My Pet Tarantula

My Pet Tarantula 

Welcome to my pet tarantula page. I will post information and blog stuff below.  Please take a few minutes and read up on my pet tarantula.

I currently own a Pink Toe Tarantula.  I have owned several tarantulas in the past. I currently own just one right now. That is a Pink Toe Tarantula. (Avicularia Versicolor )  I don’t know the age off hand, I would assume maybe a year or two.  I think the sex is a female, but not 100% sure.

You are probably asking why I have a pet tarantula.  It all began many years ago, I bought one to impress a girl. The stuff we do to try to impress women, lol. But long story short, I was deathly afraid of tarantulas.  But I bought one when her an I went to a pet store. She liked it, so I bought it.  I figured not only would it impress her (Which it did)  it would also help me battle my fear for tarantulas.  Sure enough it didn’t take long before I was handling and playing with it.  I was able to hit my fear head on and get over it.  I now enjoy spiders and tarantulas.  I have owned several of them over the years.

My current one is a Pink Toe Tarantula. I picked her up from Petsmart.  She was in a tiny cage.  As soon as I saw her, I bought her right then and there.  I bought a terrarium for she can have a lot more room to live in.

Her terrarium is about  3 foot high by 2 feet wide.  Pink Toe tarantulas like to be high. So a terrarium is needed for them.  My rose hair tarantulas like the ground and didn’t need a tall cage. But with the Pink Toe, she does.  My terrarium opens at the top and also has swinging opening doors in the front.

Make sure if you buy one, to research as much as possible on the tarantula you are buying.  There are many good websites and forums out there that can help.

I have an artificial wall on the back of the cage. She is always climbing on that. I use cypress bedding on the bottom. I have a water dish with a sponge inside it for her water supply. Make sure there is water in there at all times.  I buy a dozen large crickets every 2-3 weeks for her. She is well fed. I feel the better she is fed, the less likely she will bite my hand thinking it is food, when I go to clean her cage. So I keep her well fed.

She has yet to molt since I got her. I am waiting for her to do so.  I will post those photos, once she does.

I will post more photos of her and the terrarium later on


NOTE: I will finish this page up later on.