Sep 15

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Warning, I am about to post a political post. So if you don’t want to read it, please leave now.

Disclaimer: My personal beliefs do not reflect back on my professional life. Also the information below is from what I have read in the media, and I only base this off what I have read. I understand there are always 3 sides to a story, yours, theirs and then the truth.

Here we go:  North Korea

I know our president has been avoiding going to war with N Korea. I understand this and respect that a lot. But how much more is the USA going to tolerate before we just wipe this N Korea jerk out?

We took out Saddam because we “thought” he had WMD’s.

N Korea HAS WMD’s and are firing these missiles!!!

As I type this I just read online N Korea just launched ANOTHER missile!  Hence why I am blogging about it.

With the technology we have and I can only imagine what we have that is not even public knowledge. Why in the heck do we not just go take this jerk out. He has threatened the USA and others and HAS WMD’s!!!  Saddam did way less than this guy and didn’t even have the WMD’s and we took him out.  So what are we waiting for???

Now, I am totally against war!!! Yes, you heard that right.  But I understand certain situations call for it. And I think for the safety of the USA and our allies, we need to take this madman out quickly.

Send in that team that took out Bin Laden.  I think Seal Team 6 they were called. They did an awesome job on that mission. I have complete confidence in our military and they can take him out.  Even if it is not feet on the ground, use drones or other means to take him out.

One of these days N Korea going to test their missile and it is going to hurt and kill people.  Why wait until that happens? We know they are a risk, we know this N Korea leader is mentally unstable. So you have a madman with WMD’s that threatens the USA.

Am I missing something here? In the past, this dude would of been wiped out long ago.

I like President Trump. I fully support our president and always have and I always will. I think President Trump is a great president. And whatever decision he makes, I stand behind him.  He is our leader, he is our president. I hope he makes some kind of decision against N Korea soon.


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