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Rockford Scanner Exclusive: Josh Duggar & Anna Duggar Still Pregnant And Are In Rockford, Duggar Family Is In Rockford. Anna Is Still Pregnant!

N15TC Duggar Family Airplane

Josh Duggar and some unknown woman walking into the Emery Air at the Rockford Airport


Update: Anna Duggar posted the following on her Twitter account

Approx. 2:30 into the video, the Duggars realize I am there filming. 

On Sunday August 20th 2017 the Duggar family plane that is registered as N15TC (MU-2B-36) landed at the Rockford Airport in Rockford approx. 1:07 pm CDT.  They landed on runway 19 from the North and taxied over to the Emery Air ramp where they parked the aircraft.

The doors opened up on the aircraft after they parked around 1:12 pm and the father Jim Bob Duggar was the first off the aircraft.  Shortly afterwards several Duggar family members including Josh and Anna also departed.

Anna Duggar is STILL pregnant! (In the video above)
When Anna departed the aircraft, you can clearly see she still is pregnant.
(Josh did not help her off the aircraft)
So all these rumors saying she had the baby already, are not true. 

Josh and Anna Duggar did not hug or kiss when they departed the aircraft.

Anna Duggar in the flowered dress, clearly see she is still pregnant

Anna Duggar in the dress, clearly see she is still pregnant

She walked up to the Emery Air building while Josh Duggar helped unload the baggage from the aircraft.  (Josh walked into the building later on.)

Employees from the Emery Air had a golf cart that Josh put the baggage onto.

They sat around a few minutes chatting and talking to each other and the Emery Air employees before walking into the building.

It is not yet known why Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar and Jim Bob Duggar, and a few other family members are in Rockford, Illinois for. Unconfirmed Rumors are saying that Josh may be coming back to rehab and his family is here to support him. Other rumors have said the Duggars choose Rockford as the place to have their child, because of their family ties to the local churches and religion.

Several of the Duggars were on the aircraft: Josh, Anna, Jim Bob, JB, John David, Josiah, Mackie, Mikey, Justin, etc..)

Source: RockfordScanner.com
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Josh Duggar spots the camera

Josh Duggar talking on the Emery ramp

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