Rickie Traeger Blog: Happy Friday, VHF Contest This Weekend, Bullworker, Etc..


Good morning everyone!  I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Friday!

I made some changes to the Rockford Scanner website. Be sure to check them out. I listened to the feedback and made the changes.

I am going to try working the VHF contest this weekend. I do not do it for competition, but just to do it. See how many I can work.

I have some very sad news 🙁    Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to get rid of Draculaura. My Pink Toe Tarantula.   Words cant describe how bad I feel right now. But there is one positive thing, she is still in the family!  My brother did NOT want anything to do with her.  But thank god his fiance and her son did want her!  So I know she is in good hands.  My brother is scared extremely bad of her, LMFAO.  But it is good Raeanne and her son wanted her. It makes my daughter and I feel much better knowing that she is happy to take her and she will be in good hands with her.  🙂   And we can go see her anytime we want too.

Ancient Aliens is on all day today. So I will be watching this, as much as I can today.  I like the show.  Some things they do say, is a little out there. But you have to go in with an open mind.  They make some valid points on several things, I enjoy their history and mythology aspects of the show.

I am thinking about picking up a bullworker.  If you do not know what that is, it is an exercise machine. Portable one. I think that should do me good.  I been trying to find one online at a cheap price, but they are not so cheap, lol. But I been told they are awesome for working out. So my next goal is to pick one of these up sometime in the future.