January 7, 2020

Rickie Traeger:

Happy Tuesday! 

I been playing GTAV again. I bought an arcade. I just did that, so i have a lot to do with it.  Oh, I guess before I go any further I should probably explain, lol. Some people will read it and take this post seriously, when in reality it is only a game. GTAV is Grand Theft Auto V the game. It is only a game, say it again. It is only a game, lol.  Ok, now that is cleared out of the way, let’s talk about GTAV.   I have a few people I play the game with. Help them with missions and such.  I enjoy helping them, instead of doing my own.  I have the Deluxo, so I can fly around and drive around and have 1 passenger. It is great for doing the missions.  There is one area in the upper right area somewhere, it has aliens on it 🙂   I also bought an alien suit. Kinda neat. I been trying to get my skills level to gain. I want to be an expert pilot. I thought flying the deluxo would increase the skill, but it don’t. So heads up if you fly the deluxo, it dont help towards the flying skill.  Well i am going to pop off here, I will finish this up later on. Stay safe and enjoy your Tuesday!