Sep 14

Danica Patrick, Walking Dead, Time Lapse Video

I am a huge Tony Stewart fan and fully support and follow his drivers religiously. I follow Danica Patrick even more, because shes a hometown girl!  She is from our area. So it has been awesome having her on the Stewart-Haas team!  Well some sad news has now broke 🙁   She will not be racing for Tony next year. I really hope she gets another ride. Shes one of my favorite drivers!  I know she has not had the best of luck, but has been doing better. A lot ofpeople have wrecked her. But now shes getting better, and now because of a new sponsor she does not get to drive for Tony now 🙁 http://www.espn.com/racing/nascar/cup/story/_/id/20694386/danica-patrick-ready-give-racing-do-find-competitive-ride 

I been experimenting a lot the last few days with time lapse video. Very neat to do. I didn’t do it much in the past, because of the lack of battery life. I read up online and realized I can use a power bank for the battery to extend the battery life. So I been trying that and OMG, what a huge difference!  I can run a full 4k video for several hours now without any issue!  I ran a time lapse video at 2 second and also 5 seconds, and it didn’t even phase the power bank!  I am super excited I now have a long battery life for my camera! I think that is awesome.  I plan on adding many videos to my website here in the future. The one thing I love about time lapse also, that it doesn’t take much memory card space either!

The weather is going to be in the 80’s for a few days!  Kinda nice to have the 80’s back!  Won’t be long before we get that dreaded cold temps and snow. I plan on getting out to enjoy this “warmer” temps!

I been watching the Walking Dead from season 1 again. OMG so many differences between then and now.  A lot of the stuff from back then I had forgotten about. So it is nice to be able to go back and watch it from the start again.  I am on the episode when they get to the CDC building, I forgot which episode that is. If you guys want to watch it, Netflix has it on there 🙂

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