Quick Blog, Not A Lot Going On

I figured it would be a good time to update my blog. I gotten several emails from fans asking how I been. So it is time to update the blog.

Much appreciated to those who follow my blog and are fans.

I been getting back into my daily exersize routine of an 8 mile bike ride a day. The weather has finally warmed up. The days are growing longer, especially after tonight. More and more time enjoying natures beauty.

I been working on the website little by little. I been doing it on my free time. So who knows when I will finish it to my liking.  I get emails from website developers saying pay me and I can make it better. Who says I want it any other way?  I am making it to my liking and to my ease and how quickly I can write up content to get it to the fans as quickly as possible.

I am finally catching up on the Lord Of The Rings movies. I am currently watching the 2nd movie as I type this. Yes I know, I am slacking lol. These great movies and here I am just now catching up on them.  I do not watch tv or movies these days.

Thought I would do a quick blog. Sitting here waiting for the warm temps to come back.  We had warm temps the other day, then now it was lows in single digits. They called for 6 inches of snow, and we  literally got an inch. I was hoping we would get that snow in a way, to take the kids sledding. But it didnt happen.  Now I hope that, that was the last snowfall of the season. Wont be too much longer before spring.

March 20th is the first day of spring. Also my dads birthday.  I miss him sooooo much.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not think or talk about my dad.

Not a lot has happened with me since  I last blogged.  I  normally do not do those FB quizzes but I saw one on my brothers wall and decided to do one. Then I ended up doing like 20 of them the other night. It is funny how such a little thing, brings a lot of entertainment to a person lol. I actually enjoyed doing those. I spent like 2 hours doing the quizzes.  That is not normal for me. I usually hate those things, but I actually enjoyed doing em lol.

Bout to game



I am bout to play Silent Hunter 5: Battle Of The Atlantic.   Man it has been a looooong time since I last played this game. I spent many many hours on this game back in the day.  I hope it works on my PC, lol.  I am excited to play this game.  One of the best submarine games out there.

I been playing IRacing a lot recently.  I finally upgraded my license.  Took me a few days.

I haven’t had chance to game in awhile, so its kinda nice to kick back and about to game for a bit

Dick Gregory on Malcolm X’s assassination ~ “One who has a voice and speaks the truth becomes a target of many. And it is sad to see, but it is the true reality. “

Dick Gregory on Malcolm X’s assassination

Must Watch, Very Powerful and TRUE!

One who has a voice and speaks the truth becomes a target of many.  And it is sad to see, but it is the true reality. ” 

Quick blog


I been working on my websites tonight.  been doing some long overdue maintenance and adding content. I figured i would take a break and blog for a few minutes.  I been slacking on website stuff and figured it was best to get it done. I still have a ton to do so it isn’t like I am going to get it all done tonight. But I hope to at least make a dent.

I want to send out my condolences to Tim and his family.  Please pray for them. I will not go into details, for privacy reasons. But just keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers right now.

I am looking forward to the warm weather tomm.  but there is supposed to be 30-40 mph steady winds with gusts up to 60 mph.  So I think that will defeat the whole “warmth” thing. I hear the wind outside kicking as we speak. I wonder how the aircraft are landing out at the airport? If they are coming straight in or cross winds?  I know they been working on the runways recently, so they may not have a choice. I was out there recently and they are building those buildings fast! That is good to see, because the quicker they go up the quicker the bigger planes come 😛

Well i am going to pop off the blog here and get back to doing some website stuff.

Traeger Coat of Arms / Traeger Family Crest



Traeger Coat of Arms / Traeger Family Crest

MOTTO: To Preserve A Steady Mind

This surname of TRAEGER was a German and Ashkenazic Jewish occupational name for someone who carried a load, a pedlar or porter. The name was originally derived from the German word TRAGER (to carry). The name has numerous variant spellings which include DRAGHI, TREGER, TRAGE, TREGERMAN, DRAGER and DREGER.

Many of the modern family names throughout Europe reflect the profession or occupation of their forbears in the Middle Ages and derive from the position held by their ancestors in the village, noble household or religious community in which they lived and worked. The addition of their profession to their birth name made it easier to identify individual tradesmen and craftsmen. As generations passed and families moved around, so the original identifying names developed into the corrupted but simpler versions that we recognize today.

A notable member of this name was GIOVANNI BATTISTA DRAGHI, (l7th century) Italian musician at the court of King Charles II in London. He wrote instrumental interludes for Shadwell’s PSYCHE (l674) and was organist to Queen Catherine of Braganza (l677). He took part in the celebrated organ-building competition between Renatus Harris and Bernard Smith (l674). The first hereditary surnames on German soil are found in the second half of the 12th century, slightly later than in England and France. However, it was not until the 16th century that they became stabilized.

The practice of adopting hereditary surnames began in the southern areas of Germany, and gradually spread northwards during the Middle Ages. Because of the close relationship between the English and German languages, some Germans are able to transform their names to the English form just by dropping a single letter. Many Germans have re-spelt their names in America. After the start of the first World War, Germans in great numbers Anglicized their names in an effort to remove all doubt as to their patriotism.

Afterwards some changed back, and then during World War II the problem became acute once more, and the changing started all over again, although not with as much intensity. Many immigrants from Germany settled in Pennsylvania

Credit: 4crests.com

My best HF contact yet



Last night I was messing around on my HF radio approximately two or 3 o’clock in the morning and I was able to get one of my best contacts yet. I was able to contact Michael Lopez the astronaut who spent 215 days and outer space. Needless to say I am very very very happy!

Updated blog

I been on the radio a bit lately.  I was able to work the FBI on 20 meters. That was pretty fun.  Their call sign was K3FBI.  I was searching the band and came across them calling out their call sign. I was like wow thats a pretty interesting call sign. Sure enough it was the FBI Amateur Radio.  I was able to break the pile up on my 2nd try.  Then listened to them for awhile afterwards. Pretty cool listening to them.

I had 19 check ins last night.  It went pretty good.  A lot of great people!   THANK YOU

I am currently listening to Coast to Coast AM.   They are talking about the “Weird hum” phenomenon. There was a caller that made a good point. He asked if it could be caused from the very large underground tunnel machinery.  I never thought of that theory until he said it. And now I am kind of leaning towards that. I was thinking it was probably the military with the communications with deep sea submarines.  Which I still believe.  But now I am kind of wondering if it is the machinery too.  Maybe one day they will find the cause of that.

I am about to watch the launch of the Delta IV rocket on the internet in a few hours.  As many of you know, I love space, NASA, astronomy, etc…  I am glad the internet we are able to watch live launches.   Very neat and educational things. NASA is awesome.

Speaking of space,  that dictator from N Korea is nuts.  He launched a rocket into space and lost control of it. So now there is a rocket tumbling who knows where in space!  hopefully it will not knock out things in space.  SMH………..

I am excited about this weekend!   NASCAR, WALKING DEAD, Valentines Day! 




You know what is funny.   People watching tv and see commercials and do not complain.  People listening to the radio and here commercials and do not complain.   People on the internet visiting sites, and see ads all over and do not complain.  But yet as soon as they go to Rockford Scanner and see a few ads, it is like the end of the world……..

Click blog for today

Just a quick blog keep everyone up to date. Not a whole lot is changed since the last time I blogged. Been enjoying the nice warm winter weather. They’re talking about a winter storm coming approximately Tuesday of next week. That is actually on groundhogs day be too much longer before spring time thank God.

That was sick for a bit with the flu or something like that. Then everybody else around me got it. So that was not a pleasant experience. Everyone around me is starting to feel better now. But it sucked there for a while.

I reset my phone and in doing so I lost all my contacts. I thought I had saved my contacts but come to find out it must not have worked. So now all my contacts are gone. So when people contact me I always have to ask who it is, LOL.