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Bad ass internet photo of the walking dead

Watched the Walking Dead tonight.  Pretty good episode!  This season has been pretty slow and boring (I hate saying that but it is true)  There hasn’t been many zombies on the show. And when there has been, there is not much.  I am a huge horror fan, so more zombies the better.

Long story short, tonight’s episode had a few zombies on it and there were a few important key parts for the season in the episode as well. I don’t see there being much more episodes for this season. I wish it was on everyday, but its not lol.  I LOVE this show!

Tonight episode kind of made it appear some key characters might die off in the future 🙁     I was pretty pissed when Hershel, Glen, Lori, etc… passed away in the past. They have definitely shown that key characters can and will be killed off at anytime.

Last 24 hours been active on the scanner.   A couple shootings (One possible fatal), KFC/Long John Silver caught on fire, many robberies, death investigation, etc…   It is still winter, god only knows what warmer temps are going to bring 🙁

Long overdue blog

Long overdue blog, LOL.

I do not even recall the last time I blogged, sorry. So I do not know where to start from. 😛

This weekend has been good on the HF radio!  They had a DX contest and I was able to work many DX stations!

Below is some of the DX stations I was able to work over the weekend.


Our weather was pretty nice overall. We have had a lot of warm weather. And severe weather the other day. A couple tornadoes to our south. We had some snow yesterday and now back to the 60’s again on Monday. Joys of Illinois weather in March, LOL. I guess there is a chance of severe weather on Monday as well. I haven’t looked at the forecast recently, so it probably has changed by now.  We will see.

Nascar is on again later today! I am super stoked! They are racing down in Atlanta. It is going to be a good day 🙂    As always, I am rooting for the Stewart-Haas racing team.  They won Daytona!  Hopefully they can win Atlanta also 🙂

Quick Blog About Nascar, Weather, Coast To Coast AM, Etc…


I was able to watch the NASCAR duels tonight. It has been a long time since I watched NASCAR. Was definitely good to see!  I can’t wait until Sunday, for the first official race of the season, Daytona 500!

I bought my fishing license today as well!  I plan on doing a lot of fishing this year. More time away and relax and have some fun. 2016 I invested many hours working. I think 2017 is going to be kicked back and more relaxing for the most part. I plan on it anyways, lol.

The weather has been super nice lately. We had a thunderstorm a little bit ago!  Nothing big, just a small thunderstorm. But heck, it is a thunderstorm in February!

I been thinking about renewing my coast to coast am subscription. I dunno yet. I listen to if a lot and it would be nice to listen to the archives as well. For awhile there, they were doing a lot of political crap, so I was being turned off by it. But now they are starting to do more of my stuff, the paranormal. So I been rethinking my subscription.

Well I am done for now 🙂

WX9RLT Recent Ham Radio Blog

A long overdue blog here. I apologize for not blogging as much as I should be.

I been able to work several school clubs during the roundup this week on HF. Been good to hear the younger generation work the ham radios!  I was able to ragchew with a few as well. Some them operators were working the contest fast, spitting out the contacts. Was amazing to hear. They are definitely natural ham radio operators!

The only DX I made recently, was to Canada.  I actually was running QRP (5 watts) and made it to the northern half of Canada on SSB. My jaw kinda dropped (literally) when that happened!  I kinda know my setup range and how far I get out with the recent band conditions. And I was utterly amazed at 5 watts.

I came across a food net on 7.220 in the afternoons.  Met some great guys on there.

Also been working the nightwatch net as well.

Supposed to be a solar storm hitting soon. That is supposed to knock the band conditions way down in the dirt again 🙁   I am not looking forward to that at all. So I been trying to get my radio time in, before it hits. Last one that hit knocked the conditions out for awhile.

Check out my last 10 contacts here ~ CLICK HERE

Just A Quick Quiz To Get To Know Me A Bit



Friend of mine posted this on their social media, so i thought I would do it since I had a few minutes. So here it goes:

Why not take a break and learn about each other?

1. Who are you named after? My uncle who passed away
2. Last time you cried? Last night
3. Do you like your handwriting? I do, others hate it LOL
4. What is your favorite lunch meat? Ham
6. Longest relationship? 16 years
7. Do you still have your tonsils? Yes
8. Would you Bungee jump? Probably
9. What is your favorite kind of cereal? Shredded Wheat
10. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Most the time
11. Do you think you’re strong? Nah, others think I am though
12. Favorite ice cream? Probably Chocolate
13. What is the first thing you notice about someone? Eyes
14. Football or baseball? Football
15. What color pants are you wearing? Dark colored
16. Last thing you ate? Arbys
17. What are you listening to? Ham radio
18. If you were a crayon what color would you be? Black
19. What is your Favorite Smell? Strawberries and Champagne lotion
20. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? Daughter
21. Hair color? Brown
22. Eye color? Baby Blue
23. Favorite foods to eat? I like a baked potato
24. Scary movies or happy endings? Scary for sure
25. Last movie you watched? We’re The Millers
26. What color shirt are you wearing? Grey
27. Favorite holiday? 4th of July
28. Night owl or morning person? Night Owl
29. Favorite day of the week? Saturday
30. Dogs or cats? Cats!  I don’t own any though 🙁

Two More States Checked Off For My Work All States Award On Ham Radio!



Not too much going on here. I been playing on HF radio a bit. Checked into the OMISS net and made my Alaska/North Pole contact (WL7X) I been needing for my Work All States award!  I thought for sure my Alaska would be the very last state for my WAS.  I was able to make the contact.

Not only that, I was able to work Maine earlier today (AA1XD) and was able to mark off Maine for my WAS.   The band conditions have been opening up a bit. Enough to play on HF again. So I been working HF to work on WAS award.

I only need 7 more states for my WAS award. They are DE, HI, LA, NE, SD, VT, WY.
I can’t wait for this award. Still be some time before I get it. But conditions are improving on HF, so hopefully not to long 🙂

My Ham Radio Contacts For Saturday And Winter Field Day

I played a bit up on HF radio Saturday.  Band conditions been poor lately, so its been like a month since I made my last contact.  Saturday I made a few contacts.  The first one was a National Parks On The Air (N4CD)    then I worked a World War event station (WW1USA) and then I worked a Battleship (NJ2BB)   I was pretty happy.   Saturday was also Winter field day, but I only worked one field day station and that was (N4EH)






Blog About Oak Island, Politics, Mexican Border Wall

I did not get a chance to blog for a second time yesterday, sorry about that.

So I might just put that in this blog in a few.

I just saw Donald Trump just put in effect a wall on the Mexican border.  That will be interesting. I thought he was blowing smoke. But he has said that he was going to do everything he says and hold politicians to their words as well.  And it looks like he is holding true to his word.  The cost of it, is nuts. But he is holding to his word.

I said I wouldn’t post political stuff on my stuff. But I changed my mind.  I have saw many people lose friends, family because of political posts.  And well, I figured it be good to know who hates what I think, now instead of later, LOL. But on a serious note, I am not a political person and there won’t be many political posts.

I will say one thing, while there is both Republican and Democrats in the Senate and stuff. There will always be conflicts and no resolutions. Whatever party wins the election for president, should be the ones in senate and stuff. So there is no conflicts or denials. I do understand why they have both. But it’s pointless, because when the leader of the Free World tries to do something, the other party will ALWAYS deny things. So things never get accomplished.

I fell asleep last night watching The Curse of Oak Island. I also missed Chicago Fire.  I am curious to know what happened. I have to now wait until they come online, so I can watch it online on Comcast. I am really hoping they find some treasure.

Speaking of,  Even though I am a huge fan. I been thinking the show is a marketing tool. The brothers will run the show to promote the island and then sell it off to some fans and treasure hunters. Or use it to get funding to continue. Good marketing if you think about it. I hate saying that, because I really want the brothers to stay there and continue their search. I truly believe their hearts are in it.  But I guess plan B would to sell it to profit.

Alright I am popping off here to do some research. “You can strip a man of all his possessions, but you can never strip a man of his knowledge.” 

Rickie Traeger Blog For January 24th 2017

I guess technically this is January 24th 2017 blog. But it will be about stuff before the 24th, since its 3am when i am writing this up, LOL.

Not much going on here. I am currently in the process of re-installing my planeplotter software. Kinda of a pain in the butt to do so.  But once its installed and configured right, it will be nice.  If you do not know what planeplotter is, google it 🙂

Been enjoying the “warm” weather we been having.  Guess that is about to change here very soon.  I can say we have been very spoiled with the weather this winter. I can not complain much.  🙂   We still have 2 months to go in winter though, so I am sure things will change and we will probably get slammed with very cold temps and lots of snow lol.

I been getting back into playing War Thunder again.  Spent several hours over the last week or so playing it.  If you haven’t checked it out, I strongly suggest you do so.  It is a free game to play on the PC and consoles.  https://warthunder.com/us/

I will probably throw out another blog later today. I want to blog about a few things….

Hattiesburg MS Tornado, RIP Grandpa Slatton

I am sitting here watching the radar down in Mississippi. They had a strong tornado (on radar with a large debris signature)  go through the area of Hattiesburg and Petal Mississippi.  They definitely have a lot of damage. It happened around 4 am.  Many were probably sleeping.  Hopefully they were awake and have taken shelter.

UPDATE: I am watching storm chaser Kelley Williamson live feed. Hes transported several people to the hospital. Several people are injured. Several are trapped. Sounds like a dorm at the William Carey University has collapsed and several are trapped there as well. The police and fire departments were hit pretty hard as well. They are having a hard time getting to several victims. Many kudos to Kelley and Randy for helping the victims out!

I am afraid to see what the daylight is going to bring.  Considering the radar was showing a big tornado and a big debris signature, my heart aches to see what the daylight may bring.  Several have been reported injured already, many are reported trapped.

Please say a prayer for everyone down in that area!


UPDATE: As of 7:30 am, there are 4 confirmed fatalities   many are injured and trapped still. And many still are unaccounted for.  My thoughts and prayers go out to this community.

Alot of updates and they  are posting photos at WDAM http://www.wdam.com/story/34312675/4-people-dead-after-tornado-rips-through-south-mississippi


William Carey University. Credit: WDAM

Credit: WDAM

Credit: WDAM

Credit: WDAM


Credit: WDAM

Credit: WDAM

My grandpa passed away 3 years ago today 🙁   Back on January 21st 2014.   I miss him a lot.  I know he is resting high with my dad and my other family members up there.  I think I am going to bet on some horses today in memory of my grandpa.  He taught me a lot on horses and horse racing. My grandpa and dad both did. We used to go to the OTB almost daily when I was growing up.