Aug 11

Excited About The Arlington Million

Quick blog for Friday August 11th 2017.

As you know I am going to the Arlington Million tomorrow at the Arlington racetrack. I am super excited about going there! I recently realized the last time I been to the track, was many years ago. After my dad passed away, I kinda stepped aside from horse racing. I am kinda getting back in the groove of things again and am getting back into the horse racing. I will say it again, I am super excited about the Arlington Million!

I been wanting to photograph the KC-135 that is doing touch and go’s out at the Rockford Airport. He is flying by my house and pretty low. But guess what, low clouds and its raining right now. I been out there and it was up in the clouds. Still neat to know it is in the area again. I know several fans contacted me and were asking about it, so I made a brief article on it http://rockfordscanner.com/2017/08/several-asking-why-is-a-military-jet-circling-the-rockford-area/

I saw online an awesome antenna analyzer I want. My buddy Jeff (N9IMI, R.I.P.) owned one. It is a comet caa mark 5 II I think the model number is. If it is not that it will be something similar. I hope one day I can get a good antenna analyzer, because I need one.

August 26th looks like the launch date for the balloon!  Super excited about doing that also! More information on a previous blog I did recently.

I am getting a little tired, I am really exhausted so I am going to pop off here.



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