Rickie Traeger Blog: Santa Clause Net, Kids Can Talk To Santa Clause On Ham Radio

I wanted to share this awesome experience!

They have a Santa Net on 3.916  (Ham Radio)  at 7:30 pm CDT

Every Night until December 24th, so if you miss it tonight you have a chance every night until December 24th to try 🙂

My daughter was able to talk to Santa, and she was super excited!

I think everyone should be able to experience this great event.

The Santa Nets are presented annually by The 3916 Nets. The Weather Bunch, The Rag Chew Crew, The Tailgaters, The Freewheelers and The 3916 Late Late Show are all amateur radio nets that meet on 3.916 MHz.

For more information on The 3916 Nets, go to http://www.3916nets.com

The Facebook page for The Santa Nets can be found at https://www.facebook.com/3916santanet/


Pete Thomson (KE5GGY), of The 3916 Nets, commented on The 3916 Santa Net. He said, “Christmastime is our favorite time of the year on 3.916 MHz. We really enjoy being able to help young people experience both the magic of Christmas and the magic of amateur radio.”

Youngsters can talk to “Santa at The North Pole” via strategically placed relay stations who are responsible for relaying in the voice of Santa. Thomson said that The Santa Net is a team effort that involves the efforts of a number of 3916 Net members. He said, “For over a decade, The Santa Net has connected kids from coast to coast with Santa Claus. With this amount of territory to cover, The Santa Net requires the efforts of a number or relay stations. Our relay stations do a super job and really enjoy bringing the spirit of Christmas to the amateur radio airwaves.”

For more information on The Santa Net, email KE5GGY at Gmail dot com.

Note:  Please remember to adhere to all FCC Rules & Regulations pertaining to 3rd Party Traffic. Thanks!

Prenet Check Ins Welcome

Reserve a spot with Santa by making a pre-net check in.  You can check in either on the air starting at 7 PM (Central) or by emailing KE5GGY@gmail.com

Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas from The 3916 Nets!!!

Every year on 3916, we give good little boys and girls a chance to talk to Santa Claus at the North Pole!   It is indeed a magical experience to experience kids talking with Santa through the magic of Amateur Radio!   

The Santa Net is on the air every night, November 24th through December 24th at 7:30 PM Central.  

To participate in The Santa Net, just have your kids prepared to tell Santa their top 2-3 gift wishes.   




Rickie Traeger Blog: My HF rig blew up

Last night my daughter was super excited to check in to the Santa net on HF net on ham radio. We checked in and they were responding back to her and as soon as they were responding back to her my radio died. She was able to hear them call her name and then it died. I was really Bummed that that happened to her. We were all excited to talk to Santa and as soon as it was our turn my HF rig died on us.

I don’t know exactly what happened. The radio just completely went dead. I thought maybe it was a power supply or a fuse and I checked both and they are both good. We have to wait a while before I get enough extra cash to get another HF rig. I was hoping she was able to talk to Santa on the net last night.

It was a double blow to the gut. Seeing my daughter being disappointed Because as soon as she was going to talk to Santa the radio died and also losing a very expensive rig the YAESU FT-450D.

If anybody has an HF rig that they want to get rid of please contact me. I am looking for a YAESU FT-991A or a radio that does all bands including VHF.



Rickie Traeger Blog: Rockford Scanner Website Maintenance, Hoping For Snow, Etc…

November 28th

National French Toast Day
National Day of Giving – #GivingTuesday – Tuesday following Thanksgiving

Well I hoped everyone was able to get out and enjoy the weather recently. It is about to get cold according to the weatherman.  I personally hope it snows, and I know many are probably hating me now for saying that, LOL

I plan on  redesigning some of the Rockford Scanner website later on tonight. When the slow time hits, prob overnight sometime.  I am going to work on the menu at the top, and make it more of a drop down option for it. It will make it look better, be faster load times. I personally do not believe it will be user friendly, but many think it will. So I will do it.  I should hope to have that done later on tonight sometime, more than likely overnight sometime.

I did change out the font size and made things bigger on there as well.  People were asking if I could do that. I made it 4 points bigger.  I am awaiting to hear feedback on it, to see if it should go any bigger.

I also redesigned the “Listen to the police scanner” page. 

Be sure to check that out and bookmark that page! 

Listen to the police scanner live on our website.  Check it out!

Also I will be doing routine maintenance on the website tonight as well.  

The van battery died last night, so I had to change that out today.  Talk about a headache!  The engine compartment is small, so it was a pain to work in.  But when it is all said and done, everything is back to normal. I should go knock on some wood now, lol.



Rickie Traeger Blog: November 27th Blog


As I type this I am missing the “Good Doctor”   I am mad at myself, lol.  I been looking forward to that all day long, and then i missed the start of it. Grrrrrrrr.

I been messing around today with the website design. I installed several themes, but ultimately came back to this one for now. I am trying to find a good dark colored theme layout. I like dark colors and themes for my websites, so this light color theme is not my thing. Yes, it makes it easier to read and all.  But it just doesn’t fit “Me”  and that is the whole point of the website. To express “Me” lol.   I will find a good layout in time, there are many to choose from.  If anyone knows a good dark colored theme, let me know!

I was able to clean the van out and clean her up a bit today. It was a beautiful day outside overall.  I vacuumed it, cleaned the windows, added washer fluid, was going to change the oil in it but didn’t get that far, lol.  Was able to get up under it and look at the oil pan finally, it has been leaking and I think the people at Walmart when I took it there to change the oil, tightened the bolt in the pan to hard and broke the seal, smh…   I got alot accomplished though overall.



Rickie Traeger Blog: Cyber Monday


November 27th
National Craft Jerky Day
National Bavarian Cream Pie Day
Cyber Monday – Monday After Thanksgiving


I am hoping to get some “Cyber Monday” deals on some e-books for my kindle!

I am currently reading “Witness to Roswell”  a darn good book I might add!  But, I am hoping to get some books for when I finish it.

I read non fiction mainly. I enjoy reading that, because I learn.   All though I like Stephen King books, so that’s why I said “mainly”, LOL.   I was reading the reviews on his new book he wrote with his son. I was really looking forward to reading it, but the reviews are really mixed, most of them are saying it is not all that good.

I guess I will have to get it and judge for myself 😛  So, hopefully they have Stephen King or some good non-fiction books on sale for Cyber Monday!

I watched the Walking Dead earlier as much as I like the show, that episode wasn’t all that.  Considering only a few episodes left, I thought maybe it would have been more action packed.  Maybe they are leading up to it?


Rickie Traeger Blog: People Reporting A Loud Boom In Rockford

Sunday November 26th 2017

LARGE BOOMS: I been getting a lot of reports  recently within the last few hours of a very large boom  being heard in the area. Approx. 2 am.  I thought maybe someone was lighting off big fireworks.  But come to find out it might be more than that.

These large boom noises have been going on nationwide recently.  There are several theories to what they might be, but nothing is set in stone.

Note: I haven’t heard them myself.

My opinion, I believe it might be related to thishttp://rockfordscanner.com/2017/11/highest-intensity-neutrino-beam-on-the-planet-literally-under-our-feet/


Experts Say The Possible Explanations: 

  • The Leonid meteor shower is going on right now and it is possible they are exploding in the skies above as they come in.
  • An aircraft is creating a sonic boom.
  • Large fireworks.  Can probably eliminate this one from the most recent one, because it shook houses on all sides of Rockford.  At the same time.
  • Earthquake. I looked and there no large earthquakes around that time frame, or any that are even close to our area.

You can read up on these at the following: 


Researching the topic of the loud boom,  I came across thishttp://strangesounds.org/2017/11/lake-nyos-murdered-1746-people-overnight.html  

That is sad and weird at the same time.  I have never heard of anything like that ever happening, ever!  Strange in deed!!!

Note: Officials don’t know what it was.  And these explanations are from experts on recent loud boom experiences in the USA. No one actually knows what it is, just theories and opinions.

November 26th

  • National Cake Day

  • National Cookie Day


Rickie Traeger Blog: Stroll On State, Thief Caught On Camera, Weekend, ADB-S

Saturday November 25th 2017 Blog

Good morning everyone!  I hope everyone had a safe Black Friday!

I went out to try to get some deals, that didn’t happen, LOL.   Did see a lot of people and fans. It was a pleasure meeting everyone yesterday.   I went out early afternoon. There was no way I was going to stand in those long lines, lol.  Probably why I didn’t get any deals.

I learned awhile back ago,  that stores advertise a product for Black Friday.  But they only have 1 or 2 actually in stock.  That way it draws people in to buy other things. And in reality they have 1 or 2 in stock, so they can legally say they had it in stock. And while all those people standing in those loooong lines, get screwed.  So there is no way in heck, I am ever standing in a line again, knowing what practices retail stores do these days.  

OMG, Yesterday was beautiful outside!  I did get to enjoy the weather a bit.  I know it is not going to last long. So enjoy it while it is here. Winter is nipping at our toes!  Hard to believe Christmas is a month away.  I always look at things in a positive note.  That is it is not long before New Years and then a few more months till spring!

Rockford Scanner Stuff:  

A Rockford Scanner fan sent me this video of a thief. This idiot decided to steal a package from their mailbox! Near Rockford Memorial Hospital

One thing I hate in life are Liars and Thieves. 

I guess this dude don’t realize he just committed a FEDERAL offense, so when he gets caught its full jail time. Messing with a mailbox or contents is a federal offense.  So when he is caught, is going to have to serve his full term.

If you know who this idiot is, call the RPD.  

Tonight is the “Stroll On State”  

I will not be attending this year, sorry.

So be sure to send your videos and photos to RockfordScanner@Gmail.com 

Information on it at https://www.gorockford.com/stroll-on-state/  2-9 P.M

Events and times: https://www.gorockford.com/stroll-on-state/events-attractions/


November 25th

  • National Parfait Day

  • Blase´Day

  • Shopping Reminder Day

  • Small Business Saturday – Saturday After Thanksgiving

On a last note, I hope everyone has a safe weekend!  I am going to be adding content to my website here, and trying to figure out how I can add my ADB-S to my website. If anyone knows how, let me know!  I think it be a great feature to add to my website.


Black Friday, Website Progress, National Holidays

Good afternoon everyone!  I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving!

If you are out doing some Black Friday shopping, be safe.  Been a few reports of some disturbances, nothing severe just shoplifters and disorderly people.  Also a lot of traffic out on the roadways.  So be careful driving also.

As you noticed, I am in the process of redoing my website.  Kinda bear with me for awhile, while I get things back up and running. I am currently working on building the pages on here.  I have a brief “About Me” up now.  I still need to add to it, but it is a brief background.

I plan on doing my daily blogs on here and posting them to RS. Those blogs will include RS updates, the daily posts I do on there, I will now be doing on here.

Many were asking about me doing that.  I have listened to everyone’s feedback and am trying to do what people want 🙂

November 24th
National Sardines Day
National Day of Listening – Day After Thanksgiving
National Native American Heritage Day – Day After Thanksgiving
Black Friday – Day After Thanksgiving
Buy Nothing Day – Day After Thanksgiving
Flossing Day – Day After Thanksgiving
Maize Day – Day After Thanksgiving
You’re Welcomegiving Day – Day After Thanksgiving

I am going to being a blog post in a few hours, about my Thanksgiving 🙂 So be sure to check back later on, for my Thanksgiving blog!!!

Happy Thanksgiving! New Website Design, Music Playlist, Feedback

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

As you have noticed, I have decided to start my website from scratch. I have deleted the posts and contents and redesigned it a bit. I am not to fond of the new design, but wanted to give it a try. So we will see how it works out.

I like how I can start all over and do things from scratch.  I was going to add some stuff a few weeks back, but figured I would wait until now to experiment. Figured it be best to do it with the new design and see if they are compatible.  I do ask that you bear with me while I have some fun, LOL.

Now with the new website brings new changes and goals. My #1 goal is to blog daily. Even if it is just a quick post, lol.   Worst case every 2 days.   I plan on adding more photos, videos, content and being more open and candid.  I am going to be me.  I was kinda restricted before, but those chains have now been broken and I can freely express myself, so don’t say I didn’t warn ya 😛

I am going to be adding new pages to the site.  So plan to see those in the near future!  I might make a blog for each page, letting people know when they are up.   Or I might save everyone, and do one post when they are all done.  I have yet to decide.

I need to add a music playlist again.  I lost my last one.  I am going to change that up a bit. Mix of everything, literally! I have to figure out what site to be best to use.  I have to do a search online, or maybe you can refer me to one?

That was another thing, I want to be more interactive with my fans!  I want to interact with you,  hear your thoughts and feedback and just have a friendly conversation with you! I think I am going to add a thing to each post with an area where you can comment on.