the little stuff, and miss the bigger picture. And Marilyn Manson saw that bigger picture.


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