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December 7th 2017 Blog

Well I did not have the chance to take off for a day on Rockford Scanner like I was hoping too.  So, I am hoping that I can today.  I need a few days off actually. I don’t even remember the last time I literally took a day off. A few months back at least.  I really want a vacation, somewhere warm!

Will and I went to go work some scenes earlier tonight.  We worked a fire scene and 2 rollover accidents.  It was cold outside, but I made sure I was bundled up.  He was bundled up also.  Even though it’s cold out, we had fun.  It is fun, when ya enjoy doing what ya do.  That is documenting what’s going on and reporting it to the citizens so they are informed and safer.

Check out the videos below.

It is snowing outside.  Yes, Snow!  It is not much but it is sticking to the ground, grass, streets.  It is very pretty to see.  As I write this, it sounds like thunder outside. Wonder if we have thunder snow?  Doubt it, cuz the temps outside are in the middle teens.  I know I just heard what sounded like thunder a few seconds ago. But its way too cold for thunder snow. Weird.  Anyways, its very cold outside and it is snowing. So please dress warm and allow some extra time to scrape off your vehicles this morning and drive to work.  It is the dry snow, so it is easy to remove. But the roadways were getting a lil slippery.

My cousin told me to watch this show on Netflix called “Shot in the dark”  she said it is exactly what I do and I would like it.  So I popped it on and began watching it.  Pretty interesting stuff.  The only difference is, they sell their content to the media. And well, I am media. But everything they say and do, is dam near what I do overall.  Was pretty interesting to watch it.  It was like a mirror image really.  They are more intense though.  They take things to the extreme. I just kick back at a distance and use a zoom lens.  So that part I did see a difference between them and I.  They get up in the scenes, I respect the1st responders and keep back at a distance.  But the show is a good one for sure, be sure to check it out! Kudos to my cousin for turning me onto it.


Alright I am getting tired. I wanted to make a quick log real quick.

Before I go, I am looking for volunteers at Rockford Scanner.  If your interested http://rockfordscanner.com/volunteer-for-rockford-scanner/