Quick Blog

I been battling the flu.  Been down and out for a bit now. I do know one thing, the flu sucks.

I want to send out a shout out to Justin.    A robber tried to rob Justin.  Justin was sliced during the event.  But Justin was able to kick the robber’s butt and stab the robbery and break the robber’s arm.   Glad you are ok and hope you have a speedy recovery.  Glad you kicked the robber’s butt.

I am now finally catching up on Chicago Fire.  And I am at season 6 on Supernatural.  And still on season 2 for American Horror Story.

I am SOOOOOO EXCITED about the X-Files starting up in a few days!!!

First Official Ham Radio Contest


I worked my first official contest today. I got a total of 12 contacts. A total score of 120.  I was able to hit the Cayman Islands.  I was trying to find the balloon rally in AZ.  They were working this weekend. I am hoping to get them tomm.  I love working special stations. That would be awesome for that one, because I love hot air balloons!!!   Below is a list of my NAQP log.   I had a lot of fun doing it 🙂


CREATED-BY: N3FJP’s NAQP Contest Log 3.9

QSO: 14000 PH 2016-01-16 1807  K4HA Pat VA
QSO: 14000 PH 2016-01-16 1822  KC0W Tom ND
QSO: 21000 PH 2016-01-16 1832  ZF2PG Pete ZF2
QSO: 21000 PH 2016-01-16 1835 N2IC Steve NM
QSO: 21000 PH 2016-01-16 1857  NY7N Andy AZ
QSO: 28000 PH 2016-01-16 1858  N6ZFO Bill CA
QSO: 28000 PH 2016-01-16 1906  W6NL Dave CA
QSO: 14000 PH 2016-01-16 1917  W7RQ Bob UT
QSO: 14000 PH 2016-01-16 2011  NX6T Pat CA
QSO: 14000 PH 2016-01-16 2036  NE1C Puablo MA
QSO: 14000 PH 2016-01-16 2044  W1CTN Jerry CT
QSO: 14000 PH 2016-01-16 2110  N1IXF Rich CT

Emergency Communications, Ham Radio Operator Flipped His Vehicle In Colorado

I am currently listening to a live emergency communications on HF.  3.916

A ham radio operator near Colorado Springs has flipped his vehicle and is trapped in a ravine off highway 24.  Several emergency personnel were dispatched to the area and are currently searching for him.

They are doing a good job on the emergency communications.

His name is Mike.   From the sounds of it he broke in the net on 3.916 with the emergency comms.  and now everyone is trying to help him. They are dispatching a ton of resources to help locate him.  They are only getting mic clicks out of him now.  Last communication at the time of writing this was approx 11:38 pm (CDT)

I am recording the audio, but the band conditions are poor.

Hoping they find this guy soon!

Update: They heard 2 clicks from him approx 12:02 AM (CDT)    they are trying to communicate with him via voice but they are using mic clicks to communicate.  They still have yet to find him. This is still developing!


Winning The Powerball



So the Powerball lottery is now 1.4 billion dollars.   Holy cow that is a ton of money!   What would you do with all that cash?   I was asked this question, and here is my answer:    The first thing I would do is hire a lawyer who specializes with the lottery. I would first pay off any debt I owe.  I would then invest into my children’s education.   Buy a decent house for my family,  and those close to me as well.  I would invest into the city by building positive things for the children and citizens.  I would like to bring back the outdoor theaters. Those were fun back in the day, alot of good family memories. I would donate a lot of it to charities and “pay it forward”  as well.    When you think about it, 1 billion dollars!  You can do anything you want and then some.

If you win, don’t forget about me  😉    LOL

Curse Of Oak Island Thoughts…..

I was watching The Curse Of Oak Island earlier tonight and I got to thinking about something. If you have all that money, then why do they not buy a drill truck themselves? Instead of hiring that company to do it all the time.

This way they can drill their own holes whenever and where ever they like.

I would think by now they probably have invested enough money in hiring them to drill holes, that they could have probably bought their own drill truck by now.

I am going to google some stuff in a bit. I am going to see how much one of those trucks cost and how much it costs to hire someone to drill a hole.

Just out of curiosity.

This is one of my favorite shows on tv right now.  Pretty interesting.

I think it is a PR thing for the brothers to sell the island later on.  Basically do their thing then since having the tv show it attracts potential interested buyers for when they do sell and it will be easier to sell and raise the value. Good business strategy……………

Final Fantasy XIII-2

I picked up a few video games I been wanting to play.  Some of the Final Fantasy series.  I remember when the very first one came out. Ah, the memories 🙂   Hard to believe how many Final Fantasy games there is these days. If the rest of the games are like the old ones, i can see why there are so many!   I am about to start playing Final Fantasy xIII-2. I heard this is one of the better ones. So i picked it up.  I want to buy em all, and play from the start again. Well maybe after Mystic Quest, lol.  Well i am off to play some FF, wish me luck 🙂

I am reading up on Bob Lazar.  Pretty interesting story on this man.  He is the man who came out publicly saying he worked out at Area 51.   I am up in the air on believing his story.  With that being said, a lot of what he said has came publicly true over the years.  Like element 115.  I personally believe the government should keep hiding their stuff and activities, as long as it is not harming the citizens.  If aliens are true, yes it would be nice to know. But realistically we will never know. And like they say, it is probably best if the citizens do not know.  Our world these days is pretty much in chaos compared to decades ago. Many people run rampant and do what they want, with no logics of laws. Just imagine if the government came out and said “Yes, there is aliens”   this world will go even more chaotic for fear of the unknown.

I am up in the air on believing if aliens are true.  In a way we all want to believe they are.  In our vast universe and outer space, logic being we are not the only living species out there.

Bob Lazar said our government has several alien spacecraft they have reversed engineered.  If that is true, reality being this would be awesome for our species. If aliens can travel to us on Earth. Lets learn their technology and travel to them.  We all know Area 51 exists now.  And Bob Lazars stories are becoming more credible over the years.

When you get time, check out his website ~ http://www.boblazar.com/

Also check out Coast to Coast AM.

I am like the X-Files motto ” I want to believe”     but at the same time, I understand the government point of view on the topic and agree with that as well.  Some things are best left unknown until the right time to come public.

December 27th 2015

I been working on the PUBLICATION page of my website for the last few hours.  Gathering up the articles and mentions of me and also Rockford Scanner.  I still have a ton to add. I decided to step away for a bit. I figured it would be a good add on to my website.

We are supposed to be in for a crazy ice storm here in the next few hours.  Half inch of ice and 40 mph winds. I sure hope my power does not get knocked out!  If you have to travel, please be careful.  I hope the weather men have hyped it up and nothing happens. But I have trust in our weathermen and I think they are right.

Hard to believe in a few days it is going to be 2016!


I just want to tell everyone Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Hard to believe it is almost 2016.  Won’t be too long before it is Spring time.  I am happy about that!  I love the warm weather.  I kind of like this, no snow.

December 22nd Blog

Well I am finally registered with the F.A.A. (Federal Aviation Administration)
Took awhile, but it is finally done.  Glad that is finally finished.   🙂

I was kind of hoping for a white Christmas. But I can not complain too much because it is warm for being almost Christmas. We have had snow twice now this season. But the warm temps have melted it away quickly. I am sure we will get slammed probably after Christmas. We can only be spoiled for so long with these warm temps.  Like I said, I am definitely not complaining because I love the warmer temps.

Not a whole lot has been going other than that.  I am working on a few things on the website.  I might redesign the look on this site. Experiment a bit to see what it may or may not look like with other themes. I am kind of leaning towards a photography theme, but not yet sure.  I also want to post a lot of video blogs in the future.  That’s my ultimate goal.

I am getting more and more excited about the new X-Files that is coming out soon!!!