Sep 18

Coast To Coast Am, Back Injury, HAB Launch, RT 66 Special Event, POW/MIA SPecial Event


Rickie Traeger Rockford

I am sitting here listening to Coast to Coast AM.  I re-subscribed to it.  I love this show.  I was never into talk shows, until I was introduced to this talk show. I been hooked on it ever since. I decided to subscribe as a coast insider, so I can have access to the archives. As I am typing this, tonights show is about UFO’s.  I love when they have paranormal shows.  I was hesitant on subscribing, because alot of their newer shows are not on the paranormal topics. But they are starting to go back on topic, so I re-subscribed. Show my support and also the archives.

I blew out my back the other night.  I been on bed rest since.  I hate laying here in bed all day and night.  But it is what it is. I hope the DR’s are able to do something, because I am in immense pain.  Bed rest sux, but the same time I can’t complain to much.  Thats another reason why I re-subscribed to Coast to Coast AM, because I am laid up in bed and will give me stuff to listen too.  Several years ago I was in a bad accident. I injured my back then and have reinjured it back in May, and I thought I was better. But I bent over and heard a “pop”  and down to the ground I went in intense pain!  Yeah, of all things bending over is how I blew it out.  Go figure.

I been looking forward to doing this high altitude balloon launch with the ARES team. But since my injury, that is on the fence now.  I am playing it day by day and hope and pray that I will be better by launch time. I been looking forward to the balloon launch or awhile now. I really hope I am able to attend!

I haven’t even had the chance to get outside to enjoy the warm weather.  It has been really warm the last few days and I haven’t been able to get outside to enjoy it.  Super bummed about that as well.  I guess it was around 90 degrees!  Sucks being injured 🙁

I guess the one good thing about being on bed rest is being able to put time into my blog, LOL.  But the same time I won’t have much of an update on stuff because I won’t be out doing things to update it with. So I guess it is a catch-22, lol. But I do need to update some of my websites.  Sucks, cuz I am in intense pain so at times it is hard to focus.

I was able to work several RT. 66 special event stations on HF.  I also was able to work the POW/MIA special event as well on HF. Check out my logbook at http://rockfordscanner.com/hamlog.html

Well I am going to pop off here for now.  I am going to end this asking for a favor. If you pray, please pray for me.  I need prayers on the recovery of my back injury.  Please send your positive prayers my way, thanks!

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