Sep 21

Quick Blog/Rant: People Faking Paranormal Content

Just a quick blog and rant: Since I been laid up in bed cuz of my back injury I have been reading up on the paranormal and what is going on these days. Basically to see if theres any new cases or new equipment people use during paranormal investigations, etc…  I came across some very disturbing things.

With technology these days, people are hoaxing alot of paranormal content.  This bothers me a lot. It hurts the reputation of the field. Loses trust with the public. And also makes ya second guess what is real and what is not.

Now with that being said, I always look at things as it were hoaxed from the start then go and try to debunk it. If I can not debunk it, then it might be real.  But there have been alot of paranormal hoaxes. I guess you can look at it in a good way I guess, showing people how easy it is to fake. But it is sad to see overall.

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