December 9, 2019

Rickie Traeger: Happy Monday! Messing Around On The Website, Police Scanner…

Good morning everyone!

Hopefully everyone had a safe weekend.Ā  Hate to be the bearer of the bad news though. It is now Monday, and the weather is about to get cold šŸ™

You have permission to hate me for a few minutes, for bringing you that bad news, LOL.

So I am about to experiment a bit on here with the design and stuff on the website.Ā  I normally live by the motto if it is not broken then don’t try to fix it.Ā  And I should do that now, lol.Ā  But I am in an experimenting mood, so I am going to play around a bit on here and change the layouts and stuff.Ā  See what I like and don’t like.Ā  I am going to do that after I write this up.Ā  So let’s see how my Monday starts off, LOL.

If anyone has a desktop police scanner, they want to get rid of. Let me know. I am looking for a desktop scanner.Ā  Prefer a model that is similar in size to a Pro-197 if possible.

Speaking of scanners.Ā  I saw Walmart was selling the Whistler 1010 for only $20.Ā  Ā And people are trying to sell them online for $120….WTF


I understand people wanting to make money, but WTF…

I am popping off here. Everyone stay safe and stay dry and I should add Happy Monday!