Aug 29

August 29th 2017 Blog



I been investing into stock for awhile now. No luck to put a long story short.  I finally got lucky and the stock I invested in rose 278.75%  Yup, thats right!   Now here comes the kicker. The site I bought it from Capital One,  seized the trading on the stock and told everyone that the stock rose to high and they aren’t trading anymore and that we lost ALL our money!  WTF!!!  Because the stock did soooooooo well, they seized it and aren’t paying anyone.  This is some BS!!!  Needless to say, Pretty upset.

I am looking for a FT-991 if anyone has one they want to sell?

I been playing up on HF the last few days. Been making some contacts. You can check out my logbook at http://rockfordscanner.com/hamlog.html

I been wanting to setup a portable station to work portable hf.  But come to find out, I dont have all the things I need to set one up yet.  So it will be awhile. That is one of my goals now to do before it gets colder outside!

Not much else to add right now. I do have a lot on my mind but I have to step away and do a few things, so I will have to hold the rest of the blog until another time.

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