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Not to much going on here. Just trying to enjoy life!

My good friend Chad and his GF is going to be having their baby tomorrow.  I am excited for them!  They are going to be having a boy.  Awesomness!

I am sitting here waiting for the race at Bristol to happen. And it was postponed until Monday at noon.  GRRRR, I was super excited to watch some Bristol racing.

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Happy Easter, Illinois Roads Suck, Gas Pump Bank Hold



I want to first start off by wishing everyone a Happy Easter. A few days late, but better late than never LOL.  I hope everyone had a good and safe Easter. Hope everyone had a great Easter!

I took a road trip over the weekend. I took a good friend of mine to go see his dad, before he passes away. He was able to see his dad again. He also got to see his family and a son he hasn’t seen in years.  I am happy my friend was able to see his dad.  Because he texted me earlier tonight and said his dad was not expected to make it through tonight. So I am happy we made it and he was to able to see him again.

I been telling people for awhile now, that if you pay at the pump with a credit/debit card when you get gas, the bank charges you extra.  And below is proof. We stopped at a gas station, and this was posted on the pump. I been telling people for a long time, to walk that extra 30 feet and go inside and pay for your gas inside. So you avoid all this BS. For all of you who did not believe me, here is the proof.

gas pump bank hold

Gas Pump Bank Hold

I can tell you one thing, Illinois has the worst roads ever!  And I am saying this nicely!!!  OMFG, The roads in Illinois are terrible!  Why do they tax the citizens to fix the roadways, but do not fix them?  I mean seriously, they taxed the citizens a lot to fix the roads, then the roads are not even fixed. Or even close to it!!!   I was spoiled driving on the roadways outside of Illinois.  They were soooooo smooth.  I did notice one thing, you get to the Springfield area, the roads were nice. Then pass Springfield, and the roads turn bad again.  And all the roads outside of Illinois, literally as soon as you leave Illinois, are smooth.


Latest Fishing Trip, Stormy Pleasures, Senator Dave Syverson Statement


Man I have been enjoying the warm weather!  It is about time the warm weather is back. Now watch it fly by, it usually does lol.  I went fishing last night at the Rockton Dam. I did not even get one bite 🙁   I was there awhile too.  I take that back, I did have one bite. That was it. I wasn’t able to land it. One of these days my luck will change and I will catch a fish, LOL.


I logged onto FB and on the wall I saw an interesting post by Senator Dave Syverson.  He said this well!  At what point do you say there is a trust issue with those in power……..

This is what he (Senator Dave Syverson) posted:
“I thought I would share this. It is from Senator Dave Syverson
The same people pushing the $65 million hotel project downtown are the ones that said if we spend an extra $20 million on the Morgan Street bridge it will spur “unprecedented” economic growth on both sides of the bridge. These are the same people that said if we spend $8 million on the Riverwalk it will bring thousands of tourists annually to Rockford. These are are people that said there was a huge need to build the RMTD transfer station on Lyford rd. These are same people that promised no risk to taxpayers for Wanxaing Solar, Garrison school project, 7th St Lofts. Yes the same people that said Davis Park would be the next Ravinia.
At what point do you stays there is a trust issue with promises being made by “these” people. Those making the decision tonight will not even be in office in two weeks yet taxpayers will be paying this for the next 20 years.” 

Well said indeed! 

I had a pleasant surprise today!  It stormed this afternoon. It even hailed a bit. Just small hail. We even had a severe thunderstorm watch out until 9pm.  Nothing really happened after that first cell came through about 3:30 pm.  My buddy Charles Russell who owns “Stormy Pleasures” had some good action up his way tonight. Sounded like he had a tornado touch down near him. Last I heard he posted a photo of some tornado damage and said a lot of big trees were down.  Be sure to check out his website for the full details.

UPDATE: Video of the tornado damage up his way. Check it out on Charles Youtube

Airplane Spotting At The Rockford Airport On April 6th 2017 (Long Photography Blog)

I took a trip out to the Rockford Airport (KRFD) earlier today to see what aircraft were on the ramp and in the skies. I got to see some neat aircraft today!  Below are a lot of the variety of aircraft I saw today. And I got to see a real treat today, more about that at the bottom of this blog 🙂 

NOTE: Going to be a longer blog, Thanks for being patient and reading through it all.

Just a quirky side note: It was a windy day, I lost my cowboy hat a few times, LOL.

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When we first arrived we saw a FAA aircraft on the Emery Air ramp.  The tail number to it was N41 that is registered to the FAA. It is registered as a Piper Navajo. That was closest aircraft to the fence when we arrived.  Pretty cool to see a FAA aircraft.

FAA N41 Aircraft at KRFD Rockford Airport April 2017 Aircraft Photographer

FAA Aircraft With The Tail Number Of N41 At KRFD on April 6th 2017

Head On View of the FAA N41 Aircraft on Emery Ramp At Rockford Airport (KRFD)

Head On View of the FAA N41 Aircraft on Emery Ramp At Rockford Airport (KRFD)


There was another aircraft that caught my attention right away. It had no tail number on it. So I assume it probably was another FAA aircraft since it had no tail number. I think it was a Piper Aztec, but not sure. Below is the photo. Maybe you can tell what it is and who it belongs too?

Possible FAA Aztec Aircraft at KRFD Rockford Airport

Unknown Tail # at Rockford Airport (KRFD)


Behind that aircraft sat a BEAUTIFUL Cessna Caravan with the tail number of N94MT. It was facing the terminal, so I was not able to get a decent photo of it besides the one that is posted below. I fly this aircraft type a lot in my flight simulator game (FSX)  so I know it really well. One of my favorite GA aircraft!

n9mt cessna caravan at rockford airport

Cessna Caravan N94MT

Another aircraft that was sitting on the Emery Air ramp was a CRJ-200 that the livery on it said it was an American Eagle. I looked up the registration on it, the tail number was N454AW and that is registered to Air Wisconsin.  So I do not know what was up with that. Air Wisconsin registered it in Feb 2017. So it might be here for repair and a paint job.

crj 200 N454aw airplane aircraft rockford krfd air wisconsin american eagle

N454AW thats is registered to Air Wisconsin, bt has an American Eagle livery on it


We had an  Embraer Phenom 300 with a tail number of N314FL do a fly over while we were photographing.  Was nice to see. It caught me off guard since not many aircraft fly over that area. I did not have my camera ready, so my photo of it is not the best.

Embraer Phenom 300 N314FL doing flyover at Rockford Airport KRFD

N314FL doing a flyover at the Rockford Airport


There was an unknown aircraft that was sitting on the ramp of the new AAR.   It was too far away from me to see any details on it.  I am sure many of you will be able to tell the type of aircraft by the body, engines and wing tips.  🙂

The best part is still yet to come!   I want to thank you for sticking around and still reading. Much appreciated!

I noticed the Rockford Airport fire department on the move. So I knew something was probably coming in. So I made a quick glance to the sky.

rockford airport fire department

Rockford Airport Fire Department E3

allegiant alligiant rockford airport rfd krfd

Allegiant Air Landing in Rockford

I saw something with landing lights off in the distance and coming into to land on Runway 1/19. It was the Allegiant N215NV that was coming in from FT Myers. It made a smooth landing and taxied in.

Notice something in the background in the sky?  Yup, just to the right of the nose of the Allegiant, above the AAR building.  You can not really make it out much in this photo, but you are about to see the best thing of this trip.

t38 t-38 aircraft airplane rockford airport af 67 ra 953

T-38 Talon US Air Force AF 67, RA 953.

A US Air Force T-38 with the tail of AF67 RA 953 landed on runway 1/19 just behind the Allegiant Air.  I was pleasantly shocked to see it. A lot of military aircraft frequent the airport. It taxied onto the Emery Air ramp just in front of us. I took some video on my camera I will upload to here when I get a chance.  There was 2 pilots. They taxied in and parked and were met by some crew members from the airport.

T-38 US Air Force

The wind was nuts and blowing my hat off a few times, so I decided we should head out.  It was a good day to plane spot at the Rockford Airport.  I was very lucky to see the variety of aircraft I did today.  Definitely was a good plane spotting experience. Usually I see 1 maybe 2 aircraft when I go plane spotting recently. So this many aircraft and variety, it made up for all those slow days i went plane spotting and didn’t see much lol.


Walking Dead Finale Thoughts

So tonight was the Walking Dead season finale. As many of you know, I watch the show religiously. I am a huge fan of the Walking Dead. I have never missed an episode. Tonight was the season 7 season finale. I had no idea what to really expect since last season they left us with a big cliffhanger.

I kind of had a feeling Sasha was going to die. They were showing her alot recently.  So I knew she was going to have a big role in the season finale. I just did not know just how big of a role. She did well playing that character. I liked her a lot too.  That is one thing about the show, they do not always go by the comics and you just never know who may die or what may happen. Her choosing the way she did, was neat. Pretty cool actually!  Was priceless when Neegan opened up the coffin. Sasha was a zombie!!!

I was so mad when that chick shot Rick!  I freaking hate that clan. I hope Rick gets his revenge next season on her and her clan.  She also said she wanted to lay with Rick, I think she was trying to get into Michonne’s head.

I thought for sure Carl was dead!  He was just bout to die when the Tiger (Shiva)  came out of nowhere. Now that was badass!  Call me crazy, but I enjoy that tiger! I am a huge animal lover.  🙂    Last year when I met Carl in real life, he was a jerk. Stuck up. So I was really hoping Neegan would kill off Carl, lol. But he is still alive for next season.

I am kinda being brief, because I don’t want to spoil it for some that have yet to watch the finale. I know several of my friends who watch the show, and read my site. So I guess I should say I am sorry lol. But I did label the title, so you can’t be to mad.

But back on the show,  I was expecting a cliffhanger like last season.  I was disappointed they didn’t, but at the same time I was happy. Because now i won’t be asking myself for the next several months, whats going to happen lol.  I did watch the Talking Dead, and they said the first 4 episodes of next season will be intense.

I will now shut up, hopefully I didn’t spoil it to much for ya. I was trying to be brief and not in detail. I will write an in depth review in a few days after I know my friends have watched it.



April 2nd 2017 Blog for Rickie Traeger

Yesterday was April 1st, which everyone knows is April Fools Day.  I noticed not a lot of people did pranks. Which is weird, because in the past many people used to all the time.  I did notice the Beloit PD did an April Fools Day joke post, and several people got their panties in a bunch. So the Beloit PD made a post and basically apologized.  People are way to politically correct these days. SMFH!  Relax and loosen up and have some fun.  April Fools Day was supposed to be a fun day, not a politically correct day lol.

I was able to finally fix an issue I had on my Rockford Scanner website. I was not able to fix the issue for some time. Now it is fixed!  I was soooo excited when I was able to fix it.

Speaking of Rockford Scanner, Holy cow!  This weekend has been crazy insane for violence in the area. Tons of shots fired calls. Last time I checked around 30 reported shots fired calls. Those are just the ones that were reported!  I can only imagine how many reports went unreported.  If this is a taste of what warm weather brings, this summer is going to be crazy!  And not a good crazy 🙁     Hopefully they decrypt the airwaves so the citizens can hear what is going on and can assist in capturing these suspects.  If they don’t, people will still be in the dark and the violence will only escalate……………..

I haven’t popped on my HF radio all week. Actually like 2 weeks now I think.  Solar flares been crazy here recently and heard the radio bands are poor, so I havent even tried making any contacts recently.  I was looking at the solar chart, it is almost off the chart!  Speaking of, I saw on QRZ someone actually took a photo here on Earth with their camera (Just a regular camera)  and was able to capture the solar spots! That was a very cool photo.  I will see if I can find that photo real quick and post it below. Edit:  I looked and now I can’t find it. Go figure, LOL.

Today is the race at Martinsville!   Going to be a good race.  Hopefully the Stewart-Haas racing team does well!!!   Hopefully Danica Patrick wins. I am soooo looking forward to her winning her first race.  Hopefully today is the day.

Well I am going to pop off of here. Hopefully everyone had a good weekend and was able to get out and enjoy the weather yesterday. Supposed to rain all day today again from what I heard. Hopefully it doesn’t.  We had over 2 inches of rain the other day.  Speaking of weather, warm weather is coming back!  I am super excited.  Everyone kick back and enjoy the warmth. Becauses its back 🙂

Quick Blog For Tuesday March 28th 2017

So I been slacking a bit lately.  I can’t say “Slacking” per say LOL.   I been wanting to redesign my Rockford Scanner website to make it more responsive and faster.  I was hoping to get it done over the weekend. That did not exactly happen.  But what I have been doing, is researching online and viewing examples of stuff to do. I want to be sure I get it right this time.  I was thinking about starting it from scratch again.  Fresh start. I dunno.  I have came across many awesome ideas and features and would love to do on RS.  So i been researching a lot recently and hoping to redesign RS website soon. I do not want to set a date, because I been enjoying researching. I have learned a lot in the last few days!

I am going to make this a quick blog and just say that for now 🙂

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather these days!

Oh, before I pop off here I want to send out my condolences to the three storm chasers that passed away earlier today in an accident in Texas. I was watching the feed video, and Kelley Williamson says something to the effect of he sees someone else with a video feed just to his north. Then a short time later he hits the accelerator and runs the stop sign and crashes into another storm chaser. Sounds like the same one who had the other live feed. I have watched Kelley for a long time now. Good man. But they have ran many, many stop signs over the years. It was just a matter of time before they crashed. And this time, all 3 victims passed away.  My condolences to the victims and their family and friends.  Such a tragedy!!!  3 great people gone ;(   They passed away doing what they enjoyed most, chasing tornadoes. May you 3 rest in peace.

March 25 blog in reference to fishing, my dad, crazy weather, Rockford scanner, etc.

Hopefully everybody was able to get out and enjoy yesterday. I heard it hit 80° which is awesome! I was able to get out and try to get some fishing done but the wind was very bad. So needless to say I did not have much luck. This weekend it’s supposed to rain a lot. I was just outside and it is very cold and very wet.

I plan on redoing the Rockford scanner website a bit this weekend. I might redesign it or I just might add content. I have not made up my mind on which route I want to take. I want to make it more user-friendly for everybody. Hopefully I can get that done this weekend or very soon. Among to do a lot of research before I do and figure out what’s the best way for everybody to use the website before I start making any changes.

March 20 was my dad’s birthday he would’ve been 58. I miss him a lot and it is hard to believe he’s been gone that long. August 2014. Gone but never forgotten. A lot of good memories he taught me many things in his legacy lives on with me and my brother. I went fishing on his birthday in memory of him. He used to take me fishing all the time when I was younger. I know he’s up in heaven looking down on us fishing for the big ones with my uncle again. I can just imagine just how big the fish are up there, LOL. I love you dad forever and beyond!

I was able to find some new fishing spots to fish this year. I am really looking forward to fishing a lot this year. I only catch and release. I want the fish I catch, I want my daughters to catch when they get older. So I always catch and release. I do it for the sport and the relaxation. Many great fishing areas in the area, I just have to wait a little bit for the water temperatures to rise before the fish really become active. Heck you never know I might turn my website into a fishing blog, LOL.

I have a lot of research to do ahead of me in reference to redoing my Rockford scanner website. I guess I should pop off of here. I hope everybody enjoys there weekend.

R.I.P. W9GD, Nascar, Stars & Universe, Todays Generalized Blog

I am using this voice to text Dragon software so I apologize ahead of time if there are any errors below. I purchased this Dragon software so I can just talk and do my blogs while I multitask and do other things. So hopefully it was well worth the money. We will find out shortly.

Not a whole lot has been going on here just kicking back and relaxing in trying to enjoy life as much as possible. A local ham radio operator W9GD Gene, passed away a few days back and it really opens up your eyes again just how much we take life for granted. I was able to talk to him when I first got my ham radio license he was one of my first contacts. I enjoyed listening to him on the local nets. His DX reports were great. I had many ragchews with him since I have been licensed. He was a very smart man indeed. Jimmy last night on the fun net attributed the net to him. I was able to hear many great stories about him from others. W9GD may you rest in peace and fly high with the angels above.

I’ve been waiting for it to warm up a bit. We were pretty spoiled over the winter time. It is not too bad outside just windy and cold. I so cannot wait for it to be in the 80s and 90s again. I was talking to somebody on the ham radio the other day and they were down in Florida and they were complaining that it was 80° outside. All I could do was shake my head and laugh. What I would give to have that kind of weather again. We did have snow the other day but it did not last too long. My daughter went outside and played in the backyard in the snow and made some snow angels. The snow was the fluffy kind so it did not pack enough to make a snowman. We were hoping to build a snowman. Hopefully the snow stays away now and the temperatures rise.

Hopefully everybody change their batteries in their CO detectors and smoke alarms when they set the clocks ahead last weekend. This new time change is taking a little bit to get use to. I do enjoy a getting darker later at night now. But at the same time I enjoy looking at the stars so it takes an hour away from that. Won’t be too much longer before I’m able to lay down in the backyard for many hours on end and just stare at the stars. I so cannot wait for it to warm up. Laying down and looking up at the stars is one of the most peaceful things you could ever do . It is so relaxing and peaceful and beautiful. You realize we are just a little speck in this humongous universe. Who knows what lies out in the stars and beyond.

I have been wanting to watch a Chicago Cubs game since baseball has started back up again. But I have yet to do so. I believe it is only spring training right now or preseason so things really wouldn’t matter anyways. But it sure would be nice to watch a Cubs game again. I went to go watch one yesterday by the time I realize it was on it was already in the eighth inning. The Cubs were up 7 to 2. I do not know what the final score was. Hopefully they play today and I’m able to watch one of the games if not today then sometime soon.

I have been watching NASCAR a lot this season. I missed many races last year. I have only missed Atlanta this year. I am on the fence about their new system. I like it but then again I don’t. It kinda makes things interesting during the race and makes the drivers race a little harder. Used to be they would race the full race and whoever got the checkered flag at the end won. Now they have these sessions divided up so dear in the race after so many laps whoever is leading wins the points for that session. It makes the drivers battle a little bit more and make the race more interesting. I don’t like it because it’s something new and I have to get used to it but I cannot complain.

I’m going to in this blog for today for now. I have not proofread anything above so I do apologize ahead of time if there are any errors because I’m using this new Dragon software. I hope everybody has a wonderful day and enjoys their weekend

Nascar Fight, Walking Dead, Winter


Watched Nascar earlier today, was a pretty good race. A hell of a finish. I hate Joey Lagono but I think Kyle Busch was in the wrong on this one.  Long story short, Keslowski was having issues on the last lap and Busch and Lagono were racing to the finish.  Busch came up fast on Keslowski and went down into Lagono, instead of slowing down.  They went into the corner and they were both going to fast. Lagono got loose and went up into Busch and spun him.  busch got out and went ot the Lagonos pits and started throwing punches.  They did an interview with Lagono afterwards, and as usual Lagono was being a di*k as usual and said “none to me” when asked about the fight. Trolling Busch.  Yes, Busch was wrong for fighting, but was awesome to watch lol.  I think with Lagono response, Busch will definitely have it out for him in the future.


Watched the Walking Dead.  I can’t believe Morgan killed someone. It is about time. Understandable it was to avenge Benjamins death.  I can’t wait for em to all fight against the saviors. The saviors are some bad people and killed off many good people this season.  I wish there was more zombie stuff this season, so it been pretty boring overall. I hate saying that, because I watch the Walking Dead religiously. But this season been slow and kinda boring overall. There is only 3 episodes left this season, so hopefully these last 3 episodes will be more action.  I think with Carol back with the king now, things are about to change and they will fight with everyone and take out the saviors!  I think as popular as the saviors are, I think they won’t wipe them out completely and will return next season.  Be interesting to see what happens these last 3 episodes.

We are getting snow as I type this. Been a pretty nice winter overall. Warm and hardly any snow. I think this is going to be the last snowfall of the season. I think mother nature wanted to remind us that it is still technically winter lol. They are calling for 4-7 inches. As of right now of typing this, it has barely covered the ground. Maybe an inch or so. I am hoping there will be enough to build another snowman and take my kids sledding. I was looking at the forecast and it is going to warm up soon. So this snow will not be around for long.