Oct 03

Rickie Traeger Opens Up A Bit On Encryption And How It Hurts Public Safety


Take a minute and watch this video.  Then scroll down to read 

#1 The Rockford police are encrypted and told us originally this incident did NOT happen.

#2  After telling them I obtained footage of the incident, the they admitted that it did happen but downplayed it.

#3 The Rockford police failed to mention the victim was viciously beaten and then the victims vehicle was stolen

#4 They just said it was “strong armed robbery”

#5 They spotted this vehicle a short time later and refused to chase it! And let the suspects go…

#6 This encryption crap has got to stop!  So many people are becoming victims or they know the suspects location but are unaware they are suspects, until a long time afterwards (if at all)

#7 The encryption has got to stop!  It has turned everyday citizens into hating/not trusting the Rockford Police and also becoming victims that they could have prevented if they had known otherwise. Or could have turned a suspect into the police.

#8 But yet I am the “bad guy” for stepping up and saying this because no other public entity has the balls to step up and say something about it and address the issue

#9 When there is an issue you need to address there is an issue, find a solution, implement the solution.
That solution is going back to un-encrypted airwaves so the public can hear what is going on so they can be aware and informed and not become victims and also help the police assist in capturing the suspects. 

That video above is the hard cold truth and reality of what really goes on in our area. 

The crime is crazy and the police try to downplay it. You can not combat crime by covering things up. You need to address the issue and find that solution.

That solution is to have the public assist. It has been proven numerous times in the past that public airwaves do capture suspects.

The video above is sickening and heartbreaking!  Plain and simple!  This poor man was minding his own business and was walking into his residence when three young punks decided to viciously attack him and rob him.  As you can see there are three suspects. The one suspect continues to kick the victim while on the ground. That poor man did not show any posture of aggression, he laid on the ground while they continued to kick him. That is pure savagery!  No other reason but to savagely beat the victim. He posed no threat to the suspects!

The suspects not only beat the victim but robbed him too.  The suspects stole his vehicle.

Speaking of, the Rockford Police did spot the vehicle a short time later but refused to chase it.

I know the whole police chase policy thing is a hot topic right now and highly debated.

But when there was NO traffic and they still terminated the chase….(Click here for the chase policy)

The police knew these suspects had just viciously beaten the victim just prior, then robbed the victim, then stole the victims car. That to me is considered VIOLENT criminals!  That falls under their category of actually chasing the suspects. But they failed to do so!  No wonder why the crime is out of control.  The police don’t even chase the suspects, unless the suspects are on foot. You cannot stop crime, if you fail to chase and at least try to capture the suspects!

Now before anyone goes on about me being anti-police. Let’s stop right there!  I am pro-police. Hence why I am against the encryption. Hence why I am mad about this incident happening and the police not chasing these suspects down.  Take a few minutes and go to http://rockfordscanner.com/against-police-scanner-radio-encryption/  and you will clearly see I am pro-police and want our officers safe and also our citizens!!!   

Many people have contacted me (RS) and told us how they flat out refuse to call the police these days or even trust the police, since they encrypted.

Many have also said when they call the police they do not even show anymore to do a report. What they do is, get this!  When you call to report a crime, they tell you they will call you back in a few days to take the report. And never call you back!  Yes, you read that right!!!   I can not tell you how many people have contacted us and told us this.  Too many to count!

I guess if “You don’t know about it, then it din’t happen”  I guess is their way of thinking these days…..SMH

Did you know, all they need to do is literally FLIP A SWITCH and then they can be un-encrypted.
I bet you also didn’t know they had encryption BEFORE they went full encryption. Let me explain.

They had control 1 and control 2 that was their public dispatch. This way the public knew what was going on and can be on the lookout for the suspects and help assist with the police in telling them where the suspects are if they spotted the suspects.  They have a ton of other channels that were encrypted. Those channels included personal information such as names, birthdates, personal info, etc…. also they did the call information and tactical information on those as well.   So they were ALREADY doing the encryption for that stuff, before going FULL ENCRYPTION!

But yet that was one of their excuses for going encrypted. Basically a PR stunt.

I can go on and on and on about how un-encrypted airwaves has put many people behind bars and helped combat crime. But I will just post a link that provides just a few. http://rockfordscanner.com/against-police-scanner-radio-encryption/

You can clearly see why the encryption is bad not only for the officers, but the public as well.

I think they realized they made a multi million dollar mistake on the encryption for many reasons, but are afraid to admit it publicly.  That is what several alderman and officers have told me personally. And they want the public to assist and help, but realized this encryption thing did not work out for public safety, officer safety, combating crime.

Many have spun this TRUTH and information and tried to make me look like the bad guy because I stepped up and spoke out and told the truth.  I am all for officer safety, public safety, combating crime. You can CLEARLY SEE THAT BELOW but yet when I stepped up and said something, because it has been proven that encryption hurts officer safety, public safety and combating crime. I was made out to be the bad guy….. 

See that is the one thing about me. I am unbiased and tell it like it is.  There is no point in lying because if you do all your credit and merit is thrown out the door. I do not lie, plain and simple.  I am open and honest and tell it like it is. Other media outlets are censored or politically correct, etc…  That is why many follow and respect me and Rockford Scanner. Because I am open and honest. Like I said it is pointless in trying to lie.

When you are open and honest then that makes people in certain positions very mad.  They try to hide and cover things up and act like things don’t happen. But in reality the stuff is going on all the time and there is no covering it up. I think that lying and covering things up just hurts ones credibility. And well that has been proven.

It is best to be open, honest and blunt and straight forward.  We are all adults and can handle the truth.

Take a few minutes and listen to this interview I did with  Joe Mattern



This video shows just how un-encrypted airwaves helps combat crime! Also shows the Rockford Police supporting Rockford Scanner.


This video shows AFTER the encryption just how the local police treat Rockford Scanner at times and try to hide things. I was working an accident scene, when the officer “asked” me to stop filming the scene. I was on public property, doing a live news video of the scene minding my own business when he approached me and asked me to stop filming.

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