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Rickie Traeger: Random Thought Thursday

So here I am at 3 am on Wednesday night going into Thursday morning.  I have been cooped up in the house for weeks now. So it was inevitable that random thoughts were bound to happen, LOL.  Before I start, I can not confirm anything that is posted below. Like I said it is just random thoughts that popped in my head while being cooped up. 

  • So all these people without jobs now because of Covid-19.   I heard many companies are still going to bill their customers like as if nothing ever happened. So that means all these people who lost their jobs, will be hurting for money soon. And now we all have bills that need to be paid. But yet many don’t have money.  So how many do you think will be evicted?  How many will lose their electricity? How many will lose their heat, water, etc??? 
  • Anyone else gaining weight during this stay at home order?  Or is it just me? lol. 
  • So as many of you know I love severe weather.  We are 2 for 2, in 2020 here.  With that being said, please still keep my family down south in your thoughts and prayers! They were recently hit by a tornado 🙁 
  • So you ever wonder what it would be like with an apocalypse with electricity?  Go for a drive at night…. 
  • I really wish people would take this Covid-19 stuff seriously!  Many are dying because of it.  And yet you have people around here who are walking the bike path, going to the store just to walk around. People not keeping 6+ feet away from each other… 
  • I have  been craving chocolate!  Being cooped up and not having candy is driving me bonkers, lol. 
  • I really wish more people were on the local repeaters.  Or GMRS….

Alright enough with the random thoughts.   Hope everyone is staying inside and staying healthy!


Rickie Traeger: April 1st Blog

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful April 1st! 

As many of you know I enjoy listening to a lot of talk shows these days. Coast to Coast AM, Fade to Black, Etc…  Well they brought up an interesting point. And I figured I would put it in my blog.  This is one of their opinions and in a way I kinda share it. Hence why I am posting about it.

We have been pretty much on lock down for awhile now. They said the pollution levels have declined a lot on Earth since this shelter in place has taken effect. Which is a darn good thing!  I am beyond glad the pollution levels have dropped a lot! But then they brought up a theory.

What if Earth has adapted to all the pollution and gasses and other things?  And now that the pollution levels are dropping, could that effect how Earth and its climate changes or improves or worsens?  What if this happens to bring on the next ice age?  Yes, that was a far fetched idea they tossed out there. But we can not rule out that possibility. Because Earth has not had this happen. So what could this mean for Earth and other things?

In all honesty I hope that it improves Earth and our climate and atmosphere.  Less pollution means more fresh air. Cleaner waters. And just a healthy Earth overall. I hope scientists are really studying how Earth is going through these times, and seeing what it does and does not do.  Maybe we can learn something good, out of a bad situation.

I just wanted to post about their opinions because I was thinking about it.  How will the Earth adapt to these changes?  That is a good question that we should all be observing!

I have reinstalled Bionic for Seti@Home. But they shut down their servers a few hours before I reinstalled it.  If I had known that, I would of waited to reinstall it lol. But now it has some more options on there besides the Seti@Home. So i chose some other options to run on it. All astronomy stuff 🙂   If they can use my PC power to help learn things in the universe, then more power to them. I have gladly helped for almost 2 decades now, and will continue to do so for many more decades to go!

Stay safe everyone 🙂


Rickie Traeger: Tuesday March 31st Blog

So it is after midnight, so it is technically Wednesday. So I am a little late on my blog for Tuesday.  As you know everyone is pretty much stuck at home these days.

So I wish I had some exciting news such as I went out and did something amazing. But we all live such boring lives right now, lol.  It is cool though, cuz it sure beats the alternative!  

I am about to play some Hearts Of Irons 4, in a minute.  I just wanted to pop on here and say hi and hoping that everyone who reads this is safe and healthy!  They extended our stay at home until the end of April. Be safe out there. And God bless. 



Rickie Traeger: Sunday Blog, Kinda Bittersweet

So yesterday was kinda bittersweet. 

My family down south was hit by a large tornado.  Thankfully they are all alive. My cousin broke her foot. But other than that everyone is OK.  They did have a lot of damage though.
I think the last I heard, they rated it an EF-4 tornado.  And 22 were injured, and no deaths.  That was a very large tornado that ripped through the heart of town. Please keep my family down and all the others that were effected by the tornado, in your thoughts and prayers.

With the sadness of what had happened to my family down south.  I was able to have my first thunderstorm of the season for me. I have been waiting awhile now, for a thunderstorm!  So when it hit, I was excited.  Really happy knowing it is storm season again.

A little after 9 pm an EF-1 tornado hit the Ogle County and it had lifted just before it hit Will and I as we did storm spotting.  It touched down just East of Oregon.  And headed right for us.  Ended up being a lot of power poles and power lines, and some structures damaged. Thankfully it was mostly farmland that it crossed. Below are some photos I took of the damage.

After the tornado hit, it was literally stars and the moon right after.

I was able to see an amazing meteor fly across the sky as well!

So it was a day full of emotions and Mother Nature.


Rickie Traeger: Thursday March 26th Blog

Good evening everyone! 

I heard possible thunderstorms are on the way in the next few days.  I really hope that is true! I have been wanting to have a thunderstorm for a long time now. Now that winter is fading away, it is Spring now and time for some good storms 🙂

I want to take a second and give a HUGE shout out to a special woman that was able to help me out yesterday.  My mask had broken just prior to her helping me out. And this woman was able to help me. And I can’t say THANK YOU enough!  I don’t know if she will ever read this or not, but words can’t describe how thankful I am. God bless you!

I am about to kick on some X-Files after I finish up writing this. I have been watching all the episodes again 🙂  I am currently in season 6 at episode 17.  As you know, I love this show!  I have watched ALL the episodes, countless times. No joke. I have watched all the seasons and episodes a ton of times. I am sure those around me are probably sick of it, lol.  But hey what can I say, I love X-Files 🙂

Hope everyone is staying home and abiding the shelter in place! I hope everyone stays healthy and safe!


Covid-19 Virus On Plague Inc.

Good evening everyone. 

Hope everyone is staying in and staying safe.

I played a game called Plague inc. the purpose of the game is to create a virus and destroy the world.
It has been out awhile. So as you know we all been stuck inside and I have been gaming alot more recently.


Well I played the game and created the Covid-19 virus.  I started it off in China and added all the symptoms and how it spreads.  And I am sure glad this was just a video game, because look at the results…

Again it was just a video game, so do NOT believe what a video game says!  

I thought that was pretty crazy, the Covid-19 virus on Plague inc. destroyed humanity…

Before people flip out because of a video game. This game has been out a long, long time now. Way beofre the Covid-19 and the developers have spent alot of money to fight the Covid-19 in real life.