Blog About Oak Island, Politics, Mexican Border Wall

I did not get a chance to blog for a second time yesterday, sorry about that.

So I might just put that in this blog in a few.

I just saw Donald Trump just put in effect a wall on the Mexican border.  That will be interesting. I thought he was blowing smoke. But he has said that he was going to do everything he says and hold politicians to their words as well.  And it looks like he is holding true to his word.  The cost of it, is nuts. But he is holding to his word.

I said I wouldn’t post political stuff on my stuff. But I changed my mind.  I have saw many people lose friends, family because of political posts.  And well, I figured it be good to know who hates what I think, now instead of later, LOL. But on a serious note, I am not a political person and there won’t be many political posts.

I will say one thing, while there is both Republican and Democrats in the Senate and stuff. There will always be conflicts and no resolutions. Whatever party wins the election for president, should be the ones in senate and stuff. So there is no conflicts or denials. I do understand why they have both. But it’s pointless, because when the leader of the Free World tries to do something, the other party will ALWAYS deny things. So things never get accomplished.

I fell asleep last night watching The Curse of Oak Island. I also missed Chicago Fire.  I am curious to know what happened. I have to now wait until they come online, so I can watch it online on Comcast. I am really hoping they find some treasure.

Speaking of,  Even though I am a huge fan. I been thinking the show is a marketing tool. The brothers will run the show to promote the island and then sell it off to some fans and treasure hunters. Or use it to get funding to continue. Good marketing if you think about it. I hate saying that, because I really want the brothers to stay there and continue their search. I truly believe their hearts are in it.  But I guess plan B would to sell it to profit.

Alright I am popping off here to do some research. “You can strip a man of all his possessions, but you can never strip a man of his knowledge.” 

Rickie Traeger Blog For January 24th 2017

I guess technically this is January 24th 2017 blog. But it will be about stuff before the 24th, since its 3am when i am writing this up, LOL.

Not much going on here. I am currently in the process of re-installing my planeplotter software. Kinda of a pain in the butt to do so.  But once its installed and configured right, it will be nice.  If you do not know what planeplotter is, google it 🙂

Been enjoying the “warm” weather we been having.  Guess that is about to change here very soon.  I can say we have been very spoiled with the weather this winter. I can not complain much.  🙂   We still have 2 months to go in winter though, so I am sure things will change and we will probably get slammed with very cold temps and lots of snow lol.

I been getting back into playing War Thunder again.  Spent several hours over the last week or so playing it.  If you haven’t checked it out, I strongly suggest you do so.  It is a free game to play on the PC and consoles.

I will probably throw out another blog later today. I want to blog about a few things….

Hattiesburg MS Tornado, RIP Grandpa Slatton

I am sitting here watching the radar down in Mississippi. They had a strong tornado (on radar with a large debris signature)  go through the area of Hattiesburg and Petal Mississippi.  They definitely have a lot of damage. It happened around 4 am.  Many were probably sleeping.  Hopefully they were awake and have taken shelter.

UPDATE: I am watching storm chaser Kelley Williamson live feed. Hes transported several people to the hospital. Several people are injured. Several are trapped. Sounds like a dorm at the William Carey University has collapsed and several are trapped there as well. The police and fire departments were hit pretty hard as well. They are having a hard time getting to several victims. Many kudos to Kelley and Randy for helping the victims out!

I am afraid to see what the daylight is going to bring.  Considering the radar was showing a big tornado and a big debris signature, my heart aches to see what the daylight may bring.  Several have been reported injured already, many are reported trapped.

Please say a prayer for everyone down in that area!

UPDATE: As of 7:30 am, there are 4 confirmed fatalities   many are injured and trapped still. And many still are unaccounted for.  My thoughts and prayers go out to this community.

Alot of updates and they  are posting photos at WDAM


William Carey University. Credit: WDAM

Credit: WDAM

Credit: WDAM

Credit: WDAM


Credit: WDAM

Credit: WDAM

My grandpa passed away 3 years ago today 🙁   Back on January 21st 2014.   I miss him a lot.  I know he is resting high with my dad and my other family members up there.  I think I am going to bet on some horses today in memory of my grandpa.  He taught me a lot on horses and horse racing. My grandpa and dad both did. We used to go to the OTB almost daily when I was growing up.

Quick Blog For Today



I was sitting here so I thought I would blog for a few minutes.

My grandma and brother were both in the hospital recently. My grandma was in there a few days. My brother was in overnight. I won’t go into details, because of HIPPA. They are both recovering now. Thank god.

I did some of those Facebook quiz things just before writing this up.  They are pretty much random generated answers. But it is still cool. I normally do not do them, but I came down with the boredom syndrome, LOL.

It is supposed to warm up this week and weekend. That will be nice!  Officially 2 months away from Spring. March 20th. That is also my dads birthday.  I am excited for spring weather. We will be getting a taste of it for the next few days.

MLK Day, Grandma Sick, Football Game & Tornado, Nascar

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
That man was great on so many levels. It is a tragedy he is gone, but he will never be forgotten. RIP DR Martin Luther King Jr.. Your dreams are coming true in others!

My grandma went to the emergency room last night. I don’t want to go into details.  But I do ask that you pray for my grandma and wish her a speedy recovery.

Watched the Packers and Cowboys game last night. Was a heck of a game. I am a huge Bears fan. But my dad is a Packers fan. So in memory of my dad I rooted for the Packers. They ended up winning by kicking a 51 yard field goal at the very end of regulation, to win.

A tornado touched down in the Dallas area last night while the game was letting out. Several fans were stuck in the stadium for a few hours after the game. Last I checked, no injuries. There was reports of some damage but it didnt appear to be bad, when I looked online last.

1 Month away until Nascar is back!  I am getting excited!

My Political Post, Probably Make Many Mad LOL

I normally do not post my political beliefs. This year, has really shown the public why.  I have saw life long friends split up, families separated, etc… because of their political beliefs.  It is truly sad to see.  But I am going to post something political below and I am sure someone will get their panties in a bunch on this, LOL

I guess to be politically correct and throw in a disclaimer,  I should say that this is my personal beliefs and what I post here is my thoughts and opinions and does not reflect on anyone, anything, any business, etc…..

Now to the fun stuff, my opinion:

Over the last year I have saw many people post their political beliefs and then their family and friends turn on them.  Sad but true.  I do not care if someone turns on me, because of my opinions. That is good actually, because they aren’t true friends then. So if someone gets pissed at this, your loss.  I have respected many peoples opinions, even though I did not agree with them. I never got pissed. I actually invite those who disagree with me, to step up and debate me. That is what America is about. Freedom of Speech. Thoughts and opinions and the freedom we have to express them.  That is what makes America great. With that being said, people can not debate professionally and get their panties in a bunch.

So sit back and take a chill pill and if you disagree with what I have to say, then please shoot me an email and we can discuss it. I am always down for a good conversation. I am always down for learning new things.  With that being said, I only know what I have been told, read, saw, etc…  So take for granted with the news the way it is these days, not everything is 100% accurate. I understand this. But some don’t.  So my opinions are based on what I was told, read, saw.

I think everyone should give Donald Trump a chance.  I respect him. He may not be “Professional” at times. I think that is why I like him. He is candid and speaks his mind. I think his heart is good and he means well.  With that being said he has did several things I disagree with. The one thing I HATE that he did, and that was when he disrespected the beauty pageant and women.   Sad he would stoop to that level, especially in his position. That is one of many things I disagree with him.

I do not agree with him on things. But I think he will be a good president. I think he will boost the economy and get us jobs. I think he means well and will not really play the “usual role” as previous presidents. I think he has shown that by him being open and candid.  I think he will be a good president overall.

I understand no one is perfect. But he has went outside the boundaries of normalcy for someone in his position. I think that is what America needs right now.  We need someone to step up and their actions speak louder than their words. And I think Donald Trump will do this.

For the record I have always been a Democrat. But I think Donald Trump is about to be a great leader.  I think the people should give him a chance. I am not a traitor, just a realist. I am shocked at the outrage the Democrats and what they are doing, since Trump won.  Donald Trump has won, we need to get over it and embrace the next 4 years. Open your minds and accept the next 4 years. Hold Donald Trump to his words and if he falls back on them, then say something. Until then, give Donald Trump a chance.

I am appalled at Democrats and their actions, because all it does it show the public Democrats are sore losers. Sad…….   Like I said, I am a Democrat. But I also understand and accept Donald Trump won and is going to be our President. I am open to the idea and look forward to the future.

I think people need to set their differences aside and let him make America Great again.  That is his motto, that is what we as Americans look forward too and also hold him to his words and promises.

But we as Americans should give him that chance, if we want America great again. We need to first accept the lose and give him a chance.  GIVE HIM A CHANCE.

Nascar 2017: Blog About Stewart Haas Racing And Nascar 2017




As many of you know I am a HUGE fan of Nascar.
Started off with Sterling Marlin back in the 90’s.  Because of Sterling Marlin, I got into Nascar. He will always be my #1 driver. He has since retired 🙁

I moved onto Tony Stewart and followed Tony for many years!   he since created Stewart Hass Racing. And then I expanded my favorite drivers to everyone in Stewart Hass Racing.

In 2016 Stewart Hass Racing drove a Chevy.  I just read they have moved over to Ford for the 2017 season.  I own stock in Ford, so this is great news for me, LOL.   But the same time Ford was last in the manufacturing points in 2016.  Hopefully they can make the Ford move up in standings and the drivers of Stewart Haas win some races.

I have always been a Ford guy.  So their move over to Ford has me excited.

Tony is not racing in 2017, so they picked up Clint Bowyer.  I think that is a good move. I would of liked to see them pick up a rookie driver, but I understand.  Moving Clint over to a team that has good cars and competitive and experience, will help the team. Clint is a good driver and just needed a team with a good car. Which Stewart Haas has just now given him.

I love Danica Patrick, Not only is she born locally but I think she has a lot of potential in her.  It is just a matter of time before she will win.  She has had a good car and doing good, until some idiot driver decides to wreck her 🙁   She is a good driver, lots of potential, and is on a good team. So it is a matter of time before she gets her first win!

February 18th is the first race at Daytona. They renamed the Nascar to the Monster Energy, Instead of Sprint.  So that will take a bit to get used too, LOL.

First 2017 Blog

A few days late on my blog, but kinda figured I would be.

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable New Years!

Was a pretty violent New Years in the area. 3 hours into the New Year, several were shot and 1 man passed away. More info Been pretty violent in the area in general recently.   My heart aches for the victims and their families.

I have a meeting with the new Winnebago County Chairman on Wednesday.  I am going to interview him on the Knockout Crime and how he plans on combating the crime issues.

I bought the book by Nick Pope, Encounter in Rendlesham Forest.  I am about 40% through the book already. Pretty good book I think so far.  I like how he tells all sides of the story and also what it may or may not have been. So both skeptics and believers both will like the book.  Definitely worth reading.


Happy New Year!

I want to first start off by wishing everybody a happy new year!

2016 has been a very good year for the most part. Just like any other year it is had its ups and downs. I would say the most positive thing in 2016 would be that I am blessed to be surrounded by family and friends. Had many great times and great holidays. I look forward to 2017.

Tonight we ring in 2017! The family and I are just going to be sitting here watching the ball drop in New York on TV. We do this every year it’s like a family tradition. I just found out that Chicago has a similar event on New Year’s. Maybe next year to ring in 2018 we might go to Chicago and check that out.

I want to wish everyone a happy New Year’s and please be safe and have fun. The police will be out thick and have the “Drive sober or get pulled over” campaign going on. They also will be giving free rides to anyone who needs them. Not to jail, LOL. Well maybe to jail if you misbehave. But if you call them and you are under the influence instead of driving or calling for a cab they will give you a ride home tonight. I think this is a very good thing that our police department does. It will help reduce accidents and possible fatalities. I remember in past years many bad accidents and fatal accidents because people choose not to call the police for a ride on New Year’s.

It has become like a tradition but around midnight you hear many many many gunshots. It literally is gunshots for approximately 15 minutes the last couple New Year’s. The police do not even go and check out the gunshots, they just tell officers to be safe in the area. Kinda sad but it is reality.

I think tonight will probably be very active on the scanner and a lot of violence and accidents. With it being a Saturday many people are going to be out celebrating. I hope I am wrong and I hope everybody is safe and parties safely and makes good decisions.

My New Year’s resolution is just like many others, to lose some weight. With Thanksgiving and Christmas I put on some weight due to the overwhelming good food that we had. I think I may renew my membership at the local gym, LOL. I was actually talking to somebody at the gym a few months back and they said this is the most popular time of the year for them because many people had the New Year’s resolution of losing weight.

The one thing I plan on doing more this year is fishing. I was only able to go only a handful of times in 2016. I wished I was able to have went more. That is one thing I enjoy and have been doing for many many years. I catch and release all my fish. I just enjoy the hobby of fishing. I hope in 2017 I am able to go a lot.

I want to take a second and thank everyone who follows Rockford Scanner. 2016 was a great year and I owe it all to the fans. With the police encryption in August, the fans are now even more interactive and report everything they see. See it, snap it, send it campaign has been going well. It is up to the citizens to keep the other citizens informed, since the police decided to hide things and encrypt. 2017 is going to be another awesome year for Rockford Scanner. I have a few things planned that I want to implement into RS. and I am also upgrading a few things and adding more people to RS. I have great visions that I plan to make reality for RS in 2017. I cannot wait!

Everyone please be safe and enjoy bringing in 2017! Happy New Year!!!