Aug 18

Police “asks”   Rockford Scanner reporter Rickie Traeger to stop filming an accident scene



Police “asks”   Rockford Scanner reporter Rickie Traeger to stop filming an accident scene. SGT. Champion (Rockford Park District)   “asked”   me to stop filming the accident scene.

I refused to stop filming, because the public has the right to know what is going on and it is our civil right to film. I was on public property. No victims at the scene. I was fully in my rights to film the accident scene. My 1st amendment rights!

I tried to shake his hand, and as you can see he smiled and refused to shake my hand. Very unprofessional for a public servant/police officer. (There were no safety issues, he was just being unprofessional)

Towards the end of the video the 2nd officer clearly says I was in the right.
He was a Rockford police officer. And he was respectful and knew I was in the right. So out of mutual respect, I shut the live feed off.

Folks, it is your right to film anything on public property.

Do not let an officer tell you different.
Note: I was on public property. There was no victims or dead bodies at the scene. I was fully legal and in my rights to film the accident scene.



I normally do not make these incidents public. There have been several over the years. But this one was on LIVE video, and many saw it happening live.

There has been a huge fan support and I want to say THANK YOU!  I think from now on any incidents in the future I will also be making those public as well.  The lawyers have already been contacted on this and are aware of this situation, and those incidents in the past as well.

Note: William currently has a federal lawsuit against the city right now for a similar incident, while he was working a scene.  He was there to show the public the RPD were cleaning up the streets, and they arrested him for filming the scene!  Charges were obviously dropped and our civil rights attorney filed the lawsuit against them.

More info https://www.courthousenews.com/reporter-sues-over-arrest-for-filming-police/

As you clearly saw in that video I was fully in my rights and officer Sgt Champion was violating my rights, videoing that accident scene.

I do not have any issues not filming any scenes. I am more than happy to not film a scene if there is a legit reason. But if you are going to “ask” me to stop filming, and not provide me an explanation and there is NO reason what so ever to not film the scene (no victims at the scene)  then YES I am going to continue to film. It is my right as a citizen/journalist to film and I will continue to exercise my rights.

If they are respectful like the 2nd officer, I am more than happy to stop videoing.

But don’t sit there and “Ask” me to stop filming,  without a reason.

Yes, I respect officers and the authority.   But we have rights and I choose to exercise my rights as a citizen and journalist and a photographer and I will continue to film scenes.




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