Sep 06

I took a photo of the Sun & Sunspots! Also Ham Radio Deluxe Error

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Sun, You can see the sunspots!  I took this photo the other day when the wildfire smoke was in the area! Photo turned out great!  I have never been able to see the sunspots in my photos, until this. Super excited!


So I bought Ham Radio Deluxe awhile back ago and haven’t gotten it to work right. I have had cable issues.  Come to find out I already owned the cables I needed to get it working.

I was going through my cables and found them.

So I hooked them up and now I am able to get some of the software to work now!  I still have an error still, basically its saying the one port is in use. So I have to look into that issue online. It is operator error for sure.

Its a good software but I have to get things working right on my end. Someone told me to contact the customer support. But I don’t want to waste their time, with an issue that is operator error, LOL.

I just now have to figure out why the error comes up saying the port is busy. I will post a screenshot when I load it back up again. I will edit and update this with the error code.




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