January 4, 2020

Rickie Traeger: USA, USA, USA, USA, USA!!!

  • Rickie 

So the other day the USA took out one of the world’s most notorious terrorists,  Soleimani. 

When it happened, there wasn’t much coverage on it. Just oh hey the USA took him out and on to the next story.

Now days later, it is a huge deal.  OK, so why wasn’t this a huge deal when it happened? I mean it was a huge deal, we took out one of the world’s leading terrorist that threatens the USA.  Any the media was pretty much quiet on it.  Think about that for a minute…   Now days later, it is headlines all over the place.  Again, why wasn’t this victory all over the media when it happened?

I personally feel that if the President said this terrorist’s  are a threat to us, it is obvious they know something that they haven’t made public.  I feel the USA knew something and took the proper actions to defend America. Plain and simple.  Now we have people out there calling our President a liar and they shouldn’t have killed this terrorist.   Think about that for a second again. These people  out there saying that we shouldn’t of took out the world’s leading terrorist.  Makes me think what in the world are they thinking, defending the terrorist???

Short and sweet:  This man posed a threat to American lives.  The USA took proper actions and took him out. And will continue to do so. Plain and simple.

I wish I could join the military to help,but now I am too old to  join. I would join in a heartbeat, to help keep America safe.

I stand behind the USA and our actions to combat these terrorists.  USA, USA, USA, USA, USA!!!

Rickie Traeger: So I had an interesting experience a bit ago. I thought I would blog about it

So I had an interesting experience a bit ago. I thought I would blog about it. 

When I drive, I never lock my doors.   Well after tonight, I just might start locking my doors.

I was driving East on W State st around 1:30 am (Time might be off some, because I wasn’t sure on the exact time)  and I got in front of the Winnebago County Jail or better known as the CJC.  There were 2 subjects that walked out into the middle of the road. I had 2 options. #1 hit them or #2 to stop. I obviously stopped.

I thought they were trying to cross the road. They were not, they actually hopped into my vehicle!  Yes, they hopped into my vehicle!  I was like WTF.

Since they were in my vehicle I decided to play it cool. I asked them where they wanted to go. They said over off 11th st.  I was headed that way anyways, so I gave them a ride. I was trying to understand what they were saying, but they both were drunk.  So here they are, they walked out in front of my vehicle to make me stop, hop into my vehicle, and then want a ride.

During the ride, they demanded money.   I was like double WTF.  Here I am trying to be nice to you guys and you demand money.  I obviously did not give them any.

The one guy wanted to be dropped off at the Mcdonalds at Charles and E State st, so I dropped him off. The other one wanted to be dropped off near 11th st and Alton. He kept on trying to act like a female. It was strange!  Thankfully we arrived at the destination he wanted to be dropped of at.

As he got out, he grabbed some papers I had in my vehicle. I held out my arm, wanting my papers back.  He just held them in his hand and waved to me, with my papers in his hand.   I was going to get out and get them, but decided I would just leave and be thankful they were out of my vehicle.

So I just drove away, as this guy was still waving with my papers from my vehicle he stole from me, was in his hand.

I can tell you one thing, I am locking my damn doors from now on…