My Paranormal Page

My Paranormal Page

Welcome to my paranormal page!  I ask that you keep an open mind when you read this page.  I am going to tell you about my paranormal experiences and my opinions. I  know not everyone believes in the paranormal. Trust me, I was one of those people Until… I had my own experience. And from that day forward, I went from not believing in the paranormal to quickly believing and having an open mind. So again I ask, please keep an open mind when you read below.

So the first and foremost thing I should talk about is my opinion on the paranormal topic. I was a firm believer that the paranormal was fake and make believe.  I was one of those people that always laughed when someone else would talk about the topic. Then one day I had my own personal experience. After that, I no longer laugh at those who talk about the paranormal.

Because I now know that there truly is something out there that cannot be scientifically explained.

I will write about my Near Death Experience on it’s own page. ~ CLICK HERE

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My Paranormal Experiences

When I was growing up I never really believed in the paranormal. I am a person that is, I have to see it to believe it. So if I don’t see it with my own two eyes I have a hard time believing things. As I grew up I started to have paranormal experiences.  When I started to experience these, I began to have an open mind. This is when I began to start looking at things with an open mind.

It all began when I was an early teenager.  I would have the occasional “feelings and noises” and the stuff that goes bump in the night.  Never thought much about it. It definitely crossed my mind though. Because you know that you had an experience and were alone. And I was asking “How did that even happen”

Well things really began to change when I was an early teen.  I began to play with an Ouija Board.  I started off playing with friends and would think that someone in the group was moving it. You know the typical scare your friends stuff. So one day I was bored. It was actually night time, I still remember it like it happened yesterday.  This is probably when I first began believing there just might be something paranormal in the world. I placed the board down onto the table, lit some candles and turned off the lights.  I sat there thinking to myself, I must be really bored to do this.

I placed my hands onto to the piece that moves, the planchette.  I asked a few questions without any responses. The typical who is here, how did you die, etc… questions.  It did not move at all.  I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. So I tried a few more times. nothing happened.

I decided to call it quits. And walked away from the board. No sooner than I walked away from the Ouija board, the pointer went flying off and came close to hitting me. I was the only one home and around and there was no other explanation to why it went flying off the board!  After this incident, I began to open my mind up to the possibilities in the world.

My dad moved out for a bit and moved in with someone  in Machesney Park. It was a small 2 story white house on the NW corner of the intersection.  When I moved in with him they hid the paranormal activity that happened there from me. I can tell you this house by far is one of the most memorable experiences ever!

There were several incidents that happened at this house. I will only post a handful.  The first was when the family cat was in the basement and came flying up with ALL its hairs sticking up on its body. Yes, ALL. It came out so fast, it slammed into the wall coming out, slid across the kitchen floor, ad slammed into another wall then coward under a table the rest of the night. I have never saw anything like that before. Was crazy!  I mean this cat was soooooo frightened from whatever it was in the basement!

The next incident there was when I was home alone.  I was sitting at the table in the kitchen when several marbles came from the basement door and rolled across the kitchen floor towards me. I was puzzled. The marbles then rolled back to the kitchen door! I jumped up to see if someone was playing tricks, but there was no one home but me.

One of the most memorable was Shawnna was upstairs in her bedroom. On the SW corner of the house upstairs. She was laying in bed when the darkest black cloud ever hovered over her bed. She said she was terrified. She said it spoke to her and told her when and how she was going to die. It told her she was going to die in a car accident. And sure enough, she sadly passed away in a car accident just like that “Dark Black Cloud” had told her.  (Rest In Peace Shawnna)

The most bizarre thing that happened there was when one night my dad came walking out of his bedroom in his underwear. He walked outside and stood at the end of the driveway. It was around 20 degrees outside and freezing. I went outside to see what the heck he was doing.  Long story short I grabbed him and brought him back inside. That happened 3 different times in about a half hour. I thought maybe he was sleepwalking or something at first. Then the 3rd time I was worried about him and was going to ask him some questions to see what frame of mind he was in. I asked “Who are you?”  and he responded with “Ethel”   I was baffled when he said that. I was like, ummmmm OK.  “What year is it?” He said “1957”  My dad was not even born until 1959!

I can not say much because of privacy reasons. But I have had many experiences over the years while investigating the paranormal.


People automatically assume a “UFO” are little green men.  NO, A UFO is an Unidentified Flying Object.  Exactly that, something you see in the air that you can not identify.   

I have had 4 different incidents of a UFO sighting in my life.

#1  When I was a teen I was in the passenger seat of my parents vehicle going North on Forest Hills from E Riverside.  I was watching a small airplane. It appeared to be a Cessna. I am into aircraft, so I am always looking to the skies.

I watched the small aircraft traveling from West to East.  There was a small cloud in the sky. The only cloud in the sky.  This Cessna went into this small cloud and then literally disappeared!

This was a small cloud, the Cessna would have cleared this cloud very quickly, as in like a half second. And again, it was the ONLY cloud in the sky.  The small aircraft never did re-appear!  I have no idea how to explain what I saw.  That was the only cloud in the sky, and it was a tiny cloud.  So this aircraft would have cleared the cloud in like a half second. Instead, it literally flew into this cloud and just disappeared!  One of the weirdest thing I have ever saw.

#2 Awhile back ago, there were mass sightings of these glowing orbs in the Rockford area.  Late 90’s and early 2000’s.  One night I was at my baby mom house and was leaving when I saw these orbs in the sky.  At first I thought they were the Chinese lanterns.  So when I am looking these orbs in the sky, that is what I had originally thought it was.

Process of elimination was going through my head.  As I watched these orbs, I forgot how many there were off hand. Approx. 10 of them. I noticed some were running in formation as they moved. A perfect formation that did not break.  So, as I watched these that eliminated the Chinese lantern theory.  These glowing orbs flickered like Chinese lanterns, so I can not yet rule this out yet.  But the way they held the exact formation, definitely has me on the fence.  I watched them about 15 minutes.

As to what I saw, I do not know. Possibly Chinese lanterns, but they held exact formation which I have no idea how that would happen.

#3 This incident was the SAME night as my previous sighting with the orbs in the sky. Maybe an hour or so later.  I was listening to the radio and the host was talking about the glowing orbs in the sky and then said someone just reported a black triangle in the sky.  It was near Perryville and State st and was headed North. That was towards my direction.

So I am walking over to a friends house and was looking up in the sky. I saw that black triangle aircraft headed North in the sky!  It made no noise and silently glided North towards 173.  I have no idea on the size, I would say approx. the size of a B-2 Spirit.  As it glided across the sky, I would approx. the speed to be about 150 mph, and about 10,000 feet in the sky. But again, just approximates.  There was only one of them, and it resembled a B-2. So, my opinion it may have been a B-2. But it is unknown. Pretty neat to see though.

#4 My buddy Chachi and I were laying down one summer night and looking at the sky. We did that often.  One night we saw a black triangle moving West to East in the sky.  It made no sound what so ever.  We both witnessed it.  It flew a straight line headed East. It was a black triangle with a bright light on each corner of the aircraft and one in the middle on it on the underside. It flew off to the East and we never saw it again.

Update: # 5   I went outside just after sunrise.  I was looking to the NW and saw a shiny Silver object traveling fast headed South/South East.  It quickly caught my interest, because the speed and also I did not recognize the shape as being an aircraft.  It appeared to be like a typical UFO, a Silver disk. All of a sudden it just stopped.  I mean it went from going across the sky quickly, to an all of a sudden stop!  And then it just hovered. It was to my South at this point.  I sat and watched it, and my cell phone and cameras were inside the house.  So I sat there debating if I should keep watching it hover, or go get a camera!  I decided to go get my camera. Before going to get my camera, I watched it hover for about 2 minutes.  I could not tell the altitude or size.   But you could see it was a Silver disk shape craft. When I came back outside, it was gone 🙁

Check Back Later,  I will Be Updating This Page More