Photos and Blog about my hike out at Rock Cut State Park The Other Day

The other day I went for a hike out at Rock State Park.

We parked over on Hart Rd. and then took the first path heading south. I do not know why they have taken out several trees in the area. I forgot to take photos of this area .

We walked a little ways and came across three people on horses. Beautiful horses. I wanted to take a photo of the horses, but I did not want to spook them. The crossed over a small stream and came across a large field. It is pretty to see all the vegetation starting to grow back.

Large field on the path

The path we walked, before headed into the woods

Continued on the path a little ways and then turned east. We went into the woods a little ways, and came across another large opening. There is a path headed east and another path headed south. The path on the east kept us in the field along the woods. The path to the South headed into the woods. As you know, I love the woods. So guess which way I took. Yes, into the woods we went.

Large field, after the first woods. The wooded area we then walked into, on the right

The path to walk along the woods, we took the other path going into the woods.

We took several small trails that varied in elevation. It was a nice workout. My friend was not so happy about it, lol. but it was pretty scenery. I pretty much know the whole area like the back of my hand. Came across an old hunters area (Hay bales).  Looked like a prime area for hunting, if you were a hunter.


Hunters bay hale stand in the middle of the woods

Anyone know what type of mushroom this is?

What type of mushrooms are these?

Came back out on a large horse trail. I knew exactly where I was in the path I wanted to take. Headed south and back West . It was to be several miles, the complete hike.

The horse trail

Followed the trail until we came across the bike path, to the south. My friend was very happy we were walking on a paved surface. LOL.

The paved bike path at Rock Cut State Park

We walked the bike path a little ways headed back east bound. There was not many people out there at the time. So it was peaceful and quiet and nature at its best.

We stopped at the nearby bridge and admired the scenery and the one duck that was swimming in the creek.

Duck swimming in the creek

The creek at Rock Cut State Park

We decided to walk up the path near the witch’s house. I think people called it the witch’s house to scare people. And actually used to be a Girl Scout house that burned down many years ago. It is deep in the woods, off on a small trail. If you did not know it was there, you would miss it.

We proceeded along the bike path came across several trees that people tagged. Pretty interesting to see all the names that were tagged on the tree.

I always stop and take a photo of this one area of the creek, not to far from the dam area. I have always admired this scenery.

My spot I love to photograph, of the creek

My spot I love to photograph, of the creek

We finally made it up to the dam area. She took a rest and I went up to the lake to take some photos. They have a weather station located on the island. I snapped a few photos of the weather station, the dam, the USA flag and the lake. The wind was kicking and it was kind of cold out.

Rock Cut State Park, Looking down from the top

Rock Cut State Park road that goes over the lake/dam

Rock Cut State Park Weather Station On the Island

Closer photo of the weather station on the island

The beautiful Red, White and Blue USA flag flying in the windy conditions. Also the Illinois flag underneath it.

Photo of Pierce Lake. Looking SE

I was able to capture this bird eating a worm. While we were walking along the path around the lake.

What a capture! I was lucky enough to capture this moment. I call it “Early bird gets the worm”

I decided to take the trail along the lake. That lead to a dock. We briefly rested at the dock. Very peaceful yet kinda cold being out on the lake with the wind.

We then proceeded along the path along the lake and came across a few interesting things. One was a big dead musky (Sad to see) . The other was somebody tagging 420 on the path. Whoever tagged the path tagged it multiple times I took photos of each tag, because I thought it was quite hilarious.

Someone marked “420” on the path, lol

Sad, dead musky

Another 420 on the path along the lake

We went back up to the roadway and headed towards Hart Road.  The roads inside the park are starting to become bad with a lot of potholes.

Rock Cut State Park road. Filled with potholes 🙁

Closer photo of the potholes

You can see how deep they are……..

We finally made it to Hart Road started to head back towards the vehicle. While we were walking officers went flying by into the park.

Scenery along Hart rd

If you know what type of flower this is, let me know.

What type of flower is this???

We came across some artwork along Hart Road. I now call it the K tree. Someone cut down a tree and made the letter K out of it. Was pretty interesting. Very talented.

I call this the “K” tree. Someone is pretty talented.

We finally made it back to the vehicle, according to our app on the phone we walked approximately 5 miles. When we got back to the vehicle a truck was parked behind our vehicle, kinda blocking it. They broke their front passenger side axle. They left a note apologizing. We were able to get out.

Overall it was a very healthy walk with a good friend and a lot of beautiful scenery. I would highly recommend you taking a hike out at rock cut state park. Especially right now, when all the vegetation is starting to develop.

April 25th 2016 Blog


I am just kicking back and enjoying life and the warm weather these days.  I been getting out for my bike rides once again since the weather has been nice. I still have yet to go fishing. I might do that today. This afternoon it is supposed to rain and thunderstorm, possibility of severe weather. I am excited about that 🙂

I am hoping to get some good storm photos and video.  Been awhile since I have photographed a good storm. The last one, I was net control operator and missed the storm. If there is a net tonight, I do not yet know who is going to run it. I might.  I enjoy doing that.

I am sitting here chilling to some music right now and it got me thinking about a few things.  One the most questions I get asked is “What type of music do I play and also listen to?”  I mainly play rock music, Rock is my thing. Harder the better.  The type of music I listen to, I listen to all genres. But mainly hard rock and country and R&B and rap.  Depending on my mood I guess.   One thing about music is that regardless of what type of mood you are in, music soothes the soul. It can motive one self to push to higher limits and achieve goals. It is an inspiration.  I think that is why I enjoy playing it, because I know it inspires others.

I do not listen to the radio much these days.  Mainly Pandora is what I listen to right now.  I gave a shout out to Stone and Double T on Friday.  When I do listen to the radio is mainly is 104.9 and 95.3 the Bull.  From the sounds of it, it sounds like they been trying to reach out to me.  Or to give them a shout out.  Sorry guys, if I would of known I would have done it way sooner!  Just send me an email sometime and say hi, and you want a shout out 😛

OMG, Speechless.

OMG, Speechless.

This was filmed by the man (Mr Clarence Shultz) whos wife passed away and his neighbor in Fairdale.

The 2015 Fairdale tornado killed Clem Schultz’s wife Geraldine.

Clem captured the tornado on video bearing down on his house.

May they RIP.

OMG that was intense!

Standing there being hit by the chimney chute and riding it down, is what saved his life.

I have NEVER saw any tornado videos like this one, ever!

Sad that it came at a deadly price 🙁

RIP Geraldine Schultz, 67, and Jacqueline Klosa, 69

He went upstairs to film the tornado, thinking it was going to PASS their house. By the time he realized it was coming right at them, it was too late to do anything. When the Weather Service issued the tornado warning for his Fairdale, Ill., community, he didn’t think the twister would strike them. He estimated that it would pass just south of the tiny rural neighborhood — population: 152.But he knew from previous storms like this one that the power was almost certain to go out that night on April 9, 2015. So the 85-year-old left his wife, Geri, in the kitchen and went upstairs to get some camping lanterns that they could use for light.The view from the bedroom window was ideal, and Schultz decided he would stay there to film the tornado as it passed. But it didn’t just pass. And by the time it became clear that the twister was headed right for the house, it was too late to get back downstairs to his wife, Schultz told the Daily Herald

Misc Quick Blog For Today, Might Blog More Later On Today



Not much went on recently. Took a bike ride down to Martin park and tried to get some long exposure photos from the Riverside bridge.  Before the cold temps kicked in.  My photos weren’t the best. I left because you could feel the front come through and the temps drop.  So I didn’t stay long.  But it was fun to do some misc photography again.  This week when it warms up (THANK GOD)  I plan on doing a lot more photography.

I been playing Pandora a lot recently.  I enjoy it.  Someone told me to check out IHeart radio. They were telling me how its more personalized and less ads. So that be cool.  I have yet to check it out though lol.

I been playing the guitar a ton lately.  Getting back into it. Stepped away for few months.  I been jamming hard, prob too hard lol.   What can I say, I love my guitar 😛   My “Black Beauty”

Well speaking of music,  check this song out.  I love this song.  A friend of mine turned me onto it awhile back ago. (Video below)

April 7th Blog


One day it is almost 70 degrees and I was outside in shorts. The very same night I went for a walk and froze my behind off. I thought the saying is “April showers brings May flowers”   As I type this, they have forecasted snow for overnight tonight.  Joys of living here in Spring

I been playing alot of UFC2. They game is pretty good. Just like real life in many ways. I been playing MLB the Show as well.  Kinda nice to be able to play an up to date baseball game.  Too bad the players in real life do not play how they do on the game, the Cubs would win the World Series!

I been thinking about redesigning my website or the Rockford Scanner one.  Kinda in the mood to redesign again. But I should live by the motto, if it is not broken then dont fix it.  LOL

March 23 Blog



So I am sitting here and thought I would make a blog.  The other day was the first day of spring and also my dads birthday.  Well today, it snows!   Come on mother nature, it is spring time. Bring the warm weather and forget this snow!   We did not get much by no means, but it is still snow and it is still on the ground as I type this.  Hopefully it will be gone here in a day or two.

I decided to turn off the scanner and jam to some music. I am listening to the hard rock station on Pandora. I want to sit here and kick back and listen to the music and escape reality and relax. All I ever do these days is from the time I wake up until I fall asleep is listen to the scanner. Don’t get me wrong, i enjoy it. But I need a break.  A break away and have some me time, and listen to music instead of a scanner.  I mean hell I haven’t played my guitar in 4 days now 🙁    So it is time for me to kick back for the rest of tonight and jam to music full blast on my headphones.

March 20th Blog Update



Today would of been my dad’s 57th birthday.  First day of spring and my dads 57th birthday.  I miss my dad a lot. I found a good poem I found online, I will post below.  The author did an awesome job and hit things on the head. What I would give, to talk to my dad one more time. To hug him. I miss and love my dad sooooo much. Words can not describe my pain and sorrow, of losing my dad.  I still cry to this day.  I never cry, but I do when I think of my dad.  My heart literally aches with sorrow because I miss him.  My dad was my rock, my stone, my mentor, my best friend. He taught me alot and kept me on my feet. He was the one who always made ya smile and laugh with his jokes. He joked around a lot. He had a joke for everything. God definitely has my dad as an angel, that is forsure. And I know when it is my time to pass, I will with open arms because I know my dad will be there waiting for me.  Take are of him god, because he took good care of me and when I get up there I will take care of my dad once again. Wrap your arms around my dad tight and give him a big hug for me until I am able too.

I ran my first weather net last week.  I was excited. It went very well. Tornado warning, and to our south got nailed pretty good. We just got hail and rain here. I coordinated approx. 15 spotters in the area. Had a TON of listeners!  The only downfall of it all, I was not able to see the first severe weather event of 2016. But I can not complain, I was net control 🙂

I can not wait to run more in the future.  Had a blast doing it. Tons of compliments on how I ran it too.  Which was definitely nice.  But I want to send out a shout out to all the spotters and people who made the net happen. The spotters, repeater owner, Rockford Metro Skywarn, etc…   Because of them, I was able to have a good successful net.  Great group of people.  Look forward to working with everyone some more in the future.

I know this man
Who is dear to my heart
Suddenly one day
It was torn all apart

This man taught me everything
That I needed to know
But I never really listened
Until he had to go
He gave me love
And touched my life
It’s all over now
He no longer has to fight

He tried to teach me
Right for wrong
The day he left
I wasn’t that strong

He is gone now
It is hard to believe
This man is my dad
Who I will never see

But I will see him again
This I know
The day will come
When it’s time for me to go

So, I’ll hold him dear
And close to my heart
Cause the day we meet
I know we’ll never be torn apart.


Quick Blog, Not A Lot Going On

I figured it would be a good time to update my blog. I gotten several emails from fans asking how I been. So it is time to update the blog.

Much appreciated to those who follow my blog and are fans.

I been getting back into my daily exersize routine of an 8 mile bike ride a day. The weather has finally warmed up. The days are growing longer, especially after tonight. More and more time enjoying natures beauty.

I been working on the website little by little. I been doing it on my free time. So who knows when I will finish it to my liking.  I get emails from website developers saying pay me and I can make it better. Who says I want it any other way?  I am making it to my liking and to my ease and how quickly I can write up content to get it to the fans as quickly as possible.

I am finally catching up on the Lord Of The Rings movies. I am currently watching the 2nd movie as I type this. Yes I know, I am slacking lol. These great movies and here I am just now catching up on them.  I do not watch tv or movies these days.

Thought I would do a quick blog. Sitting here waiting for the warm temps to come back.  We had warm temps the other day, then now it was lows in single digits. They called for 6 inches of snow, and we  literally got an inch. I was hoping we would get that snow in a way, to take the kids sledding. But it didnt happen.  Now I hope that, that was the last snowfall of the season. Wont be too much longer before spring.

March 20th is the first day of spring. Also my dads birthday.  I miss him sooooo much.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not think or talk about my dad.

Not a lot has happened with me since  I last blogged.  I  normally do not do those FB quizzes but I saw one on my brothers wall and decided to do one. Then I ended up doing like 20 of them the other night. It is funny how such a little thing, brings a lot of entertainment to a person lol. I actually enjoyed doing those. I spent like 2 hours doing the quizzes.  That is not normal for me. I usually hate those things, but I actually enjoyed doing em lol.

Bout to game



I am bout to play Silent Hunter 5: Battle Of The Atlantic.   Man it has been a looooong time since I last played this game. I spent many many hours on this game back in the day.  I hope it works on my PC, lol.  I am excited to play this game.  One of the best submarine games out there.

I been playing IRacing a lot recently.  I finally upgraded my license.  Took me a few days.

I haven’t had chance to game in awhile, so its kinda nice to kick back and about to game for a bit