Rickie Traeger Blog: X-Files Is On Tonight!!! Finished Reading Murder & Mayhem in Rockford, IL. Also January 10th National Holidays.


Good morning everyone!

I want to start off by saying Good Morning and also warn everyone to be careful driving this morning. Roadways have become very slippery in some areas and several accidents are coming across the airwaves. So if you have to travel, please allow extra time and drive slow.  CLICK HERE

X-Files is on tonight!    I am super excited!!!   I will be glued to the TV later on tonight watching my X-Files 🙂  And will probably blog later on tonight about it.

Sorry I did not blog yesterday. I spent most my day reading a book. I finished reading the whole book in 1 day. Been awhile since I been able to do that. The book is called “Murder and Mayhem in Rockford, IL” by Kathi Kresol

She did a wonderful job in the book. I was impressed. I learned a lot about the history of the area. And some very interesting facts.  She did a good job on the history and stories.  I want to send a shout out to her for doing an awesome job in her book. I am going to be buying her other books probably this weekend.  I do highly recommend you buying her book

Check it out at ~ CLICK HERE 



I was able to change my oil yesterday.  When I took it to Walmart to do an oil change last time, they over tightened the bolt and broke the washer. So I had to change the oil and replace the bolt and washer. Everything is back to normal now.  Thank god. I had to personally do it. Was not bringing it anywhere to get done. That way I knew if there is an issue this time, it would be my fault, lol.  I was going through oil like crazy for awhile there.  But I was able to do some well overdue preventive maintenance and shes all good to go now. So I can go and work some scenes again.

Today and tomm. is supposed to be nice temps. outside. Thursday night will be back to normal with teen low temps and back to reality of winter, lol.  So if you have any outdoor activities that need to be done, get them done today.  High of 45 today. Which is like a heat wave these days.  It will definitely melt to remaining snow, if the sun pops out.

January 10th

  • National Oysters Rockefeller Day
  • National Bittersweet Chocolate Day
  • National Cut Your Energy Costs Day
  • National Save The Eagles Day

Scheduling an appointment to get your heating system tuned up, would be one of the many ways to participate on January 10 for National Cut Your Energy Costs Day. Did you know that tuning up your heating system can save you up to three to ten percent?

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day encourages people to look for ways to reduce energy costs and save on their energy bills.

It is often in the little things that you do that can save you big money on your energy bill, such as:

Weatherproof your home
Replace old windows with new energy-efficient windows
Replace old furnace with new energy-efficient furnace
Properly maintain furnace
Use solar heat if possible
Turn down thermostats
Turning off lights when leaving a room
Use energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs
Run dishwasher and washing machine only when fully loaded
Lower water heater temperature
Take shorter showers
Unplug unused appliances
Carpool whenever possible
The above list is just a few of the many ways to conserve energy. Use these tips, along with others you may already have in practice, many available online and you will be able to create energy and financial savings the entire year.


Do what you can to conserve energy.Use #CutYourEnergyCostsDay to post on social media


Save the Eagles Day is observed annually on the 10th of January. Some species of eagles are on the endangered list. However, due to the work of scientists and the public, the Bald Eagle was removed from this list in June 2007.


There are more than 70 species of eagles throughout the world.  The only exception is Hawaii, where no species of eagles reside. Poaching, pesticides and other dangers continue to threaten eagle populations.


Use #SaveTheEaglesDay to post on social media.

I enjoy posting these National holidays.  I try to as much as I can. I think it brings awareness to things and people can learn.   I was thinking about posting the National Holiday for the weeks also. But have yet to do so.  I think it be a good addition.

Depending on how I feel, I might be adding a new page to my website here. I don’t want to spoil it yet, but I hope to bring a new page to my website here 🙂  I been under the weather a bit, and busy doing other stuff, I have yet had the chance to work on my website much the last week or so.

I will close this out for now.  I hope everyone has a good and safe Wednesday!



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