Oct 19

Getting Out To Look At The Amazing Stars And Universe, Breathtaking.

I took a drive out to the country last night to look at the stars.  I figured it be good to get out and enjoy the last of the nice “warmer” nights as they slow dwindle away in 2017.  Get out and breath some fresh air. And look at the beautiful universe of ours. 

I choose a spot out in the country that was very dark and very little light pollution.  I pulled over to the side of the roadway and got out and began to look up into the sky.  It was a sight that I would have looked to look at forever!  You could see a lot of stars!!!  Here in the city, you don’t get to see many stars except the main bright ones.  When I was out there,  wow it was absolutely amazing!  I saw a lot of stars, it literally felt like I was in heaven.  

I wasn’t there long when I saw a shooting star!  I was thinking of someone close to me that I lost recently and thinking of the good times we had together. And then I saw that shooting star.  I know in reality it was just a coincidence, but in a way it felt like it was a sign from them.  Was a very cool experience because I was out there all alone looking up at this beautiful massive universe, thinking of someone who meant alot to me that I lost. And I saw this shooting star.  It was a one of those fast moving shooting stars that just streaked across the sky. But it was still a neat experience. 

I would give almost anything to have the chance to live in the country. Or even just visit a place for a week in the country. To be able to get away from things and enjoy life and nature. To enjoy the true nature and sounds and smells and sights of the great outdoors.  That my friends is priceless. What I would give for that right now. 

I stood out there just staring up at the stars. I know I wasn’t out there long. But to me it felt like a lifetime. Scanning the sky and seeing the constellations, planets, and countless stars.  Was one of those moments I didn’t want to let go of.  It was one of those moments that I could of died right there, and would of died in peace. 

I know many others are lucky enough to live this experience on a daily basis. They own places out in the country or away from the city lights and can see this stuff every night. And I ask myself, do they realize how lucky they are?  To be away from the city, away from the noise, away from the lights. And just be able to gaze up at the stars and clear your head and enjoy the sight.  I myself would love this opportunity, more than just once in a blue moon.  

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