Rickie Traeger: Happy New Year 2021

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Rickie Traeger

Good morning everyone!

Happy New Year 2021!

Hopefully everybody celebrated safely and had a lot of fun 🙂

As usual, there were many gunshots that were fired. They continued for several hours after midnight.  Sadly, 1 person may have lost their life. Details on that shooting at http://rockfordscanner.com/rockford-scanner-possible-fatal-shooting-victim-in-winnebago-county-still-developing

Tragic way to start of 2021 in Rockford.  🙁

Let’s focus on some positive news.  It is 2021 and a new year!  I am looking forward to hearing everyone’s new years resolutions. My new year resolution is to blog daily.  Yes, I know I have been slacking and many have gave me an earful, LOL.   But that is a good thing, because that shows me there are people who actually read my website 🙂   I want to take a second and just say THANK YOU for following my website. Much appreciated!

I am counting down the days until it is spring!  Yes, we have been spoiled for the most part for winter. So I can not complain too much, LOL.  But it is still winter!  Come on spring!  We are supposed to get 2-4 more inches later on today.  Hopefully Mother Nature changes her mind, LOL.

If we do get it, please use caution and be safe if you have to travel.

Happy 2021

Rickie Traeger: Good morning Monday

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Hopefully everyone is doing well and have been out enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having!  Hard to believe it is November already and these warm temps. I hope this is what the whole winter will be like. But something tells me different, lol. 

So I was just browsing online and saw that the Black Friday stuff is different this year because of Covid.  The stores are having deals all month long, instead of people standing in long lines and the chance of possibly spreading covid.  Which I kinda like to see, the deals all month long.  I see a few advantages of it. 

#1 Don’t spread covid. 

#2 Excellent marketing. Drives people to the website often, looking for the new deals.

#3 Safer.

#4 Deals all month instead of standing in long lines dealing with cranky people.

#5 Some new and different and I like the idea! 


Rickie Traeger: Quick Blog Post…………

So it is technically my birthday now. Needless to say like every year on my birthday, I take the day off from RS. So do not expect much posting for the next 24-48 hours. 

Hopefully everyone had a good 4th of July!  Kinda weird for me, because I enjoy going to the downtown fireworks. But this year it was canceled. So what we did was drive around town to watch people setting them off.  We got to see some pretty good ones.  We also went and watched the speedway fireworks.  Those were pretty good. We also watched Macy’s 4th of July on TV.


Rickie Traeger: Holy Cow July 4th Events Are Canceled Because Of A Virus…


So here it is Friday morning on July 3rd 2020 at 3:36 am as I write this.

You are probably asking yourself, what is going on in my head at 3:36am.   If not, then you probably are now, LOL.   But back on topic.  I am sitting here and as crazy as it sounds, I just realized how messed up July 4th is going to be this year. You know we think about things, and we don’t really “think” about them until that one time, then it hits us.  And that is what happened. We all have been told that July 4th events have been canceled due to Covid-19. So we were all aware of it, but I guess it kinda went in one ear and out the other.  Until just a few minutes ago…

I just realized my favorite holiday of the year, July 4th is canceled. As is holy cow, there will be nothing going on this year.  Here it is July 3rd and normally every year I am planning and thinking about the parade and laying out on the lawn at Davis Park looking up at the fireworks. Kinda planning out the days events.  But as I sit here this year, instead of planning tomm. events I am just realizing how this years July 4th is going to be like.  We all know that weather plays a role in the events. This year is different. A virus called Covid-19 ruined the plans this year. Who would of ever dreamed a virus would be cancelling July 4th???  My whole lifetime that has never happened…  But yet here we all sit on July 3rd at 3:44 am now 2020, and knowing tomm. July 4th events will not happen.  Crazy…

July 4th is always about celebrating our Freedom. Spending time with our loved ones. Eating good food. Listening to our favorite songs on the radio. Laying out in the sun. Did I mention eating good food, lol. And going downtown to watch the parade. Then going over to Davis Park to listen to the music and laying out on the Davis Park lawn with hundreds of others as we watch the fireworks display. Then the long dreaded traffic jam as we head home.    Now that is July 4th!

What are we going to do this year???


Rickie Traeger: Tomorrow is the Super Bowl, Who are you rooting for?

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl

Who are you rooting for?

I am going to be rooting for the Chiefs.

I like the 49’ers, but there are some friends down south that are huge fans of the Chiefs.

So I am going to support my friends and root for the Chiefs. 

Rickie Traeger: Chicago Auto Show 2020


Chicago Auto Show 2020


Rickie Traeger: Happy Sunday! Just Saying Hi

I was trying to get this posted before midnight, so it would be a Saturday blog. I am late, lol. So it is now Sunday, so Happy Sunday!  

Hopefully everyone is having a fun and safe weekend.  Mine is going good.  All except the snowblower decided not to start. So I had to shovel all that wet and heavy snow by hand. Free exercise I guess, lol.  This is by far one of the better winters I can recall, so a lil shoveling I don’t mind. 

I listen to spotify alot, but lately they been doing a ton of ads on there. It would freeze up and not play at all. So, I decided to go back to the Amazon Prime music.  Looks like Amazon upgraded their music stuff. So I guess I am done with spotify for awhile, and back to Amazon music 🙂 

Got our press credentials to work another worldwide event that is coming up. 
I won’t say much right now. But everything is set in stone now 🙂  Stay tuned! 

So I haven’t played my guitar in awhile.  I think after I write this up, I am going to play it. I am sure I will be rusty, lol.  As they say, if you don’t use it, you lose it lol.  We will see if I still have my guitar skillz.  LOL.   

Speaking of, i am going to pop off here.  I just wanted to say hi to everyone 🙂 



Rickie Traeger: Been a few days since I last posted

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Been a few days since I last posted. Hopefully everyone has been doing good.

I went to an Icehogs game the other night. That was fun. I don’t get into hockey much, but it was still fun. Got to go into the players tunnel and briefly meet them as they went onto the ice. Pretty cool experience. Got to see Jeff too 🙂

Sources sent information on a scene that happened last night in Winnebago. And we waited many hours before posting it, to see if police would release any information on it. They did not, so we posted the information that was provided to us.  People got mad as heck at us for posting it!  I can only post the information that IS provided to me. Plain and simple. Police did not release any information and are encrypted.  So I only had the information that was provided to me at the time, and posted it. Holy cow, tons of first responders got mad as heck at me. Was not my fault the police did not release any information on it, until after we posted it.  We waited and tried to get the info. confirmed before posting it. But as usual it was met with silence. Funny how quickly they responded though, after it was posted. Before it was posted, SILENCE. After it was posted, they were quick to release the information then. Funny how that works…  But the good news is, the people involved are reported to be OK. And RS got even more popular via all the haters, LOL.  As they say, keep on hating cuz all your doing is making RS famous.

I will keep saying it: The best advertisers are always going to be the haters, lol.  They scream loudly and peaks many peoples interest.  The traffic spikes were pretty sweet earlier, thanks to them, LOL.   I think haters are one track minded and don’t realize how much they help, when in their heads they think they are hurting, LOL.  The best free advertisers, are always going to be haters 🙂

Snow is on the way.  Guess we been spoiled long enough. Guess it is time for winter again 🙁  lol.