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Hi, my name is Rickie. Thank you for visiting my personal website. Please note, that this is my PERSONAL website and any opinions or views are my personal ones and do NOT reflect back on my business views.

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Aug 30

About Rickie

Welcome To My Personal Website My site is just that, my personal space. You will get to know me and read my blogs. I am a very open person that doesn’t hold back. I am a firm believer and using my first amendment of freedom of speech. What I post on my website, does not …

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Aug 29

August 29th 2017 Blog

    I been investing into stock for awhile now. No luck to put a long story short.  I finally got lucky and the stock I invested in rose 278.75%  Yup, thats right!   Now here comes the kicker. The site I bought it from Capital One,  seized the trading on the stock and told …

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Aug 26

Want To See Movies, Ham Radio Fun, Duggar Video, Etc…

As many of you know I made national headlines again with my Duggar video.  The video was even  Youtube TRENDING!  Yeah you heard that right, it was trending on Youtube! Not too much going on here.  Wanting to go see the movie ANNABELLE: CREATION.  I am a huge horror fan and like the Conjuring movies.  I …

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Aug 26

Rockford Scanner Exclusive: Josh Duggar & Anna Duggar Still Pregnant And Are In Rockford, Duggar Family Is In Rockford. Anna Is Still Pregnant!

WATCH THE FULL VIDEO ABOVE! Update: Anna Duggar posted the following on her Twitter account Approx. 2:30 into the video, the Duggars realize I am there filming.  On Sunday August 20th 2017 the Duggar family plane that is registered as N15TC (MU-2B-36) landed at the Rockford Airport in Rockford approx. 1:07 pm CDT.  They landed on …

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Aug 18

Police “asks”   Rockford Scanner reporter Rickie Traeger to stop filming an accident scene

https://youtu.be/W9gXGQozaUs Rockford: Police “asks”   Rockford Scanner reporter Rickie Traeger to stop filming an accident scene. SGT. Champion (Rockford Park District)   “asked”   me to stop filming the accident scene. I refused to stop filming, because the public has the right to know what is going on and it is our civil right to …

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Aug 14

Arlington Million Experience!

As many of you know I had the honor of attending the Arlington Million race on Saturday! It was awesome being able to attend and watch the horse races in person. Been awhile! Heads up this is going to be a long blog My father in law and I attended the Arlington Million race on …

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Aug 11

Excited About The Arlington Million

Quick blog for Friday August 11th 2017. As you know I am going to the Arlington Million tomorrow at the Arlington racetrack. I am super excited about going there! I recently realized the last time I been to the track, was many years ago. After my dad passed away, I kinda stepped aside from horse …

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Aug 07

ARES High Altitude APRS Balloon Launch

I am looking forward to doing the ARES balloon launch coming up. The  ARES team is a great group of people and I am proud to be a part of them. I think the idea of the APRS balloon launch is a great idea for many reasons. I think it will be a great way …

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Aug 04

Quick Blog: Arlington Racetrack & The Mist

I am catching up on the tv series THE MIST.  I enjoy this show. Pretty interesting tv show. If you haven’t watched it yet, I recommend you watching it. Its kinda based off the book. But at the same time, there are twists. It is a really good tv series. I am super excited. I …

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Jul 31

July 31st blog. Shout out to RS fan Talia, Quadcopter flight for a friend, Colder weather on the way grrrrrrr…………….

Shout out to RS fan Talia! Note: Yes, I did shave off my goatee earlier today. Feels weird without it, lol. As many of you know I fly quadcopters. Some people call them drones.  I had the honor of doing a flight and filming another fellow ham radio operators antennas. I have did several flights …

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