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Hi, my name is Rickie. Thank you for visiting my personal website. Please note, that this is my PERSONAL website and any opinions or views are my personal ones and do NOT reflect back on my business views.

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Oct 31

2017 Halloween: Trick Or Treating Hours, Costume Photo Contest, Quick Blog

    I want to begin with saying HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  I want to wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!  What is everyone dressing up as?  Email us your costume photos to RockfordScanner@Gmail.com  I will be posting them once again this year!  New this year: Costume Contest!  Three $10 gift cards to Walmart to the …

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Oct 30

Addressing An issue On Rockford Scanner: If you are going to contact Rockford Scanner and be a jerk. Regardless of what the topic is.  Do not expect much in return. If you contact Rockford Scanner and are respectful, I will help you in any way possible.  Plain and simple!    Easy Peasy!  

I think it is about time to address this issue.  I ask that as you read the following, to understand this happens a lot.    If you are going to contact Rockford Scanner and be a jerk. Regardless of what the topic is.  Do not expect much in return.   If you contact Rockford Scanner …

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Oct 28

Quick Saturday Blog: Stranger Things 2, Walking Dead, Z Nation, Quadcopter, etc

    So I am sitting here going through the google app store and noticed theres a few more apps for my quadcopter. I downloaded them but have yet to really dabble with them in depth.  The thing I been looking for is making the quad an autonomous flight. I am not able to do …

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Oct 26

Quick Blog For Today

The end of November I will be getting a new hosting for the website.  So, I will be redoing the website from scratch then.  All the blog entries, will be more than likely deleted. I am undecided yet on of I should keep everything or start all over. I am a firm believer it is …

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Oct 24

Pacific Theater of Operations 2, SNES Gaming, Romance Of The Three Kingdoms, Liberty Or Death, Super Excited To Play These Games Again!

    I found out you can play super nintendo games on the pc now.  Yes, I am a little behind in the tech times I guess, LOL.  I am now able to play my all time favorite games on the super nintendo again!  I am super excited! My all time favorite is Pacific Theater …

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Oct 23

Walking Dead Season 8 Opening Episode, 100th Episode

  Today I am going to blog about……………………………………Yep, The Walking Dead!   Guess what is back on?  Yes, you guessed it!  The Walking Dead!   I did not know what to expect this opening season episode.  I admit last season was getting boring and even though I am a huge fan and I would never stop watching, …

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Oct 21

Orionids Meteor Shower, Anyone Know Information on Last Nights Shooting in Rockford PLEASE Call The Police

    I saw a couple of meteors this week. Pretty neat!  Come to find out the Orionids Meteor Shower is currently ongoing. The peak is now, but it’s been cloudy. So I am pretty lucky to have saw the ones I did, when i did! Orionids Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight And The Next Few …

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Oct 19

Getting Out To Look At The Amazing Stars And Universe, Breathtaking.

I took a drive out to the country last night to look at the stars.  I figured it be good to get out and enjoy the last of the nice “warmer” nights as they slow dwindle away in 2017.  Get out and breath some fresh air. And look at the beautiful universe of ours.  I …

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Oct 17

Sickness, Backpack Customization, DDT Backpack, Tarantula, Halloween, Rob Zombie, Etc…

I been sick as heck for the last few days.  Dunno why, but it really knocked me down a bit. Sucks. i am getting better now, thank god!    Not getting into to much details, but hopefully the doctors and insurance company can get things worked out, so I can have this surgery.  I been …

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Oct 14

N9F Special Event Activation

Tony, N9ARB  asked if anyone was interested in helping him with activating the special event station N9F. National Fire Prevention Week ham radio special event station.  I told him I would help assist him when I was able too.  🙂  My total was 130 contacts!  It was a pleasure helping everyone getting N9F!  And helping …

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