Rickie Traeger Blog: 50’s, Hail and Thunder, To A Few Inches Of Snow.



Good morning everyone.  It has been a crazy last 24 hours for the weather in our area. It was in the 50’s, and as I type this it is snowing. We are expected to get 1-3 inches. That i snot much, but still it is a change from what it was not even 12 hours ago. Joys of living in the midwest.

We also had hail and thunderstorms about 12 hours ago.  It hailed for approx. 3 minutes here. It covered the ground. The largest of the hail stones I measured, was just over a penny in size. I am thankful none of our windows were shattered. Because you could hear it coming down and doing some damage.

Now, it is snowing and cold and windy outside. Go figure, LOL.

This mornings commute will be a slippery one. So when you go out, allow extra time and drive slowly.  I have not heard any of the plows coming out yet (at the time of writing this) I am sure they will be out soon though.  Officers are reporting several vehicles in the ditches all over the area already and it is not even 4am. I take that back, it is 4 am right now, I just looked at the clock.