December 28th 2016 Blog

It has been a very sad week in the area for news. 

5 people under the age of 18 have died recently

3 during a house fire, and 2 fatally shot. 

My heart aches for all these families involved.

They are in my thoughts and prayers.



December 27th Blog About Halsey, Christmas, New Years, Etc…

What is everyones plans for the New year?

I don’t know our plans yet. Depends on the weather and stuff.


What is your New Years resolution?

Mine, well I haven’t thought about mine yet. I guess if I had to choose one, it would be like many other peoples New years resolutions. To lose weight lol. I ate a lot during Thanksgiving and Christmas. So I am due to lose some weight now.


You guys have to check out this talented artist!  Holy cow is she amazing!

Quick Blog For The Day

I am not sure if I will be blogging before Christmas, so I wanted to tell everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Christmas.  Enjoy this time with your loved ones.

Its going to be warm here on Christmas. Instead of snow, it will be raining.  That will be fun lol.  We go from negative 30 wind chills to 45 and rain.  I am not complaining by no means, warmer the better!

I going to pop off here. I am battling this cold/flu crap again. So I going to kick back and relax.  If I don’t blog before Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Todays Blog About Oak Island, Timeless, Meteor Shower

Tonight there is a good meteor shower. Many people reporting they saw several meteors. I have yet to see even one 🙁    I wished I was able too, but now it is clouding over.  So I highly doubt I will see any now, LOL.   Also the moon is bright and beautiful once again.  I wasn’t able to get moon photos tonight. But it sure did look beautiful!

I also missed tonights episode of The Curse Of Oak Island.  Was really looking forward to watching it. Now I have to wait a day or two.  I love that show. I am really rooting for them to find some treasure. I think it would be awesome to see the Lagina brothers prosper.  My personal believes I do believe there is something there on the island, as to what well that is the mystery…………

Xfinity has the TV series “Timeless”   so that you can watch it from episode 1 until the season finale. So I plan on binge watching that today.  I am on episode 2 as I write this. Pretty neat series so far.  It be cool to travel back in time.  I was just asked the other day if I could travel back in time, when would it be and why.  I would go back to 2014.  To see my dad again. Also while I was back in 2014 I would win the lotto a few times, LOL.  But seriously, what I would give to see my dad one last time……………….

They are talking more snow this weekend. In the meantime it is going to get bitterly cold.  Did I ever mention I hate the cold. They are talking another possible winter storm with many inches again.  I am excited about that 🙂

Well off to watch more Timeless.

Todays Quick Blog About Walking Dead, Being Sick, Snow Storm AKA Snowpocalypse 2016 LOL

Well winter is here and its about to show itself. Many inches of snow are in the forecast over the next 48 hours. I am kinda excited! At the same time, the cold weather is behind it. Not to thrilled about the cold temps.  But the snow I am excited about!  Let it snow………..

I been sicker than heck over the last 2 days. Don’t know what it is. Probably the flu. I dunno. What I do know, it sucks……………

Tomorrow is the mid season finale of the Walking Dead.  Kinda bummed it is already here.  I am torn on this season. I love the Walking Dead, by far my favorite tv show. But this season been slow and kinda boring.  Not to much action.  I will say the actor who plays Neegan, is one hella actor. For the life of me I cant think of his name right now. Hoping the mid season finale is at least somewhat exciting.  Like I said, I am not to keen on this season. Hoping they step it up a bit.

I have never missed one episode of the Walking Dead. Not one.  So that shows ya how dedicated of a fan I am 🙂   I am thinking about going back to season 1 episode 1 and binge watching the older seasons.  I like the older seasons.


Blogging About The Brown Family, Air Hauler 2, And Flight Simulator X

I was watching a show called the Alaskan bush people (I think it was called that) I am glad I came across it. I rarely watch TV as is. Mainly for Walking Dead and Z Nation and Curse of Oak Island. Anyways, it got me thinking and realizing just how lucky we all are. They choose to live the way they do, in a place called Brown Town. The episode was about their Christmas. And I am happy they have this family on TV. Because it shows good morals, family values, and overall just how lucky many of us have it in life. The Brown family are happy the way they are and live. And I happy to see that. This family should be the leadership of many families. The Brown family realizes the joys of life, family values, and surviving. Many kudos to the Brown family in Brown Town. I found a new tv show to watch.

Internet photo of the Brown family

Internet photo of the Brown family

A few of you guys said I should do video blogs. I been thinking about it. I am much better behind the camera, than in front of it. Maybe in the future that will change. I dunno yet, I guess if more people want it. I might start it.

More snowfall in the forecast! I am excited.  But I am NOT excited about the cold temps that will follow behind it 🙁   Joys of winter………………………………..

As many of you know I play Flight Simulator X on a daily basis. Literally every day since the day it came out. Yes, I missed a few days here and there. But I can safely say I play it daily.  Well long story short, I play Air Hauler 2. Its an add on to FSX. Its still in beta stages. So the new release came out and I installed it. And I lost all my data for it. So back to square one, lol.  Oh well. I play FSX daily, so it won’t be long before I get back to where I was.

I am excited about Sloopey adding a virtual airline feature to Air Hauler. He is a hella developer. And he interacts with the fans alot. Much respect.  I can’t wait for him to add the VA feature!  If you play FSX, I highly recommend you buying Air Hauler 2.  It is by far the best add on for FSX.

After I write this up, i plan on working a bit on my website here. Going to see what new features I can add to it. I am open to ideas, if you want to suggest any


Skywarn Recognition Day, Ham Radio, And First Snowfall!




I was hoping to work a few Skywarn stations on the ham radio.  But the conditions just were not in my favor.  A lot of noise.  I was not even able to work not even one Skywarn station.  Oh well, Thats how ham radio goes at times, LOL.  Conditions up and down. And well, yesterday it was down.  I did however hear a few DX stations. I didn’t work them though because they were calling out to other stations.

I wish I was able to work 80 meters and 160 meters. But I can’t.  Those bands been pretty active. They have a contest going on 160 meters as we speak. I see a lot of activity on the DX spots.  Very very active!

They are forecasting 3-5 inches of snow for our area today. This is our first snowfall of the season.  This is one of the latest recorded measurable snowfalls on record.  I am not complaining though, LOL.   But at the same time I enjoy snow.  We been pretty spoiled so far without it. And it is December 4th. So we are well overdue.  I am hoping to make a snowman with the family later on today.  Even if it is a small one.  They say 3-5 inches, but with the ground the way it is most of that will not stick.  So in reality 1-3 at tops.

I reprogrammed my scanner a bit. OMG I been hearing stations way out in the Chicago area.  I was kinda shocked. I know the band has been open the last few days. But wow, I was hearing stuff clear as a whistle out near Chicago.

That is how you know when a band opening is going on for ham radio.  Listen to the scanner and you start hearing far away things on the scanner.  Thats when the band conditions are open. That means get your but on 2 meters and call CQ on 146.520 🙂


Hard to believe it is December already!   Time is flying by!

We now have confirmed our hotel to work the Walker Stalker Con and Hero & Villain Fan Fest!  This is going to be another great year.  Like I said in the past, the celebs are good. Their agents are jerks!  I am looking forward to this year.  More memories to be made!

Our room is right in the same area as last time.  With the celebs  😉    Paid some extra for it, but overall it is priceless 🙂   I am looking forward to working this event again.

My ABC’s




My abc’s

(A)re you single:  No

(B)estfriend: A few of em

(C)rushing on someone?:  Wife

(D)rink you had last: Water

(E)asiest person to talk to: Wife

(F)avorite person: Family

(G)irl best friend :  Candice

(H)ome town: Rockford

(I)n love with: Wife

(J)ealous of: Noone

(K)nown as: Rockford Scanner

(L)ongest friendship:  Pretty much a lifetime

(M)iddle name: Lee

(P)erson that gives good advice: Mom

(Q)uestion I’m always asked: Are you him

(R)eason to smile: Waking up each day

(S)ong you last listened to:  Synesthesia by Michele McLaughlin

(T)ime you woke up: Don’t recall

(U)gliest person on Facebook:  Such a rude question, LOL

(V)iolent memory: Being stabbed

(W)orst habit: Overworking

(X)You never stopped loving:  Family

(Y)our last hug: Daughter

(Z)odiac sign: Cancer