Rickie Traeger Blog: Quick blog for Friday. Happy Friday!



I missed Thursday’s blog, sorry.   I been under the weather a bit, so haven’t did much recently. So there is no new updates to blog about.

I am hoping Sunday is “warmer”  so I can take the girls out sledding. It has been too cold to go this winter. But it supposed to “warm up” to around 30 degrees on Sunday, which is going to be a heat wave, lol.  They were calling for snow, but sounds like the chances are becoming slimmer and slimmer each time I read the forecast. I was hoping for snow, but it is now not looking like much (if any) on Sunday.

I re-programmed my ham radio the other day.  I used to have all the repeaters in for a 100 mile range. But I was not able to it a lot of them, so I figured it was pointless to keep them programmed in the radio. I decided to re-program it for the local repeaters and also to work satellites.  Speaking of!  They are launching several ham satellites in 2018!!!  They also launched Fox-1B recently. I don’t think it is active yet though, but it is up in space now 🙂

Speaking of space, that China satellite that is coming back down to Earth out of control is supposed to come into our atmosphere around March. And the USA is in it’s path as of the recent predictions.  Kinda scary knowing this thing may crash in the USA, considering the size and also the chemicals on board it that will cause havoc when it crashes. Very dangerous chemicals that will be exposed when it crashes down to Earth. If by chance, this thing lands near you, do NOT touch it or breath in the air.

Winter Olympics are coming soon!  go Team USA!!!





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