Sep 27

I Bought My Own Pink Toe Tarantula 



Pink Toe Tarantula 


As many of you know I used to own a few tarantulas several years ago.  Well those passed away and I didn’t own another one for several years. Now I own another one!  I am super excited!

I went to the pet store to but some fish filters and decided to see of they had any tarantulas. Last time I went in there, they said they stopped selling them. But I figured since I was already at the pet store, I may as well take a look to see if maybe they changed their mind. Sure enough they had one!

They had a pink toe tarantula!  I quickly got the sales lady and bought it.

It currently is in the store container. Which is one of those small cages.  I am going to buying it a terrarium as soon as I can. The pink toe needs a terrarium with height.  So I need to upgrade it soon.

They said they fed it once a week. While I was at the pet store, I bought some crickets. I fed it about an hour ago, and it was hungry. So it has me asking myself, when the last time they fed it was.  I guess it don’t matter, since I just bought it and fed it and will take good care of it 🙂

I tried to handle it a bit ago, and I don’t think I am going to be able to handle this one. Which sucks. It was very skittish and sprayed its hairs at me and tried jumping. Yes, I know thats what it does in defense. But you can tell this one has not been handled, and if it has not much.  So as much as I hate to say it, it is for the best of the spider. I probably won’t be handling this one. At least not anytime soon.

I have to introduce my hand to it. So that way it starts getting used to my hand and scent. And kind of go from there and hope for the best. But it don’t look like it has been handled much in the past and is very skittish and scared. No point in scaring it and stressing it, because I want to handle it.

My next goal is to give it a name. I posted on my FB wall asking for a name. Several were good. But you can tell several also do not like spiders, lol. My daughter suggest we name it “Captain America”


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