Rickie Traeger: How To Get WXRX To Play New Hard Rock Music? Or Buy & Setup Our Our Local FM Radio Station


Happy Friday!   Hopefully everyone had a safe and wonderful week. Yup, it is Friday!   Weekend time 🙂     So what does everyone have planned for the weekend?

I was thinking about going fishing this weekend.  I haven’t been fishing in awhile. I have my fishing license and all, but I just haven’t been fishing much this year, lol.

It has been raining steady in our area for awhile. Some well needed rain. But now that means my lawn will be growing again, lol.  I need some exercise anyways, so let it grow so I can mow,lol.

I  have been thinking…

What it would take to buy or setup a local FM broadcast station?   I want new hard rock music to be played in our area.  WXRX, plays the older music. And is the only rock station locally.  I wish I could pick up WJJO, but they are just out of range for me to pickup.  So my only rock station is WXRX.

Soooooooo…   How do we get WXRX to play new hard rock music? Or how do we buy or setup a local fm broadcast station so I can do it myself?


Rickie Traeger: Microsoft Flight Simulator History

Rickie Traeger

 I have owned at one time or another, all the Microsoft Flight Simulator games!  This video brought back sooo many memories!  I think it is amazing how long and how far they have come with the technology as it grows. Hard to believe I have owned and played each and every one, and I still am not a pilot in real life, lol. Even though I can probably start, takeoff, fly, land, taxi  probably better than some of the real world pilots, based on my Simulator hours, LOL.  

I have literally played EVERY DAY since the day it came out, Microsoft Flight Simulator X. I may have missed a few days over the years.

But I play this game religiously on a daily basis.  The game came out in 2006 and it is August 2020 now. 

You tell me how many hours I have played (and still play) daily and how many years I have invested, LOL. 

I thought I was like the #1 fan of the game, considering literally how many years I have invested into the game, lol.

Come to find out there are fans that are even way more into the game than I am 🙂   




Rickie Traeger: July 20th



Good morning everyone!

Hopefully everyone had a safe and cool weekend.   It did get pretty warm after the storms rolled through the area.

I went out and mowed the lawn yesterday.  I figured it be some good exercise to mow the lawn in the heat.  I tell you one thing, it was a hot one, lol.

I been craving watermelon and bbq lately.  I was able to get a few slices of watermelon yesterday!  OMG, delicious!!!   Now to the next goal, some good bbq!  🙂

I spent 3 or 4 hours yesterday scheduling random songs for the FB page. 1 song a day for next few months.  Some local artists, some random songs and some of my favorites. I think people need some positivity in their lives. And what better way then music!  So I scheduled 1 song a day for the next few months. So people can listen to a large variety of music. Maybe give people an opportunity to listen to a genre that they normally wouldn’t. Just giving people the opportunity to listen to music 🙂   If you would like a certain song to be posted, just send me the youtube link to the song and I will schedule it for you.

I wanted to give my condolences to Nick Peterson and his family and friends. And also to Steve Thorne and his family and friends.  May you guys rest up in there in heaven!  🙁




Rickie Traeger: May 23rd 2020 Storm Chase Update


So I finally grabbed my gps and brought it inside and was looking at the data from the storm chase on May 23rd 2020.

Just a quick recap:  On May 23rd 2020 severe weather hit our area. It produced a few tornadoes.  The one cell I had chased from SW of Winnebago until up near Rockton. The cell was pretty intense but it couldn’t make up its mind if it wanted to drop or not. At one point, it did look like the funnel touched the ground. But i was not able to confirm it due to it becoming rain wrapped.

I was told about a cell south of me that produced a tornado and the initial reports to me were saying a large tornado on the ground with debris.

So I had to make a quick decision.  Keep following this cell near Rockton or chase the one with reports of a large tornado on the ground. So, I made a mistake and chose to go after the reports of the large tornado on the ground near Chana that was going to be heading into Winnebago County. From the reports that were being told to me, it sounded like that would have been the better cell at that moment. So I went to go chase the Chana cell.  Big mistake…………………………

Shortly after I stopped chasing the rotating wall cloud near Rockton/South Beloit area, it ended up dropping a tornado!

Talk about a kick to the nuts, LOL.  I had chased that cell for awhile, then it finally produced just a short time after I had left it.   🙁

That cell to the South I went to chase, ended up being a huge bust when I got to it. Nothing but heavy heavy heavy rain!   Couldn’t see anything at all.


So, back on topic now. I pulled up the data from my GPS  and was looking at the data.  Yes, I am a few days late, LOL.   It is pretty interesting to see the data from the storm chase. I am going to see if I can upload it here somehow or if I have to manually input it. If I have to manually input the data into my website, it might take a little more longer. I should know here in a second….

K, well scratch that. I guess it is going to be a few. Because I can’t export it to here. So it appears I will be doing it manually 🙁  LOL

Dang, i was hoping it would do it automatically, lol.   Maybe I should of held off on posting this, until I can upload the data, LOL.

On side note though, my friend Kelly was able to film the Chana tornado. She was chasing that cell and was able to film it!
Congrats Kelly and Erik!

Also the NWS said the Chana tornado was an EF-1 tornado. I am not sure on the rating of the other tornadoes in the area.

I was told there were 7 tornadoes overall, I just read on the NWS site.




Rickie Traeger: May 23rd 2020 Storm Chase

  • Rickie 

May 23rd 2020 Storm Chase

The NWS predicted some severe weather was possible for our area later in the day. I honestly did not think much of it.
Because the last time I looked at the models, it did not impress me much.
So I did not think much was going to happen in our area.  I guess I was wrong………..

Bill (KC9OJP)  started up a Winnebago County SKYWARN activation net.

(Listen to the audio below!)

I might write up a detailed article about this chase, so look forward to that later on sometime.

Below are several videos and photos.  Wish I could recover my content from my cell phone.
My cell phone got soaked and ended up being fried. So I lost all my photos and videos from the storm.
I was able to recover some, but not the good footage 🙁

Watch the videos in HD if possible

Winnebago County SKYWARN activation net audio

Rickie Traeger: Sunday May 17th Blog

Rickie Traeger


Hopefully everyone has had a safe and wonderful weekend!  

Not to much going on over my way.  I got my fishing license the other day. 🙂

Went fishing I think on Friday for a few.  Was hoping to go more this weekend, but it has been raining.
Supposed to rain for a few more days then warm up to almost mid to upper 80’s. I will believe when I see it, LOL.

I sure hope it does, be some good fishing 🙂

We went to the following location (photo above)  It was very beautiful there. Trees were blooming, sun was setting. Scenery was just gorgeous!

Saw some turkey, birds, a beaver dam, etc…


Rickie Traeger: Friday May 15th 2020 Blog

Rickie Traeger



Good morning everyone.   It is now officially Friday!   Friday Night Fun Net is tonight 🙂  146.610 or 147.195

I am kicking back and I am watching the original Ghostbusters movie.

It is good to finally see warmer temps!

I cleaned out my tarantula cage earlier today. She now has 3 dozen crickets. So she is going to be well fed. I like to keep her well fed so she is not aggressive.  She is very skittish, but usually when shes well fed she does not move much.  She has made a new web in the terrarium. Up in the front left of the cage.  It took her awhile before she built another web. But when she did, she put it up fast.  I been tossing around the idea of selling her. There are a few people that are interested in buying her. But I don’t know if I can part with her, lol  I should post an updated photo of her soon, so you  can see how much she has grown!

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend!


Rickie Traeger: A Lot of United Airline Aircraft At The Rockford Airport (KRFD) (RFD)

Rickie Traeger

Recently several United Airline aircraft have been flying into the Rockford Airport (KRFD)  and staying.  

I was told they are here to be parked, since things are slow, since the Covid-19 pandemic.  And while they are here, they are being maintained at the AAR.

I went out by the airport earlier today, and saw EMBRAER EMB-550 Legacy 500 geting ready to take off on runway 1/19.  And the saw all the United Airline aircraft parked on the AAR ramp. And I also noticed they had runway 7/25 closed down. I did not see why. I just saw the X on the runway and several workers out on the field. If you get the chance, go out there and check it out. Probably a once in a lifetime thing.  🙂

Rickie Traeger: Cooler And Starlink-3

Rickie Traeger



Wow what a difference in temps in the last 24 hours.  Was beautiful out there yesterday, mid 70’s I think it was. Today, windy and way cooler. I think around 50 today.  Now with that being said, sure beats winter time!  I went and mowed the yard and got that done.  Did some activities with the family. And watched the Starlink-3 overhead last night. So that was really cool to see!  I heard there is a meteor shower from Haley’s Comet ongoing and will be peaking either tonight or tomm.  While out watching the Starlink-3 last night, I thought I saw a meteor to my North. But it was pretty quick, so I cant say 100% and say it was. But I am pretty confident (95%) it was.  Alright I am going to pop off here. Everyone please stay at home (I think its to the 31st now) and stay safe!


Rickie Traeger: FT-450D Dial/Faceplate Issue & Warmer Weather

Rickie Traeger

Good morning everyone!  Hopefully everyone was able to go outside and enjoy some nice weather yesterday!  NWS said it got to 73 degrees.  I don’t know itif it actually got that high or not. It definitely felt nice though!  I was thinking it was lower 60’s, because it wasnt to hot or too cold.  Either way, it was pretty darn nice outside overall. Then some storms rolled through. I forgot to do some time lapse, grrrrrr.   This morning it is still raining out.  

I went and checked out my antennas and stuff while I was outside.  My coax is getting weather torn on my HF.  Soooooo I don’t know how much longer I have before I will have to replace it.  Speaking of ham radio. My FT-450D had an issue. When I go to turn the freq dial, it would skip around. So I asked some local hams if they had any ideas on how to fix it. They said take the faceplate off and tighten the dial down. Because it probably gotten loose.  Sooooooooooooooooo………….   I took the radio apart, then got to the faceplate and holy cow talk about frustrating! There was a tiny tiny tiny screw on the dial. I am talking probably the smallest screw ever I swear.  They had hidden it under the rubber of the dial. SMFH…..   So I finally get it off, thanks to William for lending me the tool to do it.  But guess what, lol.   Yeah, more issues!   So, I set it off to the side for a bit, so I can take a breather and try to evaluate the situation.    This FT-450D is all taken apart right now. It is a good radio overall, but holy cow a pain to work on!!!   I am to the point of probably just selling it off, instead of messing with it.  I dunno yet.  I am on the fence cuz it is a good radio. But very frustrating to mess with, lol.