Final Fantasy XIII-2

I picked up a few video games I been wanting to play.  Some of the Final Fantasy series.  I remember when the very first one came out. Ah, the memories 🙂   Hard to believe how many Final Fantasy games there is these days. If the rest of the games are like the old ones, i can see why there are so many!   I am about to start playing Final Fantasy xIII-2. I heard this is one of the better ones. So i picked it up.  I want to buy em all, and play from the start again. Well maybe after Mystic Quest, lol.  Well i am off to play some FF, wish me luck 🙂

I am reading up on Bob Lazar.  Pretty interesting story on this man.  He is the man who came out publicly saying he worked out at Area 51.   I am up in the air on believing his story.  With that being said, a lot of what he said has came publicly true over the years.  Like element 115.  I personally believe the government should keep hiding their stuff and activities, as long as it is not harming the citizens.  If aliens are true, yes it would be nice to know. But realistically we will never know. And like they say, it is probably best if the citizens do not know.  Our world these days is pretty much in chaos compared to decades ago. Many people run rampant and do what they want, with no logics of laws. Just imagine if the government came out and said “Yes, there is aliens”   this world will go even more chaotic for fear of the unknown.

I am up in the air on believing if aliens are true.  In a way we all want to believe they are.  In our vast universe and outer space, logic being we are not the only living species out there.

Bob Lazar said our government has several alien spacecraft they have reversed engineered.  If that is true, reality being this would be awesome for our species. If aliens can travel to us on Earth. Lets learn their technology and travel to them.  We all know Area 51 exists now.  And Bob Lazars stories are becoming more credible over the years.

When you get time, check out his website ~

Also check out Coast to Coast AM.

I am like the X-Files motto ” I want to believe”     but at the same time, I understand the government point of view on the topic and agree with that as well.  Some things are best left unknown until the right time to come public.

December 27th 2015

I been working on the PUBLICATION page of my website for the last few hours.  Gathering up the articles and mentions of me and also Rockford Scanner.  I still have a ton to add. I decided to step away for a bit. I figured it would be a good add on to my website.

We are supposed to be in for a crazy ice storm here in the next few hours.  Half inch of ice and 40 mph winds. I sure hope my power does not get knocked out!  If you have to travel, please be careful.  I hope the weather men have hyped it up and nothing happens. But I have trust in our weathermen and I think they are right.

Hard to believe in a few days it is going to be 2016!


I just want to tell everyone Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Hard to believe it is almost 2016.  Won’t be too long before it is Spring time.  I am happy about that!  I love the warm weather.  I kind of like this, no snow.

December 22nd Blog

Well I am finally registered with the F.A.A. (Federal Aviation Administration)
Took awhile, but it is finally done.  Glad that is finally finished.   🙂

I was kind of hoping for a white Christmas. But I can not complain too much because it is warm for being almost Christmas. We have had snow twice now this season. But the warm temps have melted it away quickly. I am sure we will get slammed probably after Christmas. We can only be spoiled for so long with these warm temps.  Like I said, I am definitely not complaining because I love the warmer temps.

Not a whole lot has been going other than that.  I am working on a few things on the website.  I might redesign the look on this site. Experiment a bit to see what it may or may not look like with other themes. I am kind of leaning towards a photography theme, but not yet sure.  I also want to post a lot of video blogs in the future.  That’s my ultimate goal.

I am getting more and more excited about the new X-Files that is coming out soon!!!

Thank you RockfordAirport

I am proud to share my aircraft photos with everyone. And to see Dave’s and everyone elses photos from the Rockford airport. #1 It is plain awesome to see activity at the airport and see such a variety of aircraft. #2 I am glad we are able to bring the publicity to help promote the airport in future en devours. #3 They have a great staff there and are plane spotter friendly (except when the Duggar family is in town, LOL)

I just want to send out a special shout out to the staff at the airport for putting up with me all these years and letting me photograph and plane spot at such a wonderful airport. Thank you

I worked a fatal shooting scene earlier tonight over on Concord.  I hate working those types of scenes.  This kid was only 17 years old. I always hate working fatal scenes. Always so sad knowing someone passed away. And the family and friends losing a loved one. It is also a reality check, that we can be here one second and gone the next.  I was however able to catch up and chat with Chris and Max.  Always good chatting with them.  Even though it is always at scenes. And meet a few other media/journalists that I have yet to meet. So that was nice also.

This morning I came across a hit and run accident. I was traveling northbound on Kishwaukee when I came across an accident at Kishwaukee and 15th. I pulled over in the Da Catch parking lot and got out. I went over to the car that had the worst damage and no one was inside. I was thinking to myself, why in the heck was noone inside. I later found out the driver fled the scene. I went over to the guy that was driving the van and he had minor injuries. I talked to him for a few minutes. He seemed like a nice guy.  What got me the most was this accident was at Kishwaukee and 15th, and not one person stopped to check on the occupants of the vehicles. I was the only person that stopped and checked on them. There was a ton of cars driving by, but not one stopped. I understand people have to go to work, not qualified in first aid, etc…  but heck just stop and check on the occupants to make sure they are ok. It takes a few minutes of your time and can make a life or death difference.

And to top the day off the temps dropped and the wind was kicking. And it sleeted for a bit.  Did I ever tell you how much I hate, HATE cold weather!  Just a few months of winter, thank god. I love my warm weather. I sooooo can not wait for spring time.

What an amazing last few days it has been weather wise!  Temps have been way above normal. The rain kinda sucks, but I definitely would have rain over snow anyday!

Not a whole lot has changed since I blogged last.  Been working a story with some national news stations and magazines. Other than that, same ol same ol.

I am watching this pretty good movie called 13th Warrior.  Pretty good movie.

FSX Flights

I have been playing my flight simulator a lot recently.  I always make at least one flight a day on it. But recently I been doing many flights. I added a few new add ons as well. Like realistic weather and a few extra aircraft.

I added the Diamond DA20-100 Katana 4X Add-On. This one they hyped up in the description of it, so i bought it based on that. I normally wait awhile to get stuff so i can read user reviews. I should of waited this time instead of just buying it right away, lol.  I can not complain too much though. I do like it, but not for that price.  Nice plane to fly, pretty simple. But I have yet to find all the controls on it.

I also bought the Skychaser addon, I like that alot. The only thing I dont care for on that add on is the flight control stick is very touchy. You barely move the joystick and you are upside down. I know it is a stunt plane and all, but I think the developers went a lil over board (or underboard) on the control system.

I also bought the activesky addon. I do admit i like this addon alot. I was able to fly in hurricanes and OMG my aircraft was nailed by lightning strikes 3 times!  I was flying sideways, to go straight.  But it was all worth it when I came into the eye of the hurricane.  Was pretty neat to watch the eye wall move as I flew. I tried staying in it, but the storm was moving faster than my plane (I was flying into the winds) and then the hurricane swallowed my plane again. I ended up landing on a small island in the ocean, while in the middle of a hurricane! Talk about intense. This add on is one the best ones I have added to date.