Oct 17

Sickness, Backpack Customization, DDT Backpack, Tarantula, Halloween, Rob Zombie, Etc…

I been sick as heck for the last few days.  Dunno why, but it really knocked me down a bit. Sucks. i am getting better now, thank god! 


Not getting into to much details, but hopefully the doctors and insurance company can get things worked out, so I can have this surgery.  I been hurting super bad, and am actually looking forward to doing surgery, so that alone tells  you how bad I hurt.  Enough on this topic for now… 


I have this awesome backpack. http://ddt-ops.com/product/venom-48-hour-assault-pack-grey/    I mean this thing is super badazz. I love this thing. There is just one problem. I want to customize it with some patches. But the lining of it is made of pvc on the inside, to be water resistant. So I don’t think I am able to sew on any patches onto it.  So I been trying to look online to see what other ways you can customize a backpack.  Pretty creative ideas out there indeed!  This is my project I am currently working on. Trying to customize this backpack.  


Halloween is just around the corner!  I love this time of year. Horror movies are on tv now!  I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to horror movies. I love horror movies!  Not too many real horror movies out there these days, which is weird considering the technology these days.  I think Rob Zombie’s movies are among the top real scariest movies out these days. That man is creative and open minded.  Love his movies! 


As many of you know I own a tarantula again. I used to own them back in the day and just got one recently.  Back in the day I used to hold them and play with the tarantulas.  But I recently joined an online forum for tarantula owners. I was looking for ideas on what to add into the terrarium. I looked through the forum and was reading several topics and many choose not to hold their tarantulas. Many have legit reasons and backgrounds on why they do not hold theirs. I think now, I may not hold this one now except to change the stuff inside the terrarium.  I have made that decision on reading the forums. Even though mine is very docile and has yet to even reer up at me when my hand is near and on it. Or even shoot it hairs at me.  So mine is extremely docile. But overall, I think it is best not too right now. She is comfortable and relaxed. No point in spooking her or upsetting her. 



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